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A #MuslimBan is unconstitutional, hypocritical, and WRONG. Muslims don’t claim ISIS.


You can ignore this if you want to continue believing something you were conditioned to believe. However, I did my research on this so I assure you I know what I’m talking about.

If you’re not interested and you’re just here for me to expose celebrities, join us later for our next exposed post on Selena Gomez and The Weeknd which will be posted shortly afterwards. Until then, we’re going to talk about something more important than a bullshit PR couple frolicking in Italy.


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Ah and today we see the new updated Muslim Ban which they’re trying to tell us that oh no, it’s not religious based but they’re lying to you. This post still remains relevant along with the rest of the main points I previously wrote in it. 

My heart aches for those suffering and dying. And sadly, they will continue suffering and dying. 

Great job, America. This is who you voted for. 


For our dear readers, please remain patient. We will be back with new posts, but we are currently going through exams. Good luck if you have exams as well. 

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