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Where have we been? What is coming next?

Hello hello hello. Ah it’s been too long. 


It has been over a month since we have last posted a new post.

So I already told you all previously and veteran readers already know that usually by this time of the year I pretty much disappear and it’s due to school. I get very busy and school gets very hectic. As you all should know, unless you’re new, Alana and I run this blog alone. There aren’t any other co-owners to take over when we are busy. School takes over my life and tbh, my career > social media. 

But we miss you guys soooooo much like we literally miss talking to you guys and exposing but I have no free time. Alana has been working on the Justin post though. 

What’s coming next? 


The Justin As A Person post that has been promised for months is coming next. The reason it’s been taking so long is because A. we’re very busy and B. you guys wanted extremely specific situations so it took time to dig that out for you. Also, Alana has wrote the post in chronological order so you can have an idea of Justin throughout the years and have a better understanding of him, as highly requested. So it’s not a bullshitted post that’s 2 paragraphs long. It’s literally what you asked for. It should be up most likely this upcoming week!

As for the reviews topic that we have 100% slacked on, I am truly sorry. I’ll try my best to get up the requested album reviews up. Glory Days by Little Mix will most likely be the next review since I already listened to the album. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the other requests.

A lot of you have asked about Selena’s Vogue magazine interview and a post on that is already done. 

She said something very very interesting that we have speculated for a very long time but none of you guys caught that. Hm. Go back and see if you can find what we are talking about. But yeah that post will be up sometime this week as well. 

Thanks for helping us reach over 2.06 million hits on the blog. 

We love love love love love love love all of you and we are going to be back very soon! I hope you’re all passing your exams and not failing. You’re the next generation so get ya ass educated so you can have fun later. 






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