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Did Selena Gomez have any impact on 13 Reasons Why?

13 Reasons Why is a new Netflix show based on a very popular novel by Jay Asher. It’s what everyone has been talking about lately. Selena Gomez is credited as one of the 3 executive producers after the lead role in the show was taken away from her. Selena has lately been credited a lot for the entire production of the show and the message it brings. Our question is, does she deserve this credit? 


I have not watched 13 Reasons Why, but many people seem to like it so I want to give it a chance. I know many people have been waiting for it because it’s based on a novel that many have read. This is not a review of the show, hence the first sentence. 


The background story of the production of this show is: Selena and her mother bought the rights to this a very long time ago; 2011 to be more specific. The book was supposed to be turned into a movie back then, with Selena as the main star. She was supposed to play the role Hannah Baker. Long story short, she was booted out of the lead role, the project was put on hold for 5 years, the movie was turned into a show, the show got thrown to Netflix, and here it was recently released. 


Katherine Langford is the actress who plays Hannah Baker. She is the one standing next to Selena. 

According to what I’ve seen from those who watched it, the show addresses important issues in today’s society like suicide, depression, rape, and etc. It sends a good message to those to be kind and thoughtful of their words. Sadly, people needed a show to teach them that in 2 0 1 7! Because of that, Selena Gomez’s fans + others have gave the utmost praise to Selena and blessed her oh so pure soul on being the spokeswoman for mental illness and issues that “fucking matter” in our society. But as you guys know, the exposingsmg team LOVES to question things. So you can only imagine our questions and… confusion


Why is Selena Gomez getting credited for this show? She is not an actress in the show. She did not write the script. She did not write the book that it was based on. She did not direct it. She did not pro- oh wait, yes she did. Selena is 1 out of SEVEN producers. 


To be more specific, Selena is one out of the 3 executive producers. For those of you who don’t know, the role of an executive producer and a PRODUCER is very different. The producer works very closely with the film and actually produces the film. The executive producer just oversees what happens and makes sure everything is running on time and the budget works. Again, there were 3 executive producers for this film. A total of FOUR production companies worked on this project as well. How hard was it to check over the 4 producers’ job? 


Note the last sentence. 

My claim is: Selena Gomez did not do shit towards the production, release, and plot of 13 Reasons Why. 

First of all, I am not hating on her. She is a very busy woman and I wonder where she got the time to give her input for a show she is getting continuous praise for, considering she was never seen anywhere near the set until filming was WRAPPED UP

If you don’t remember, let me remind you to look at the facts. 

13 Reasons Why was filmed during the summer of 2016; June to November to be more specific. 


Selena was in and out of rehab; twice and once during the summer of 2016; September 2016. She officially got out November 2016; when filming wrapped up.


She was there for drug addiction btw! I mean uh, lupus. Whatever story you’re comfortably with believing the details for. 

She then debuted her comeback at the 2016 AMAs and said some hypocritical thing about not showing your bodies on Instagram. 


During the span of rehearsing, reading the script, and filming the show, Selena was working on music, promoting her music, touring, fighting with Justin Bieber on Instagram, disowning the Black Lives Matter movement, and taking a stroll with a doctor during her second rehab visit. In a shorter and less complicated sentence for those of you can’t process information, she was never on set. She wasn’t there for rehearsals. She wasn’t there for the reading of the script. She wasn’t there for filming. She wasn’t there for “producing.” Selena was there when the contract was signed, another time for a photo op to post on her huge Instagram platform where she doesn’t like to see our bodies, and for the premiere. 


The Revival Tour started in May 2016 and ended in August 2016. Then Selena was in rehab until her appearance in November 2016. Before 2016 when casting and schedules were made, she was releasing Revival in 2015 and worked on that along with meeting up with Justin. In 2014, she was spending her days with Justin and shading him along with his female friends on Instagram along with getting drunk and high with Zedd and Cara Delevingne. She was also in rehab earlier that year. In 2013, she was releasing Stars Dance and working on her first era with Interscope. You should get the jist. If you don’t, then we don’t really care. 


So you weren’t exactly “waiting” to find the perfect Hannah and Clay, were you Selena? You were doing other things. Plus, the project was put on hold for YEARS. 

How do I know all this? Well I am exposingsmg plus I have common sense along with knowledge of Selena’s whereabouts the past couple years of her career. I’m sure it does not come as a shock to anyone that we know of her whereabouts. Plus, click on any Selena update account on Twitter to know where she. It’s not hard. 

Stans like to use the following as evidence that Selena is the main reason that the show 13 Reasons Why, exists.


And just like always, I don’t understand. What has he said proved anything? Several dinners can be easily be translated into 3 dinners aka the day they all met her in November 2016 which was the last day of filming. The following day


And the day of the premiere. Everything Justin Prentice said doesn’t prove that Selena was nearly as involved in the project as everyone likes to think. Besides, Selena giving her thoughts on characters isn’t really that much hard work. I give you my thoughts on almost everything. Where is my praise?

It’s fine if you don’t want to believe me about Selena not having any impact or giving any input on the show. You can believe one of the lead actresses, aka Katherine who plays Hannah Baker. Watch the video below where she says Selena visited ONCE after the 2016 AMAs and that was the time she first met her. If Selena was working oh so hard on the production of the show, how come one of the lead actresses met our hard-skilled producer only one time?


If Selena did so much as a producer, why was she never there? Right, she was busy getting co-… ahem, getting better. So why is everyone up her ass and praising her as if she ended mental illness for a project she literally had nothing to do with outcome of except show up ONE TIME after the show was wrapped up?


“Hey you, yeah baldie over there. Get this shot of me so I can post it on the gram to show how much work I did on this project.”


“If you two little nobodies mutter a word about how yall never seen me here before, yall gon catch these hands and yall gon catch no promo or acknowledgement if this show flops! Now smile, youngins :-)” 


“Yeah.. smile just like that! Pretend like we had many long night conversations about how to spread awareness for mental health and rape (no, not Black Lives Matter, Kathrine), on the set that I was never on. Good, good.“

So why is Selena listed as one of the producers? Simple. Her mother bought the rights to this show with her daughter’s money and hence has her daughter involved as the face of the producers of the show, in order to promote the show. And if any of you are veteran readers, you know that Mandy, Selena’s mother, lives her failed Hollywood dream through her daughter. 


“Smile, Selena. Let’s pretend like I didn’t kick you out of the house for drug addiction back in 2014. Smile like me and you still have a functioning relationship. Smile like you’re humble. Ah, just like that.”

I rest my case. 

It’s great to give credit where it’s due. We gave it multiple times to Selena believe it or not. However, I don’t like this new trend of people on Twitter eating out of Selena’s arched ass as a spokeswoman for mental health especially when Demi Lovato exists. The same Demi Lovato that Producer Selena Gomez abandoned when she was struggling with mental health and was only able to relate only after going through depression herself. 


I’m fine with people talking about Selena’s looks and style, because we give credit where it is due. But do not act like Selena Gomez is an advocate for mental health based on a bullshitted scripted speech (that only proved she was a hypocrite) a couple of months ago and based on the plot of a show that she had no place in delivering or making. Please. Know your places. If you’re going to speak about things that “fucking matter” unlike someone we know, make sure your facts are correct. 


And for the record, I am not hating on Selena for literally doing nothing for the show except show up for photo ops. I get it. She’s busy. It was a business deal to have her name down as a producer for promotion. My main point is acknowledging those who blindly praise a celebrity for something they didn’t do and in Selena’s case, she ignorantly does the opposite of spreading awareness when it doesn’t benefit her image. So me going off earlier in the post was not directed at my Sellybear. It was simply me backing up my claim :-)

Selenators saying people are discrediting Selena’s “work” for the project of 13 Reasons Why is an insult to those who were actually the bigger part of the project. Don’t say not to discredit Selena while you discredit everyone actually involved.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Remember, question everything. Stay tuned for the next scheduled post!







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