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Conspiracy Theory #3: Marilyn Monroe’s death. Suicide or Murder?

Marilyn Monroe was a very famous American actress and model. She’s best known for playing the “dumb blonde” character and she became one of America’s biggest sex symbols in the 1950s. She was found dead in her home on August 5th, 1962. Her death was ruled as a suicide, but many conspiracy theorists beg to differ. With the facts of the case, some of us can conclude that our dearest Marilyn Monroe could’ve been murdered.  


Disclaimer: We are simply depicting various views on a variety of subjects. We don’t claim personal opinions as facts. This post is to provide information for those interested in learning more about conspiracies. Nothing written here is with the intention of hurting anyone.

The following information is according to site 1 and site 2

A. Facts of the case

On August 5th, 1962, the body of Marilyn Monroe was found in the bedroom of her Brentwood home.  The 36 year old actress was found naked and faced forward on her bed. 


She was found dead by her housekeeper, Eunice Murray who called Monroe’s psychiatrist, Ralph Greenson before alerting the authorities. 

A couple of hours before, Monroe’s housekeeper has tried to contact her and she was left without an answer. She started to really get worried around 3 a.m. Monroe’s bedroom light was on but the actress wasn’t responding to her housekeeper. This was when Murray had decided to call Monroe’s psychiatrist.


Monroe’s psychiatrist came and after failing to break down her door, he decided to go in through her window.  After he checked her pulse and saw that she was dead, he called the police. The police ended up arriving around 4:30 am. 

They investigated her room and questioned Murray and Greenson. 

They found an empty bottle of pills and concluded that Monroe has died between 9:30 pm and 11:30 pm. 


An autopsy was conducted and they concluded that her death was due to a drug overdose with pills. Acute barbiturate was the poison in her system and according to the coroner, Monroe was depressed for a very long time and had tried to kill herself before. However, her psychiatrist stated otherwise. He said that Monroe was planning out movies to star in and she was actually at her happiest because she was planning on being taken seriously as an actress. 

A psychiatric team then investigated her and said it was a “probable suicide.”

Of course not everything is black and white and many conspiracy theorists have found holes in the story of Monroe’s death. 


B. The Holes and missing pieces in Monroe’s death. 

The investigation of Monroe’s death was done very quickly and the way things moved that night was very suspicious. 

There were questions like…

-Why did it take Murray so long to call the authorities? 

-Why didn’t Murray call the Police first before calling Greenson? 

-Why were there reports of Greenson summoning an ambulance then turning it away? 

-Why was Monroe’s body perfectly straight and why was she lying on her stomach?  If it was a pill overdose, shouldn’t she have passed out on her back rather than position herself so perfectly straight on her stomach? Also they never found a glass of water near Monroe’s bedstand. She had approximately taken 40 pills without a gulp of water? 


Monroe’s housekeeper, Murray, changed her story multiple times. 

-There was no traces of pills in Monroe’s stomach during the autopsy. Where did they all go?

 -Both the Kennedy brothers have had a relationship with Monroe and she apparently threatened to tell the world what she knew. Apparently after JFK rejected her and so did Robert Kennedy, she threatened to spill secrets. Conspiracy theorists speculate that she thretened to spill government secrets. 


 -Eunice Murray later said she found Monroe’s body at midnight and the door was not locked. So this means Greenson breaking a window to get in was a lie.

 -There is evidence Robert Kennedy was in LA the night Monroe was found dead. 

 -Bernard Spindel, a mafia wiretapper confessed that he had tapped Monroe’s house and has tapes of Monroe and Robert Kennedy fighting. The tapes were destroyed in 1966. 

 -Decades later Eunice Murray admitted that Robert Kennedy was actually at Monroe’s house and they were fighting. She said in the interview “it got so sticky that the protectors of Robert Kennedy stepped in.”

 -The first police officer to arrive at the scene, Jack Clemmons, said Monroe’s bedroom seemed too tidy and Murray was doing laundry… at 4am. He thinks her house was staged. 

 C. Who killed Marilyn? 

 A. Eunice Murray


 A lot of people suspected the house keeper. She changed her story many times. She said she called Dr. Greenson at midnight but then later changed her story and said she called him at 3am. She also left for Europe even though she was an eye witness. Who sponsored her trip? The Kennedy brothers.I personally don’t think the housekeeper killed anyone. I think they needed her to lie for them. And she constantly got her story mixed up because she was nervous and they probably kept changing it for her. The housekeeper couldn’t have killed her and get away with it because she wasn’t important enough to protect. But who is important enough to protect? 

B. The Kennedy Brothers


 People also think it was the Kennedy Brothers. Marilyn was suspected of having an affair with them and apparently after being rejected by JFK and Robert, she threatened to expose them and release government secrets. She also knew a lot about their family.

 C. For beneficial purposes 


“Monroe’s business manager, Inez Melson, said that the number of people to benefit from her death were quite a few according to Monroe’s will.Melson claimed that she was under constant pressure from big names like Lee Strasberg and her own doctors as well, who wanted shares of her assets." 

So maybe someone who wanted to benefit off her death, moneywise, got rid of her.

 D. Dr. Greenson


Some people think the doctor wanted her dead because apparently she also had an affair with him and if that got out, he would go to jail. He also lied about breaking into her window the night she died.

 So what do you think happened? 

Do you think Monroe actually tried to overdose even with that lethal shot? Or do you think someone wanted to kill her and benefit from it. Whether to not be exposed or just to get boosted up in fame?

I personally think someone very powerful killed her; someone connected to the Kennedys. I think they wanted to kill her in her house and saw the housekeeper and paid her to play along. Either that or they threatened her life. 

They needed to make up the story of how her bedroom was locked and they had to break the window so no one can say "Why were they in her house the whole time?”Whoever wanted to cover this up clearly didn’t want it that bad considering all the holes in the story. 

There are so many holes in this story that I couldn’t even get them all. I got the ones that stood out the most. 

But again, this is all a conspiracy theory; and we do not claim anything as a fact. 


To summarize

  • They say she overdosed on pills but according to the autopsy report, there were no drugs in her system. 
  • Instead of the drugs, she had a lethal shot which is speculated to be the reason of her death.
  • They say she overdosed on pills, but there wasn’t a glass of water next to her. Did she move the glass of water after she overdosed?
  • Her housekeeper changed her story multiple times and fled to Europe; a trip sponsored by the Kennedy brothers. 
  • Her doctor said he broke in through a window to get in, but there was no window broken and the door was unlocked. 

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this conspiracy theory. Honestly if this is true, I feel bad for celebs who get murdered like this. It’s like they’re being tricked and the prize is their death. It reminds me of how in Britney Spears’ suspicious song, “Mona Lisa” she sings, “Nobody really dies.” Makes you think.

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