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2017 is the year of Selena Gomez being a hypocrite.

oo dramatic title.

But really. Selena Gomez started off this year being quite hypocritical and we are kind of sick of it!


If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that her and Abel are a cute couple! But there’s nothing cute about a PR arranged due to blackmail.

More about the weekend here:

Anyways! You’re probably wondering why is Selena being a hypocrite by posting that picture on Instagram? Well let’s start with Selena’s recent hypocritical actions. 

Off the top of my head, I remember when she said that she doesn’t wanna see our bodies on Instagram in the end of 2016, then boom, 2017 starts, she’s posing in a thong on Instagram, and then posing in a bikini for Vogue. Btw, if you can’t differentiate between criticism, we are not criticizing what Selena is DOING, but instead saying. We don’t care if she wants to pose naked (again). 


And yes, both pictures were posted on Instagram, after her comment. 

Then, she whines in her Vogue interview, which we just posted about here, about how she can’t wait to fade away and to have people forget about her, while she continues on with this PR with Abel and continues on with her career. Please don’t feed the general public bullshit, Selena, even if you know how stupid they are to continue eating it up. 


And now this brings me to the point of THIS post. Personally, I don’t have a problem with her PR with Abel. I just like exposing it just like I like exposing all of Hollywood. My issue here is how she attempted to drag Justin Bieber and turn all of his fans around for posting pictures with Sofia Richie, and claiming that he should keep it “special” between them; aka off of Instagram. 

Read about that here:


It’s not even about whether or not Justin can “handle” the hate. She knows he can handle the hate considering he’s the bigger star who gets 100x more than hate and she continously added onto that hate. It’s about her comment being passive aggressive and her being a complete hypocrite. If he WANTS to post pictures with Sofia Richie, he CAN, just like Selena CAN post pictures with Abel because she WANTS to (+ her PR contract tells her too). 

And her comment “It should be special between you two only” like LMAO. So why are you posting about Abel on Instagram if it should be special between you two, Selena? And on top of that, why did you recently post a video of Abel on Instagram and then proceed to delete it? Nothing starts drama like posting and deleting on Instagram. Jelena would know. 


And if you ever thought that Selena’s comment was coming from good intentions, then she wouldn’t have continued to like hate posts on Justin on Instagram for DAYS. Again, all of that is in the post I linked. 


My main point is: Selena Gomez is a huge hypocrite who likes to act woke and innocent, but in reality is a passive aggressive leech, like her fans. 






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