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Selena Gomez in Vogue; reveals Personality Disorder Therapy.

Our favorite exposingsmg topic, singer and excellent PR contract gal, Miss Selena Gomez, just landed herself a Vogue cover in which she gives another.. uh.. wonderful interview. In the interview she talks about her issues and says something that stuck out to the exposingsmg team. 


Selena reveals that she goes to a type of therapy.. that was designed for people with a personality disorder… something the exposingsmg team is on record for speculating that Selena actually has a personality disorder. 

Before we discuss, let me just summarize what Selena said in her Vogue cover story. 

Oh and before I do that, Selena’s fans thought that we would have been fuming that Selena got a Vogue cover for some odd reason. Um.. I guess you can say it’s an achievement that she landed some big fashion magazine cover but truly it doesn’t really matter, prove, or validate her, but go off. I mean congratulations, Selena, but as a musician, something Selena oh dearly claims, I don’t think landing a Vogue cover should be the highlight of your career along with your arm accessories. I would think it’s like getting nominated for a Grammy or something, but we all have our opinions. Anyways, congratulations to her. 


In her cover story, Selena touches upon the personality disorder therapy that she has been getting, how difficult rehab was for her, and how she wants to fade from the media.

Here is exactly what Selena said about the personality disorder therapy that she has been receiving. 


Basically, Selena goes to therapy that was made for people with a personality disorder and is now commonly used to treat those who suffer from depression. Btw, DBT is also used to treat those with a drug addiction. 


The thing is, Selena basically proved something that the exposingsmg team has been speculating for years. One of our closest sources has continuously believed that Selena has had some sort of personality disorder and you have most likely seen her say that in the messages that we have posted. I don’t have the energy to search this blog and find the countless messages where our source talked about her speculation of Selena having a personality disorder, but if you do come across a post where our source talks about it in in the screenshotted messages, let me know! And the reason why I can’t search for my source’s messages on this topic is because Google doesn’t search text embedded within a photo aka a screenshot of a message. In the meantime, here are some tweets and a post dating back to 2014 where we mentioned the possibility. 


Yes I am aware that she SAID she uses this therapy to treat her depression but the therapy is also used to treat those who suffer from a personality disorder so it can’t be a coincidence that something we speculate she deals with, she now receives therapy for what is used to treat it. Plus, she wasn’t going to reveal she has a personality disorder. But it’s killing two demons with the same tactic. We aren’t saying she has a personality disorder (due to us not having doctor records) but I mean come on, after all these years and how we described how Selena acts, you really want to say she doesn’t have one? And out of all types of therapy used to treat depression, the one that works best for her happens to be one that is DESIGNED to treat a personality disorder? 

Look at the way we described what Selena does to Justin. 


The way Selena acts is the reason why our source speculates her having a personality disorder so it’s not like we are hating on her or making fun of her, but it is something we believe to be the reason for a lot of her actions. And once again, therapy that is originally designed to help those who have a personality disorder, works best for Selena. And so I can confidently say, I believe she does struggle with one. So much for calling us liars!

in the end, the exposingsmg team has always wished her the best in regards with mental health and it is not something that we would ever attack her for or shame her for it. We have continuously urged Selena to seek help and she has. So kudos to her.


Also, if you’re new here and you don’t know, our sources have continuously exposed to you guys that Selena’s struggles stem from a horrible and long drug addiction. We have debunked the lupus argument several times. We have been the only ones to confirm both her rehab stays beforehand so I don’t think you want to oppose us on the topic.

Posts on that.

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Another interesting thing that Selena said in her interview was the part where she described her mental state of mind while on tour. 


Lol who realized that the first line? Whenever any media outlet talks about her rehab, the first thing they have to say is BTW! IT WASN’T FOR ADDICTION IF YOU WONDERING HEHE… I DON’T KNOW WHY PEOPLE SAY THAT! BUT SHE WASN’T IN FOR ADDICTION! DON’T KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THAT CRAZY THOUGHT FROM!


Find an article where they talk about Selena’s rehab where they don’t talk about how her her stay was not addiction related. You won’t. But anyways, denying something continuously and with such effort only leads to more suspicion so good job, you only confirm it. 


The panic attacks that she described and the depression she was going through literally stem from the drug addiction our source told you about. 

We talked about her depression long before she opened up about it here: 

And of course everything that Selena just revealed, we revealed to you a million years ago. Btw, this wasn’t the first tour she felt that way. Read more:

One of the huge side effects of cocaine are panic attacks. You can’t possibly think that Selena was just having panic attacks, feeling depressed, and overall NOT wanting to do her job because she’s…. insecure? What she went through is severe because like our sources told you, it’s a DRUG ADDICTION. And once you accept that about her, everything she does and says will start to make sense. 


Like I said previously, if she wants to recover 100%, she needs to come clean because her mental state won’t recover if she pretends to live a lie. Those are my two cents, you can believe what you desire. 

The third thing she said that didn’t sit right with me was this. 


My veteran readers know how I feel about celebrities claiming to hate their fame. I don’t like transparency. I don’t like victimizing. I don’t like this bullshit.

I can’t wait for people to forget about????

I’m sorry Selena but you can’t talk about not liking the fame when you’re gracing us with your first Vogue cover during your second biggest PR relationship.

You don’t like the fame? Stop going to events. Stop signing PR contracts.


If you didn’t like the fame, stop making music. Stop agreeing to magazine covers. Stop continuing on with your career. Da fuck?

It’s like 2017 is the year of her being hypocritical. Don’t feed the general public bullshit, Selena. 


Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post! We love you all and stay tuned for the next scheduled post! 







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2017 is the year of Selena Gomez being a hypocrite.

Selena Gomez’s fans seem to think that Kendall Jenner is making fun of Selena & The Weeknd at Coachella.