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Selena Gomez’s fans seem to think that Kendall Jenner is making fun of Selena & The Weeknd at Coachella.

The following video shows Kendall Jenner at Coachella, dancing and laughing with friends. Next to her, you can see The Weeknd dancing along to the music, with Selena Gomez in front of them. It’s crowded so we marked where they are in the video. 


Selenators started this theory that Kendall is laughing at Selena. There is history between the Jenners and Selena, and we been telling you that Selena’s (ex) friends look at her in pathetic way because of her PR contract with Abel. However, is Kendall actually laughing at Selena or are Selena’s fans bored?

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We have been telling you that Selena’s friends; now ex-friends, think of her as some pathetic and attention-craving leech because of how shady it was of her to agree to a PR deal with Abel, knowing that he was Bella Hadid’s ex, and after Selena tried being friends with Bella. 


We can easily manipulate this video and say that Kendall is laughing at Selena because all it does is prove US right, but we aren’t biased rats like some people like to think. Unless a clearer video pops up where it shows Kendall literally laughing and making fun of them, we’re going to go with: Kendall isn’t doing shit and Selena’s fans are just bored. 


It’s like they’re trying so hard to start drama that isn’t even there! Kendall is literally just dancing and having fun while you can barely even see Selena in the first clip! And then her fans have the nerve to come at ME and say I’m the one with no life. Interesting. 


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What do you make of the video?






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