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Exposed: What happened at Coachella 2015? What was Justin’s reply to Selena’s instagram comments? And what’s going on with Kendall/Hailey? (Throwback with Jendall in 2010 included!)


What a long title, but everything will be answered.

Let’s start off with a little background history. 

Back in early 2014, the Jenners and Selena were set up as PR. 


There was talk about Kris Jenner signing Selena, but that never happened. So the Jenners and Selena were basically hanging out all the time and making sure everyone knows it. They had a huge fallout because Selena cut them off. Her team told everyone it was because they influenced her to do drugs, but our source told you guys otherwise and 2 days later, we got proven right. 

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THROWBACK! Since Coachella 2k17 just wrapped up, I thought it would be appropriate to throw it back to this drama filled year with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and etc. etc.



2017 is the year of Selena Gomez being a hypocrite.