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Exposed: Come on Fifth Harmony stans, didn’t I warn you about Lauren’s “odd” hookups?

The recent drama is about Ty Dolla Sign’s ex-girlfriend, coming out and saying that she was cheated on with a Fifth Harmony member. It didn’t take long for everyone to fill in the dots. But don’t say we didn’t warn you back in Part 3 of our Fifth Harmony Exposed post. 



Here are the now deleted tweets of Ty Dolla Sign’s ex. 


And a different screenshot to prove it’s real. 


To be quite honest, I didn’t reveal Lauren right then and there simply because I didn’t want to. I like Lauren and at that moment, I was like I’ll save her this time. Of course this led to everyone begging me to expose more. 


etc. etc. 

I was actually going to include Lauren in my upcoming May Tell All and no I wasn’t planning on including her in the reveal. 

To be even more quite honest, Ty Dolla Sign wasn’t the only person I was talking about in my post. When I said “odd hookups” I also meant married men.

And another reason why I didn’t expose her completely beside the fact that I wanted to save her at the time, I also got the impression that she has been dealing with a lot of personal issues since she’s been getting closer and closer to drugs. Oh yeah, I didn’t reveal that last time either. And no, not just weed. 

Ty Dolla Sign just tweeted the following. 


And quickly deleted it. 

Now based on other things we know about him, I’m going to go with he’s lying about not cheating. His ex-girlfriend wouldn’t gain anything about lying about him cheating on her either. 


As for Lauren cheating on Lucy Vives, I told you in the post that I’m getting the impression that they were not exclusive because of what I know about Lauren’s odd hookups. On top of that, both of them were on and off like I just stated. So I honestly don’t know if Lauren cheated on Lucy. Again, they were on and off. 

That’s basically it. 

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