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THANK YOU FOR +100,000!

Our shade video on Jelena hit 100,000 views not too long ago. This is our first video to reach that many views so we are all shook. Thank you guys for watching!

And a special thank you to Selena Gomez for being immature and conniving. We love you. 


Keep reading to see the upcoming posts. 

If you are interested in reading more posts about Jelena, check out the Jelena tag on our website.

Upcoming posts include:

  • Jailey/Hailey post this Saturday
  • Review of Wings by BTS also this Saturday
  • New conspiracy theory coming this Friday
  • Upcoming May Tell All which is usually posted on the first of the month. After the May Tell All, we have the May Tell All Revealed so get ready for that tea. 
  • Next up for the As A Person post will be Demi Lovato. That was hugely requested after our Justin As A Person post. Request Demi questions on our ask
  • And as always, request celebrities you want us to talk about. We see almost all your requests. We may not reply all the time because we have so many messages, but we see them. 

We love you guys. 






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