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WINGS by BTS Review (+ KPOP Industry Secrets)


This is the first KPOP album I ever listen to so I am very excited. This review has been so highly requested by so many of you so I am so glad that it is finally here! I am reviewing the album while listening to the songs for the first time. Also, I have no idea what they are saying so I can’t judge based on content of the lyrics. I will just be going off how it sounds and the beat.


Let’s start!


1. Intro: Boy Meets Evil

The song starts off very mellow and then suddenly a guy starts rapping and then the rap gets more intense and even though I have no idea what he’s saying, I’m boppin along. Then a build up to the chorus hits and then all shit goes crazy! The rap gets even more intense and then it starts to slow down and it goes into this really nice and chill chorus. This is a good intro to the album because ya girl is hyped up!


2. Blood Sweat & Tears

I did listen to this song beforehand because one of you guys recommended it to me. I LOVE THIS SONG. It sounds like a great summer song I’d hear on the radio tbh! The beat is so fresh and it goes along with a feel good vibe. The verses have a rap while the chorus has a chill singing melody that I’m living for. I’ve listened to this lyrics so much that I’ve learned the lyrics.

wonhae manhi manhi


3. Begin

This song starts off slow and then it goes into a subtle dance beat. It seems like he’s going through a breakup even though I can’t understand him. The chorus hits and it’s in English yall!!! This chorus sounds like a mainstream pop song that would be a radio hit in America! For the second chorus, it drags on a bit more (in a good way) and then it hits a climax which I really liked!

You make me beginnnnnnn

4. Lie

Bitch this song starts off as if I’m in a horror mansion about to get my ass kicked. It’s very dramatic and cinematic. I am typing this as I hear it for the first time and BAM we get some singing. They sound like they spillin some tea. Then they start whispering and then they hit into a chorus with some high note that gives me Dangerous Woman vibes. And oh shit, second verse is here and the creepy music continues. I am not a big fan of the chorus, but I like the creepy vibe.

5. Stigma  

This song starts off slow with a piano and then it hits into a small beat with some dark and mysterious guy singing. I am getting an R&B vibe so yay they’re changing it up a bit. The chorus hits and I’m put in some jazz mood now. The song is also giving me a classy vibe and this beat is great!


6. First Love

It opens up with a guy saying some things while a piano plays peacefully. He keeps saying he feels so nice. Is he horny? Homeboy is now rappin while the only thing we hear is a piano. I think this is a depressing song. I’m getting KPOP Eminem vibes. Towards the end, he starts rapping even faster and the instruments build up and bitch my WIG IS GONEEEEEEE. I think imma start crying but I don’t know why!


7. Reflection

The first verse is in English and he is talking about how life is a movie with different starts/scenarios. I looked up the lyrics and this song is very depressing. It talks about seeing others happy and then feeling happy, but then not loving yourself and feeling depressed. It’s very deep and the rap is pretty great. I LOVE THE INSTRUMENTS AND THE BEAT! It ends with a static “I wish I could love myself.” Love urself bby.



This song is one of the songs that was previously recommended to me. I love this song. It’s so bright and feel-good. I wanna have a dance off to this song. The chorus is poppin too! It’s an excellent pop song.



9. Awake

I’m hearing some string instruments and then it peacefully transitions into one of the verses. For the most part, the song is boring to me. I feel like the high notes are a little straining, but this also seems like the type of song that would grow on me within each listen. Ask me for my thoughts again in 2 weeks.

10. Lost

I’m conflicted about the way I feel about this song but I like the way they sing “I lost my wa-aye-a-a-y.”


11. BTS Cypher 4

This song starts off very cool and mysterious. I feel like I’m in the circus having a dance off with the clowns. Then the song turns into a hip hop beat followed with a rap. I like it. I think they’re saying “sorry bout it!” I’m not a fan of the chorus.

12. Am I Wrong

I love the start of the song. It has this interesting beat which turns into an interesting dance beat. Then a rap accompanies it. The build up to the chorus is pretty intense and then it follows a lit chorus. It’s a yes from me!

tell me, am i wrong?


13. 21st Century Girl

This song opens up like Iggy Azalea’s song Black Widow, aka with a lit beat. Then they hit into a chorus and overall this song got me hyped up! The bridge is also great. There are some verses in English! Next time I host a party, this song is going to play.

Live your life, live your life, come on baby


That’d be me and my girlies boppin to this song ^

14. 2! 3!

This song starts off soft and one guy says in English, “Been trying to tell you this. I was supposed to tell you. This is all for you.” The verses consist of a guy rapping really aggressively and then a nice and chill chorus. Towards the end, they all collectively sing the chorus. I like it!

15. Interlude: Wings

This song just gives me an end-of-the-album vibe. I feel like it wraps up the album very well. It has very catchy chorus which I’m going to learn the rap to, btw! The chorus then sounds like something Usher would release in 2010 aka BOPS!

put ur hands up to the sky getchu feeling the vibe


Writing Credits

When rating group albums, even if one member wrote the song, I still count it.

BTS wrote 15 out 15 songs!



Lead Single Performance

I am very excited to see BTS perform because I hear a lot about how amazing KPOP groups are live so I am so ready. Like the review of the album, it will be my first time watching the performance and I will write my initial thoughts. Let’s go!

Blood, Sweat, & Tears aka one of my fave songs on this album, is the lead single!


HOLD UP! You KPOP stans really weren’t going to warn me to hold onto my scalp while watching this? I knew KPOP groups were good but fam I didn’t know they were this good! 

The following gifs aren’t from this particular performance because I sadly couldn’t find any.

I wish I knew their names (I will be learning them), but they all SLAYED! The entire performance was absolutely incredible. They remained in sync the whole time, the choreography was amazing, not to mention HARD!


The camera angles were flawless because at one point, half the group would just pop out of somewhere while the other takes over and then disappears. They were all jumping like superheros yet not one lost balance or messed up the choreography. They make it seem so easy as if I could pull it off! I am beyond impressed! On top of delivering an excellent performance, they brought so much energy and charisma to my screen. 


I am laying down in bed writing this but you best believe I was bopping while watching them!

And let me not get started on their facial expressions! It was amazing watching them act out the lyrics even though my ass has no idea what they are saying. They didn’t just perform! They put on a SHOW! They were like dancing, singing, and acting at the same time!


Ya girls are SHOOK!

Btw, my sister Alana just came into the room and I’m telling her I’m reviewing BTS and she goes like “Oh my friends showed me an incredible performance. Angela you are not ready.” And she shows me their performance of Not Today at Comeback Stage and honestly I was speechless. I am so used to watching bullshit from American stars and now I get to receive excellence from KPOP ones.

Performance: 6 out 5 stars

PR or Damage Control

Okay so this is quite difficult for me to tackle since they come from a completely different industry aka the KPOP industry, as opposed to the Hollywood industry that I’ve mastered. For Hollywood celebrities, I’ve kept up with them for many years + I have many inside sources. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for KPOP stars. I can’t expose any PR or Damage Control because I simply don’t know any of the stars. I don’t even the know the names of the members of BTS. So instead of this, I’ll expose KPOP industry secrets that I’ve heard/read about.

Industry Secrets of the KPOP World

According to some KPOP stans that I have spoken too:

  • Stars are treated horribly by their management. And the way they get treated is different than treatment in Hollywood. Apparently, these stars are underpaid and overworked.
  • Their management is also reckless. Some KPOP fan told Alana that a manager was drunk driving with 2 members of a group in the car, and he killed the 2 members. Imma need you KPOP fans to elaborate on this story.

The next couple of things I am going to talk about are based on research done about the KPOP industry. Link: (X)

  • The KPOP world is obsessed with this idea of perfection and being absolutely flawless. This leads 95% of the stars in the industry to get plastic surgery done. While it’s popular for American women to get a boob job, in this industry, having a double eyelid is very important.
  • There are certain fans that are quite insane. They develop an unhealthy obsession with their idols. “The most obsessive fans are known as Sasaeng, or private fans. They have been known to install hidden cameras in their idols’ homes and cars, write love letters in menstrual blood and poison rival groups’ drinks, Yahoo! Singapore reported.They have attacked other fans who have got close to their idols, left urine and faeces in stars’ homes and even assaulted the objects of their affection for failing to give them the attention they crave. Some Korean taxi firms now offer services where they will chase down idols for Sasaeng, speeding at up to 200km/h and causing accidents.” Remind me to never insult Stan Twitter, when Sasaeng exits.

You can read the article I linked for more information.

Of course every industry has its problems, but this is kinda crazy…… and we’ve seen all forms of crazy. If there are any new KPOP readers reading this, feel free to enlighten us more about this industry and how mangement really treats these stars. I really want to know.


Final thoughts: This is the first album I have ever heard by a KPOP group and I am beyond impressed. Wings delivered many forms of great music. You had slow songs, raps, epic dance beats, great use of instrumental, and bits and pieces of hip & hop and R&B elements. They really gave us the whole package. The songs are very catchy and fresh. BTS proved that a language barrier is not going to stop anyone from listening to BOPS. This has quickly become one of my favorite albums and you best believe that’s what I am going to be jamming out to nowadays. You have gained yourself a new fan, BTS. And you are getting my coins.

4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Let us know what other albums you want us to request!






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