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Selena Gomez liked a picture of Justin Bieber and then drama started.

Are we at all surprised that drama is commencing? Hello! Jelena are involved. 

The following picture is what Selena liked on Instagram. 


Credit to my girl ExposingPoland, for the picture. Btw, if you’re a Polish reader, check her out on Twitter or Tumblr for translated tweets/posts! 

So why did Selena like this picture of Justin posting with those who he’s featuring with for a new song?

It’s a simple answer honestly. 

Selena knows that any mention of Jelena will start drama and bring attention. 

I personally don’t think her liking a picture of Justin is a big deal, but stans do. And when stans find something that is a big deal in their eyes, drama starts. 

We’re all talking about it, right? 

So some of you asked me if this means there’s a THIRD Jelena PR contract! The answer is NO. Guys, please. Let’s not think in such evil ways. A third Jelena contract? I don’t think Justin will be able to cope with that. 


Jelena contract #1:

Jelena contract #2:

What I want to address though is that if it was Justin liking a picture of her, everyone would call him obsessed. But when it’s Selena…. it’s a different story.

Ah I really need to make a post about the double standard between Justin and Selena. 

And don’t think Jelena is rising anytime soon. Selena is Abel’s problem right now. And may God be with Selena because if she thinks she can work her little ways on Abel the way she did with Justin. If she thinks she can, then she’s not as smart as I think she is.

We’ll be spilling Abelena tea very soon so be on the lookout for that! 






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