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Y'all would drag Selena to the pits of hell and back if she did half the shit Justin has done and that's the tea on that.


What did Justin do?
Smoke weed? So does ¾ of America.
Smoke? So does selly
Drag Selena-oh wait that never happened.
Use Selena for promo-oh wait, he wasn’t the one flying half way across the country for a gram flick.
Comment on her relationship-oh wait, he didn’t start that insta fight.
Call her a dog-oh wait that was HER interview.
Lie about writing songs-oh wait that was Selena.
Steal song credits-whoops also Selena.
Move on? Is that a crime to move on when you’re single. Selena did and y'all stayed SHUT. And that’s the tea you dumb bitch. Remember some facts before you come spitting stale toilet water.


Are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds really as perfect as they seem? I've always been kind of suspicious.