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your sources are playing you girl lol. you want me to believe that selena gomez, who is far from being the biggest celebrity in hollywood, bought out everyone else in terms of instagram followers? why don't these sources go to tmz and make a quick buck instead of gossiping to two fat chicks just because? call selena what you want but the ones grinning in her face and pretending to be her friend are just as bad as she is.


1. If someone was to randomly gain let’s say 15M followers in a week everyone would know it’s fake. It’s a slow process. If Selena has 120M followers Ariana can’t randomly jump to 125M when she has like 85M. Same goes for any other celeb. That’s why she takes the spot. Because she’s been planting this since 2013. Also a lot of celebs who actually sell their music don’t care enough to get that much insta followers.
2. Fat? Lmao you wish. you have no idea how I look like. Another butt hurt Selena fan. Sad. All love.
3. There is a much bigger concept that goes into exposing a celebrity on TMZ. You’re small minded brain won’t understand it. Plus we want people to be aware of who Selena is not completely ruin her career. A lot of my sources come in peace.
4. But the saddest thing of all is how up Selena’s ass you are. I really do hope in the future you want nothing to do with famous people because you are about to get hit with the biggest reality check.

You're a selfish cunt