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Do you actually have a lot more information about Selena but you still keeping up the most important ones because you know that Selena reads your blog and you think that at some point Selena might make some moves after reading your new post? I mean let's just say that Selena does not know that Abel thinks of her as a sex pleasure, annoying and claims to be single to his friends. But she found out through your blog. Do you think she's gonna make some moves after that?


Moves to benefit her? Yes. She often does this. One of the most memorable posts that Selena used to her benefit; was the one about her father. We exposed that her father was not the bad guy that her mother painted him to be and suddenly the following week after that post, she went to go meet her baby sister from her father’s side for the first time and occasionally hangs with her father from time to time. That never happened before our post. We’re waiting for a thank you, Sel!

I know we gained a lot of new readers so if you guys are interested in reading that post, it’s right here

And if you want, we can eventually make a post proving how after that post, Selena rekindled her relationship with her father and hopefully answer more questions about her family.

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