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Jack Gilinsky and Madison Beer Drama SUMMARIZED

We made a video summarizing everything that happened these past two weeks with Jack G and Madison. We included BOTH leaked audios, the apologies, what Jack J said, and what previous friends have said. Hopefully this keeps you patient for the Jadison exposed. 


If you want to read our first post on Jadison, here it is:

We told you to ask us questions so we can ask our sources and so I sent in the questions today. Stay tuned, exposing fam. 






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June Tell All Revealed

Do you actually have a lot more information about Selena but you still keeping up the most important ones because you know that Selena reads your blog and you think that at some point Selena might make some moves after reading your new post? I mean let's just say that Selena does not know that Abel thinks of her as a sex pleasure, annoying and claims to be single to his friends. But she found out through your blog. Do you think she's gonna make some moves after that?