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Exposed: Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez; are they really friends? More on Taylor Swift + Selena’s association stunts.

The answer is NO. And they haven’t been for a very long time. But I assume you were all were played like pawns again when Demi and Selena shared a “sweet and nostalgic” moment on Twitter right? Well unless you’re a loyal reader. 

We got the story behind that.


I’m going to quickly summarize Delena’s relationship throughout the years because I know we have a lot of new readers and we haven’t posted about Delena in a very long time. However, here’s their tag where you’ll find all their posts to catch up on some old tea later: 


Basically, Demi and Selena were childhood friends through family. Selena didn’t really associate with Demi until she got the role for Camp Rock, so they were both on Disney and everything was great. Demi was struggling with a lot of things, as we all know. Selena, did not understand what she was going through and instead made fun of her problems and chose not to hang out with her. That’s when she got closer to Taylor Swift and together they shut depressed and suicidal, Demi out. Demi found a short friendship with Miley Cyrus; who was also not fond of Taylor and Selena. When Demi got to rehab, Selena realized how she was a shitty friend and wanted to reach out. However, that was during the time Selena was getting more and more famous because of her first PR contract with Justin Bieber. Selena’s priority was obviously Justin and not her childhood best friend. Demi did her own thing and got closer with other people along the way. Her and Selena started having issues when Justin and drugs got involved because Demi wanted to help her with her drug addiction because she’s been there before. Yadda yadda, they hate each other because Selena always threw Demi under the bus the way Taylor throws Selena under the bus. So that’s about a decade of information summarized in one. 


Demi has stated many times that Selena has been mean to her and etc etc. Again, that’s all linked in the tag! There’s like 7 posts so go catch up if you’re still confused by the end of this one. 

Demi has also made it clear that she isn’t friends with Selena. Back in like 2013 she unfollowed her on Twitter


and tweeted the following


Again, ALL explained in the posts under the Delena tag! 

The point I’m trying to stress is that Demi does not like Selena and she has a good reason not to. Selena lied about what Justin did to her to Demi which made Demi hate Justin, but when she found out the truth, she reached out and was friends with him again. Selena constantly throws Demi under the bus and shit talks her with her ex-bestie Taylor, which we revealed in the August Reveal. 

Read that here:

Selena honestly did a lot of shit that even I, don’t remember. 


Fun fact: Whenever something bad gets released on Demi or Selena, whether that is to big gossip sites or even just friends/sources, Demi and Selena both think the other is out to get them. So Selena will think Demi is out to get her and vice versa. 

“SO WHY TWEET HER DEMI IF YOU HATE HER SO MUCH?” is the burning question you all have. 

It’s quite simple actually and it’s just two words. 

Good publicity. 

Demi and Selena literally reconcile or tweet each other, every era when they release their new singles. 

We have been told a couple of weeks before Selena and Demi exchanged that short twitter convo that Selena’s team is trying to reach out to the other pop girls’ teams to make it seem as if they’re on good terms with Selena. Why? Selena feels as if she’s made a lot of enemies in the industry and everyone is turning their back on her. 

I lost the messages where one of my sources told me this, but I was having a conversation with a loyal reader and friend on Twitter, and I was telling her what my source said as well as what she heard. She wants to stay anonymous. 


So as you can see, the messages are from July 7 and the Twitter exchange was on July 14th. 

Demi released Sorry Not Sorry on July 11th and Selena released Fetish on July 13. 


If it was the other way around, Selena’s roaches would send Demi hate and claim that Demi is “copying” Selena. However, we are here to educate those who want to be educated. 

There’s no such thing as copying in this case. Their release dates are so close together because this is done on purpose. They are both former Disney acts and former friends. Them releasing their new songs with a two day difference is going to fuel comparisons which will fuel drama, then attention, headlines, and basically it all leads to PROMOTION. The competition promotes each other. The fanbases get riled up and compete against each other and all this does is increase the artists’ sales. Well at least for Demi this time around. 


So what do Selena and Demi benefit from tweeting each other? HEADLINES! And that is why Demi agreed to it. It’s all a business deal and stans are always caught in the middle wrapped up in the unrealistic IDEA of the industry. 


You know when else this happened? With Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. When they covered a song together that one time, you think they actually liked each other? No! Sources actually tell us that they did not get along. But what was the point of them “hanging out?” ATTENTION! The fanbases are happy and they start supporting each other. 


This is how the business operates. And quite frankly, I’m a little scared that you guys actually think celebrities control their social medias. Demi does use her Twitter more often than the average celebrity, but Selena for example, does not use Twitter at all. 

Everyone can benefit from good publicity, which brings me to my next target: Taylor Swift. 


Taylor makes me die of laughter whenever she talks about Selena publicly because all it makes me think of is how Taylor laughs in embarrassment whenever their mutuals bring up Selena. Taylor literally shits on Selena’s life and is so embarrassed by her and her sad attempts for attention in the industry. Selena’s PR contract with Abel really did a number on Taylor. And guess what? People had an idea! They were like “are they feuding…?” So of course a little call from Selena’s team to Taylor’s team and the following gets posted. 


That was Taylor’s first Instagram post since… MAY. 

But her last three posts are what…?


Promoting other artists because Taylor has a lot of say and a huge fanbase. Taylor IS PROMOTION and that’s all this was. She did Selena a favor and I promise you, Taylor won’t let it go. She still thinks low of Selena and Selena needing her help will only feed Taylor’s ego. 

Shoulda been nice to Demi, Sel! But nooooo, sis had to sell out so now she’s getting her karma by none other than one of the most powerful celebrities in the industry. Hope it was worth it! 

And Taylor, the ESMG team is rooting for you! 


Moving onto Selena’s sad attempts in the indsustry. 

Selena has made a RELEVANT career due to association. Justin, Taylor, Abel, etc etc. The average person thinks “Selena Gomez? Oh you mean so and so’s friend/ex/etc.?” And guess what? Selena’s team knows that’s what keeps her relevant. So they will always resort to association. I mean they ain’t gonna resort to vocals by any chance. 

Do I feel bad for Selena? No.

And if I hit a nerve and made you cry like last time, Selena, then good. 

Hope you all enjoyed. 

Here are the messages between my source and I. 







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