Hey, it’s your favorite bloggers.

Welcome to the first ever exposing blog. We publish inside information about celebrities and the industry. We write about pop culture news, have Tell Alls, have conspiracy theories, and more! Enjoy the tea. is temporarily down.

My lazy (busy) ass did not renew the domain name in time so it expired and then I renewed it like 20 minutes after expiration and it didn’t revert back right away due to a glitch. 

Anyways, I talked with Customer Support and if works for you, then yay. If not, give it some time. 

It should appear on the app though. 

Regardless, hopefully it all goes back to normal. Sorry! 

Also, let me know if you can see this post by telling me on Ask. Reblog or like this post to let me know because I can see whoever reblogs or likes it. Thanks guys and sorry again. 


UPDATE: August 12, 2017

Everything went back to normal within 20 minutes after this post went up so HOORAY! We are going to be posting again very soon and I worked on getting a complete masterpost up for all the new and old readers. The masterpost will have working links of all posts on ESMG so you beautiful tea addicts can navigate the blog however you’d like. 

Be patient, loves. 

Masterpost: Updates, Rude, and Debate posts. (+ blog updates)

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