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Masterpost: Uncategorized tea-filled posts

Welcome to the masterpost of the pop culture news on ExposingSMG back in the day


I am too lazy to edit all these posts’ tags and put it under “PCN” so I am going to leave them under the “Other” tag. The reason for this is PCN has expanded to include many celebs and the follow posts are veteran posts which include mainly Justin, Selena, and the occasional Miley mention. New posts about pop culture will be in the PCN post (linked here). Enjoy. 

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Note: these just include the uncategorized posts. We have several categories that are listed in the link above.

  1. “I’d love to have a great boyfriend” Selena says.
  2. Selena Gomez, ungrateful and a liar.
  3. Jelena back on?
  4. Selena promoted too.
  5. Selena Gomez is a bitch and I’m sure I can prove it.
  6. Selenators/Jelenators, you have no room to give opinions about Justin’s love life after Selena.
  7. Love Will Remember… fake or real? Fake. Well part of it at least.
  8. The Double Standards Society Has Set
  9. I’ve been meaning to discuss this for a while now.
  10. Double Standards: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  11. Selena Gomez was apparently stressed out because of her breakup with Justin BIeber?
  12. The Thievery.
  13. Hollywood Records sabotaging Demi for… Selena?
  14. Overrated.
  15. Katy Perry: Part of Me Premiere
  16. Selena Gomez on GMA 2013
  17. Selena’s jealousy continues, this time with Ariana Grande….?
  18. Lets clear up the whole Justin nude pictures that TMZ posted earlier today.
  19. Justin did NOT spit on fans.
  20. Selena seems to like what Jasmine V has.
  21. Lets Count All the Times Selena Gomez shaded Justin Bieber
  22. Selena Gomez; a liar and a hypocrite?
  23. Selena indirectly uses Justin to hype up her album.
  24. Friendships: Taylena/Memi
  25. Beauty Evolution
  26. Back to Jelena and Selena’s ungrateful ways
  27. Selena’s poisonous ways. (Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran vs. Justin)
  28. Justin’s lyrics prove everything.
  29. Beliebers vs. Selenators
  30. Selena is getting sued because you know what they say, karma is a bitch.
  31. Selena Gomez *THINKS* she’s classy!
  32. Well karma is a bitch.
  33. Miley vs. Selena: How did they react after their breakups?
  34. Selena Gomez is not only rude to everyone (fans) including her boyfriend which she slapped in public…. but she’s also clingy. (Selena + Pattie)
  35. Selena Gomez’s fame/career before and after Justin.
  36. The Stars Dance Era
  37. More on Demi and Selena
  38. Selena Gomez is more of a hypocrite than you’d think
  39. Selena Gomez is actually more of a liar than you’d think
  40. Selena Gomez thinks that the hate she receives as a celebrity, is worse than the people who get bullied at school.
  41. And the bitterness continues…. not anyone’s fault you don’t have a real fanbase.
  42. Selena throws a bitch fit…. not anyone’s fault that you can’t sing, Selena.
  43. It’s time for people to know that you can’t deny video proof.
  44. Delena stays being a PR coming from Selena’s side.
  45. Selena Gomez cancelling her tour for “me time”
  46. Selena Gomez and her lupus rumors
  47. JELENA: Who cheated? Who was the better partner?
  48. A relationship no one seems to be able to escape.
  49. Selena stays coming back for her own benefit. (More on Jelena’s “spottings”)
  50. Stars Dance Tour, the classy tour - Reviews.
  51. Where was Selena for those two weeks she was completely gone? And what did she do after?
  52. Selena Gomez caught buying cigarettes… I wonder what everyone’s reaction is gonna be.
  53. Does Selena Gomez love Justin Bieber? Has she ever loved him?
  54. Selena and Lorde.
  55. I’m always right - confirmation of Selena Gomez being in rehab and Justin Bieber being blamed for it.
  56. Selena’s team and their constant blaming on other stars.
  57. Selena Gomez predictably hangs out with Niall Horan and is obviously rude.
  58. It’s either she keeps coming back or he’s still whipped.
  59. Well I told you to mark your calendars.
  60. History repeats itself.
  61. Selena makes Justin act like an asshole to HIS fans because she’s just a terrible person in general. - A couple of reasons to why Beliebers hate her.
  62. Funny how Selena couldn’t stand Justin and is now crawling back to him. More proof it’s just for publicity.
  63. The obvious publicity.
  64. Coachella 2014
  65. She’s stooped to the lowest levels of low for sympathy–and no not that type of low!
  66. In her book, he’s not allowed to move on.
  67. Barbara Palvin and Selena Gomez
  68. I thought it was Justin who was obsessed and not the other way around..? (The Getaway flops. Don’t think I’ll let that go.)
  69. Update.
  70. How many times have Justin and Selena reconciled since their breakup and why?
  71. Once again, I’m proven correct. (More on recent Jelena drama)
  72. Jelena: Are they officially back together?
  73. The recent Miley and Selena drama: Miley shades Selena?
  74. Selena Gomez practically bullies someone on Instagram.
  75. Selena is an extremely mean person behind cameras and now it’s finally showing.
  76. The shading massacre of 2014
  77. Selena needs to sit down, relax, and quit shit talking.
  78. Justin Bieber’s ex girlfriend continues the shading on Instagram because she’s mature like that.
  79. Justin was so terrible to Selena? Selena is a hypocrite? Selena is classy?
  80. Why is Chantel shading Justin? Is Justin single? Selena shades even more?
  81. Selena sure is running out of ideas to keep herself talked about.
  82. So a lot of things have happened in the world of Jelena - red phones with a topless Selena lockscreen is the main idea.
  83. Jelena feat. Za and Brandon
  84. Leaked Jelena contract? + Update.
  85. Selena never fails to redeem herself as more pathetic than before.
  86. Are Justin and Hailey Baldwin dating? Are the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer, Selena’s next victims?
  87. Update on Selena’s drug habit and when is Justin releasing an album.
  88. Selena Gomez (and friends) offend Muslims all around the world by disrespecting the Islamic religion.
  89. There was a Jelena spotting just like we said there would be. Read on to see what’s really going on between Selena and Zedd.
  90. It’s been over two years after the breakup, and she still continues to obsess about him. However, her career isn’t getting any better.
  91. Another point for us, we keep getting proved right. - Why was Selena depressed?
  92. Selenators and their obsession with me which is hypocritical.
  93. Confirmation of Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom who he cheated on Katy Perry. #ExposingSMGKeepsGettingProvedRightParty
  94. Is Selena Gomez running out of things to keep her relevant?
  95. Selena Gomez once again steals credit for writing songs that she did not write.
  96. Sofia Richie insults Hailey Baldwin? A failed publicity stunt is upon us.
  97. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fire back at each other on Instagram and Justin exposes her.

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