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Fifth Harmony kills Camila Cabello in VMA performance

The 2017 VMAs was tonight and Fifth Harmony have officially shown to the world how they feel about Camila; their former group mate. She’s dead to them. 


Right in the beginning of their performance you see 5 figures standing on a stage and just when their song Angel is about to start, “Camila” the figure in the middle, jumps off.  


Honestly speaking, the exposingsmg team doesn’t care for either Fourth Harmony or Camila. We’re literally an outside and unbiased source who told the story how it happened, like we always do. 


You can read our three exposed posts on Fifth Harmony that explain everything that happened between them and Camila and if you recognize the dates, we got proved right about everything. 

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Proven Right:


Camila stans are dragging Fifth Harmony and saying oh they still need her for attention that’s why they keep bringing her up and yadda yadda. 

The way I look at it is that Fifth Harmony are doing this shit publicity unlike Camila who resorted to being a snake and was scared to be honest with them straight to their faces. She literally shit talked them, threw them under the bus, befriended snakes like her, and did everything to benefit herself while not caring about 4H’s feelings. This was all done behind closed doors. At least Fifth Harmony had the guts to do something on national television. 


Aside from that, it’s all promo. The VMAs are all about shock value and everyone was shocked when they saw what they did. Now what is everyone talking about? Fifth Harmony. And guess what, they got a new album out so they’re getting that promo. So yes, it’s also all about the attention. Hello, this is the industry!

Lauren serving Selena Gomez cira AMA 2015 vibes. I like. 

That was awesome. 

Our thoughts? This drama is interesting again. I’m not here for Camila to act like a victim or to pull a fake girl power speech out of her ass. If she wants to respond to this, she better make it interesting and not boring. Maybe bring up 4 ghosts as backup dancers; to represent 4H, and then have them like walk away from her on stage or something. I don’t know, but it better be interesting because ain’t nobody here for a fake victim speech. We get enough of those from Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. 






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