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Selena Gomez’s instagram gets hacked.. hacker posts Justin Bieber’s nudes

At least we weren’t blamed for this incident like we usually are. 

So in other news, Selena’s Instagram got hacked earlier today and apparently the only thing the hacker could think of was.. Justin Bieber. 


Here’s another screenshot. 


The hacker changed Selena’s name to their first name; Islah and proceeded to post Justin’s nudes. 


The caption is talking about how Justin has a little shrimp dick and he proceeded to shout out his Instagram account alongside his friends. 

…. anYWAYS 

Selena’s team then got control of the account again and locked it. 


Shoutout to whoever these screenshots belong to.

Basically that’s it. You guys were asking us about what happened and the rest were asking us for our thoughts. 

Honestly, my only thoughts is that it’s funny they hacked Selena’s account: the Instagram account with most followers and all they could think of was Justin. This is a usual thought for everyone. If someone says Selena, others think of Justin. We talked about how Selena’s career was built on relevancy based on association so this isn’t new. 


Selena’s fans found this hilarious that they were making fun of Justin. Like I said, I find it pathetic and also funny that all the hackers could think of was Justin. 

And we all know if Justin was hacked and someone posted pictures of Selena, her brainless fans would send him hate. 

Regardless, Jelena remains dead. 


And that’s it for now. 







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