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Exposed: What really happened when The Weekend cheated on Selena Gomez with Ava Van Rose? (sex trafficking?)

We kind of forgot to give you the update on this situation after we asked one of our sources. Sorry ha ha ha..

But back in July, some Instagram model exposed that she slept with Abel when he was on tour and Selena Gomez wasn’t around… something that we told you Abel tends to do so point 1 for the ExposingSMG team. Does Selena Gomez know about this? Time to give you the inside deets. 


Ava exposed on social media and to gossip sites that she slept with Abel. Read all about that here:

Many people questioned if she was lying or not. 

Well, she wasn’t. This story gets a little bit more darker than “oh my contract boyfriend cheated on me!” And before I go on, I have to give you a little history on something quite disturbing. 


Since we live in a shitty world run by the dominate species, humans, or as I’d like to call them–us, the failed species, there’s this thing called sex/human trafficking. By definition, “human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.” So for the youngins reading, it gets worse. Now this type of trafficking happens everywhere. Since social media is a huge part of this modern world, there is a different form of sex trafficking that takes place mainly on….. INSTAGRAM! Aka Selly’s most popular platform. 


Sex trafficking on Instagram is a little bit more different than the horrid events of actual human trafficking. Human trafficking is basically slavery.

On Instagram, there’s this cult of women who get passed around to the rich and powerful men around the world. It doesn’t have to just be men… it can be minors too. To an extent, it can be considered pedophilia because sometimes this Instagram-sex-trafficking shit happens with like 14 year olds and so on. I don’t want to get more into it, but when you make a deal with someone from the cult, you pay them thousands of dollars and you agree on the sexual acts that you guys will partake together. When the person is extremely powerful, we’re talking government officials or even royalty, contracts get involved. Sometimes the contracts state what kind of sexual acts the person will be doing just in case the person doesn’t wanna partake in the sexual act, the one paying will be like “oh well I paid you to do A, B, C, D, etc.” Also, the contracts will always state that you can’t expose this information to anyone else. We talked a little bit about this on Ask, you guys know who you are, but it’s a little different. The celebrities discussed on Ask aren’t really part of this system. They’re just rich celebrities who sleep with rich and powerful men for hundreds of thousands. It’s not so much of a cult like this so don’t get confused. 


Why am I telling you this information? According to my source, it turns out that Ava Van Rose is part of a cult that is trafficking Instagram models so through that is how she met Abel. But clearly she didn’t sign no contract because she went and ran her mouth to blogs. It was most likely one of those cases where she was just paid or she did it for free because she’s a fan. Who knows. All I know is that she’s part of that cult. 

Does Selena know that Abel cheated on her with Ava? Yes. 

First of all, Selena been knew that Abel cheats on her. It’s technically not even cheating since they’re not even dating for real. It’s a contract, as we stressed before. So she can’t get mad and Abel knows that. It’s not that he’s playing her. They’re both literally playing the world. 


Second of all, even though they’re a PR contract, Selena wants it to be real. But Abel isn’t on board. We won’t repeat previous information that we already exposed because it’s in a post for a reason. 

Read the latest Abelena tea here:

We also told you that Selena follows Abel around on tour to make sure he doesn’t sleep with anyone else. 


So what happened when Selena found out about his night with Ava? She did what Selena always does. She has her minions watching Ava to make sure she doesn’t get close to Abel again. 

It’s like Selena has no self respect or self worth. Regardless, that’s her problem. 


Hope we cleared up on any confusion on this topic. We have a small Abelena update coming soon. 






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