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Jelena publicly reunites for the first time in 2 years!

Yes ladies and gents, you read that correctly. The most iconic, dramatic and messiest couple of young Hollywood, has once again graced us with their presence. Who said 2017 can’t get worse? 


Let’s do a quick refresher for any new or confused readers. 

We exposed that the Jelena contract was over (the one they signed in 2015), Selena signed a new contract with The Weeknd aka Abel, Selena really started catching feelings for Abel while Justin was on a spiritual journey, Abel was annoyed by Selena and tried to continue on with his career while Selena held him down in a tired ass contract that everyone started getting bored of, and now we are here two days before Halloween with one scary surprise. 


I’m writing this post to clarify some questions for all the readers since my sources still haven’t gotten back to me with new information since this spotting literally just happened. 

I’m going to lay out some facts for you and you can make up your own mind. Okay? Ready? Let’s go! 

October 24-25

Selena drops a new song with Marshmallow called “Wolves”


October 24

Justin and Selena are spotted at the same PLACE but no personal pictures of them. 


That’s his car.


That’s her car. 


That’s the leech.


And that’s the story. 

Now regardless of whether or not we got a picture of them two together that day, EVERYONE was still talking about Jelena, Selena, Justin. And out of the pair, who is dropping new music and doing new things? SELENA. Justin has been chilling and has been on some spiritual journey and basically staying out of the headlines for the most part. 

October 26


Selena is announced as a performer for the 2017 AMAs

October 29

She’s spotted with Justin 


Like come on. This is TOO OBVIOUS. The same week you dropped your new single and you’re spotted with your “cheater” ex while your “boyfriend” is on tour? Notice how no one gives any more fucks about Abel and Selena so she comes back running to the OG that made her relevant in the first place? 

She also has a lupus interview and lupus documentary coming up soon so she needs all those headlines. 


Also notice how her last two songs during the Abel era, Bad Liar and Fetish both FLOPPED? 


Even after signing a PR contract with Abel, the leech found her way back. 

The last time Jelena was spotted was in November 2015


And fast forward to nearly two years later, Selena continues to use people around her since she will always and forever be known for ASSOCIATION not for who she actually is. 

Abel unfollowed the following on Instagram:

  • an Abelena account
  • Selena’s mom
  • Selena’s cousin Priscilla and her man, Jay
  • Selena’s friends, Theresa and Courtney 

He also apparently deleted some Selena pictures off Instagram. 

He also liked the following pictures of Adriana Lima


Keep in my mind that I’m sure Abel’s team is behind his Instagram account because like I said, they were a PR and Abel wasn’t really catching feelings. But all of this is to fuel the drama. Every party is getting attention. It’s PR 101. 

I rest my case. 

Moving onto your questions. 

Keep in mind that my source still hasn’t gotten back to me so I’m going to be answering your questions based on what I previously know. 

Does Justin still have feelings for her?

Based on the past couple of months, no. Justin learned the hard way how toxic she was in his life and how the whole relationship should have been done a long time ago. 

Does Selena have feelings for him?

She has feelings for his status, not him. Just like she first got together with Abel for status, not feelings. During her kidney transplant, they should have gotten her a new vocal box while they’re at it. Maybe get her a voice that can actually sing to avoid her using others for her own benefit. 

Why did Justin agree to meet up with her?

Right now, we don’t know since our source still has to get back to us but he most likely agreed to it to wish her the best for the whole kidney drama. 

Is the contract back on for Jelena?

Probably not. This is just a sad attempt for publcity just like Selena used him in 2013 and 2014 when there was no contract. 

What happened to the contract with Abel?

I’m not too sure, but it’s probably coming to an end hence him unfollowing her friends/family and liking Adriana Lima’s pictures. Keep in mind that all this social media following/liking/unfollowing is to evoke drama out of the general public. 

What’s going to happen next?

We’ll keep you updated once we get updated. 

Moving on. 


We are posting the long awaited EXPOSED on Selena and her friends TOMORROW at 3PM est. 


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Jelena spotted at church!