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Exposed: What really went down between Selena & Abel and what is going on with Justin & Selena?

The previous post showed you the timeline, how the media reacted to Jelena, how Selena’s team tarnished Abel’s image while keeping Selena’s vanilla image, and how Selena did NOTHING wrong and God is just working in her favor. 

Today’s post will give you the inside information that you have been begging for. 


Read the part 1 to this post to see the timeline of events:

Keep reading to find out the INSIDE TEA. 

A. Abelena & Selena’s personal side of the story

Abel and Selena started “dating” on a contract. The reason for that is because Selena’s team wanted to give Selena a more sexy image and a more adult audience. Mr. I-Can-Make-That-Pussy-Rain-Often was the chosen one. He stayed in the PR contract because he was blackmailed with some sort of thing to keep him in the contract even though he did not want to go through with it. Abel never caught feelings for Selena and found her quite annoying. However, they would sleep together, medicate their pain with drugs, and talk about their similar Hollywood lives since they spent a lot of time together. 


In front of friends, Abel would claim he is single.. since he was. Selena was just his contract fuckbuddy and she was well aware. When Selena was not around, he would sleep with other women and pay for escorts. Selena knew and was furious, but she could not keep him locked down since they were not dating. 


She was not able to hold him down mentally and manipulate him because he did not give a fuck about her. So she could not play her main card: MIND GAMES. Sure the sex was good for her and she was attracted to him, but he did not give two fucks about her because again.. they were a PR CONTRACT. He wasn’t obligated to do anything with Selena when the cameras were closed. 

And that was not enough for Selena. 

And since he kept up that attitude and never really caught feelings for her, her feelings for him faded because she was not getting the attention and love she craved. 


So she went back to the loser who is easily manipulated and is Selena’s best pawn in her mind games. 

That’s Selena’s personal side of the story. 

To summarize for the morons: Abel was not giving Selena a real relationship like she wanted and she can do nothing about it. She got bored and wanted to go back to someone who would show her love and affection. 

Let’s get to Selena’s business side of the story. 

B. Selena’s business side of the story

Abel and Selena’s contract was never set to be as long as Selena and Justin’s from the previous years. So it was eventually ending. 

Abel’s audience consists of this mature and sex-driven-fantasy type of audience. You know, the kind that Lana Del Rey has. And both Lana and Abel collabed on different occasions. 


So Selena’s new music reflected this kind of audience hence why she released Bad Liar and Fetish, two extremely different sounds for Selena. 


Both were a sad attempt at Lana’s sultry and sexy style and Abel’s fans didn’t buy it and no one took her seriously. 


Both songs flopped and Selena’s team realized that their little vanila Disney star that has leuke- I mean “lupus,” wasn’t selling her wannabe Lana music. 


So they dropped it and did not invest any money in promoting. 

Selena’s problems once again got in the way and she had to have a kidney transplant. 

Once her ugly Lana covers flopped, she went back to the shit she’s known for: extremely autotuned EDM music. 


What other shit is she known for? Justin


The same week she drops Wolves, her EDM song, she reconciles with Justin and we get paparazzi pictures from them in places where the paparazzi don’t hang around unless they’re called and invited… which they were. 

As my source said: “Those photographers were definitely hired to get those pictures, I mean cmon they’re hooking up half clothed in front of a clear enormous window. If that doesn’t scream PR I don’t know what does.”

C. Does Justin still have feelings for Selena?

We are told that Selena’s kidney transplant made Justin feel for Selena more and find her as a “changed” person so the thought of “will this actually work out for real?” has crossed his mind. In our opinions, will it last and become healthy and a real loving relationship? HELLL NO. Jelena is toxic in both ways. This has been spoken into existence. They will not last. Please stop comparing them to Miley and Liam. Will they try to make it work? Maybe.


So to answer the main question, YES and there is a lot that goes into why he allowed her back into his life. 

When Selena first posted about her kidney transplant, the world automatically became her #1 fans. Everybody felt bad. Everybody felt furious towards those who did not feel bad. The general public who does not even know Selena personally nor do they know half the shit that her dumb ass is capable of, was crying blood because POOR SELENA HAD A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT. 


Now imagine how Justin felt. 

His first love. 





Of course he was fucking triggered. Especially since once upon a time, Selena made him believe that for YEARS, he was the cause of her issues. So I’m sure deep down, Justin felt some sort of guilt for Selena having to go through that. 

And just like I once upon a time believed for a spilt second that Selena’s kidney transplant may have finally been the thing to change her for the better, so does Justin. 


20 days later:


He looks at her as this changed and mature and grown woman who went through a life threatening surgery. The only thing that’s true about that sentence is that Selena went through a life threatening surgery. However, she is not changed. She is not maure. She is not grown. She is still the same vile and poisonous snake that she has always been. The only difference is that this snake, has a new kidney. 

Justin has been on this spiritual journey for a long time. I personally believe he’s been on some sort of satanic ritual since he’s very close to the cult that is Hillsong, but that’s for another post. 


My source tells me that Justin is in the space where he’s rekindling old relationships with people who he felt were genuinely there for him before everything went downhill. 

I love how he still considered Selena since the only thing she did was feed into and help his downfall. But whose keeping receipts? Clearly not Justin! 

All of this love that he’s feeling for Selena is coming from a space of delusion. It’s coming from a poor, sad, moron craving genuine love. And that is something Justin has and is still struggling with in this industry. GENUINE people. GENUINE love. GENUINE everything. And if I could describe Selena in 1,000 words, GENUINE would NEVER be part of it. 

So Justin is loved by millions. He has millions. However, my source says that all he wants out of life is to be able to say he had people around him who genuinely cared about him. And Selena BEEN knew that. And now you all do too (even though this is shit we have been preaching for years now). 


My source continues to say that: “Selena knows she holds that special place and sparks that area of comfort and reassurance in his brain. Justin for the longest didn’t know who was really there for him and willing to take his life and there was a point where he didn’t even trust Scooter.”

As we all know, Justin’s life went through a lot of changes. He went from surrounding himself with toxic people who fed off his fame and fortune, to having people who genuinely cared, and back to having toxic people who fed off his fame and fortune. 

You know for someone who craves genuine things and only genuine things, he seems to lack that one thing. 

My source says that Justin still has not learned that people will sign up on Justin’s upcoming and bet his psychological health but they will always still care about things that he can offer them. 

So to summarize Justin’s dramatic ass life and mindset: 

  • He wants genuine people around him.
  • He finally feels as if he’s in a good place again.
  • He craves someone to give him that genuine lifestyle.
  • He thinks Selena has changed since she went through a life threatening surgery.
  • And he foolishly thinks that Selena and him can work out again. 

Someone remind him that he had to recently sign a PR contract with her to keep her and her team from releasing CAREER DAMAGING EVIDENCE ON HIM. 

D. Does Selena have feelings for Justin?

As I explained part A, Selena craves real love and attraction. She wanted so badly to make Abel into that but 1. he didn’t really want to associate with her more than a business level considering he was blackmailed into a contract with her and 2. he found her annoying and someone he does not see himself with. 

While you all swooned over the staged paparazzi pictures and were so convinced that Abelena were going to get married, we kept telling you NO RATS, THIS IS A PUBLICITY STUNT. And you all failed to believe us and guess what? Their contract ended and Selena ran back to Justin. 


Let that simmer down in your brain. 

The only thing that kept Selena away from Justin was the Abelena contract. She was legally bound to Abel so she had to finish her course with him and as soon as that ended, HOMEGIRL WASTED NO TIME. She convin– sorry, PLAYED you all into thinking that Abel and her were real and guess what? She doesn’t even seem broken by her breakup with him aka proving that they were never really together. 


And once again, Selena is playing you all again. 

Selena has feelings for the charts and the attention. If the previous post didn’t prove that already, please stop reading this blog. That post dumbed it down to the max so if you didn’t understand that, I don’t think the dark/business side of Hollywood is a topic for you to process. 

Let’s move on to Selena’s personal feelings towards Justin. 

My source says that Selena does care about Justin, but she doesn’t care about him more than she does care about herself. 

To translate, if there comes a time where Selena would god forbid have to sacrifice or compromise for Justin, she will not. She will always choose herself, her career, and her image. And that was already shown to you brain dead robots in 2013 and 2014 where Justin was suicidal and ATTEMPTING suicide, and she did what? 

That makes two of us! Your boyfriend is a douchebag and everyone knows! I knew you were trouble when you walked in! He’d rather models! 


Selena Marie Gomez is a selfish leech who learned all these little tactics from her mother. She was never properly taught real love and she chooses to hurt others rather than be a decent person. 

And that is why her and Justin will never work out. My real question is how long is Selena going to play this little “I changed” game. She plays it very well, I tell ya. She plays it so well to the point where her convincing Justin that she is marriage material, is not a reach and has a possibility of happening unless Justin wakes the fuck up and Selena for once stops being a demon. 


Other than that, we give them our blessings. Justin is a moron who can never learn and Selena is a manipulative snake who’s shown Justin that side before but he continues to be blind. They deserve each other. Justin deserves her for being stupid and she deserves him for being smart. 

Question time! 

Is there a third Jelena contract?

As of right now, no. I don’t even think they had time to sign a new contract since her contract with Abel literally just ended. Also, Justin is an idiot but I don’t think he would ever sign another PR contract with Selena. I don’t think he wants to be legally bound to her anymore unless her marries he lmao. And if he does do either… well you won’t see the day that we ever feel bad for him on this blog. 

Will Justin and Selena last? 

It’s not a PR contract so we can’t tell you how long this charade will be kept up. 

Is Selena using Justin for promotion? 

YES. She may be sleeping with him and telling him what he wants to hear, but nonetheless, she is still using him. And she will continue to use him as long as she continues promoting that recycled dance song, Wolves. 

What are their peers thoughts on this? 

Selena’s friends can’t take her seriously since she shit talks Justin like it’s part of her daily routine and now she’s seen kissing him and being all over him so to them, she continues playing her role of being the hypocrite. 

As for Justin, anyone who was there during the toxic Jelena days, knows that this is not a good idea. 

What if Justin and Selena grew up and matured and stopped hurting each other when they were younger? 

“Hurting each other” is not a term that can be used here. Selena made Justin SUICIDAL and she KNEW that. She USED the fact that he was depressed and on the edge to keep feeding her vile agenda. 


Hurting each other is shit talking to your friends because you’re hurt. Hurting each other is drinking the pain away. Hurting each other is lashing out to each other. 

Hurting each other is NOT driving the other to suicide. Hurting each other is NOT turning the whole world against the other because you’re “mad.” Hurting each other is NOT releasing and leaking information to ruin the other’s career. THAT my friends is called obsessive, psychotic, unstable, and EVIL behavior.

Also known as something Selena Gomez suffers from. 


Dismiss me with that bullshit of “they both hurt each other when they were younger. They’re grown now.”

Jelena will never be normal because of what Selena did, what she CONTINUES to do, and the fact that were legally bound by TWO contracts, THREE, if you count the parent contract


That is the inside information we have for you. And the following are the messages between us and one of our sources. 



Hope you enjoyed. Tomorrow we have something special planned as well. 





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