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Exposed: What is going on between Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, & Sofia Richie? More on Justin’s Hawaii vacation and his leaked nudes.


I just posted my Tell All revealed and honestly I want to go have a chill free night, but I just got some tea on all this recent drama and I know all of you tea addicts are waiting for it so here I am to deliver. 

In our latest dailyesmg post which you can read here:, we said that Justin and Hailey stopped talking as much as they used to. Turns out, there were some big plans for Jailey that we will tell you all about right now. Before I do so, let me say it again, Justin and Hailey both mutually liked each other. Justin was just as invested in Hailey as she was in him. 


So what happened to them?

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Throwback! Refresh your memory with this Jailey tea from a while ago. 

DailyESMG: Are Justin and Hailey still talking? (A clarification on their whole relationship)

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