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Exposed: Why were Justin Bieber and Carl Lentz seen together after Carl shaded the Jailey engagement?

A couple of days ago, we exposed that Justin and Hailey’s church, Hillsong, is a CULT that was founded by a pedophile and that is made up of corrupt pastors.

Read all about that here: 

On July 13th, Carl Lentz, Justin’s pastor, hesitated to congratulate Jailey on their engagement when asked about it. 


On August 2nd, they were spotted at church together. 

Let’s expose. 

We exposed that the pastors of HIllsong church are just money hungry, selfish, and greedy. No one cares about the well being of anyone. They only care about their wallets.

In that post, we also talk about Justin’s pastor, Carl Lentz and the comments he made about Justin’s engagement to Hailey as you see down below. 

Here’s what Carl’s money hungry ass said when he publicly hesitated to congratulate Justin on his engagement to Hailey when he was asked about it. 


Very passive aggressive. 

We exposed to you how he’s bitter that all the brainwashing all the pastors did to Justin, to convince him to marry Selena Gomez because she is his soul mate, didn’t work out and therefore all their money plans that were to come out of a Jelena marriage, was put on hold.

We said that before the video of Carl came out. As always, we are the winning team. 


In that post, we also expose that Selena’s team is willing to offer to pay the pastor who convinces Justin to marry Selena, millions of dollars.

Confused? You probably did not read the Hillsong exposed.

So after those comments, why would Justin be seen at Hillsong church with him? 

Well for one, you have to understand that Justin did not having a falling out with Hillsong as a church. He doesn’t know they’re a scam or a money greedy church. He only knows what he believes, which is that they saved him. 

To him, the pastors and Hillsong church aren’t one. He’s still very religious and very in touch with the church since it’s HIS CHURCH. 

So with that being said, Justin and Hailey were spotted at Hillsong multiple times even after Carl’s comments. 

Here’s one of those times. 


On August 2nd, they were doing their usual and going to church. 


And according to the following photo, Carl was near them as well. 


There’s another photo of Justin and Carl, but I can’t find it. So if one of you guys can send it to me on Twitter, that would be great. 

More photos of them


So as we keep telling you, JUSTIN IS CONTROLLED IN THIS CHURCH. His entire life is controlled, whether it’s by his team, the industry, or this cult of a church, he is never free minded to do what he wants. 

My source tells me that them being seen together was to basically clean up the mess that Carl started. Basically damage control

The public is now suspicious because some so called pastor goes and acts hostile towards the engagement of their #1 money maker. It’s not smart and it will bring up bad publicity for the church if one of their pastors is sitting up hating like a delusional fan. 

So that is to clean up that mess and quickly made the public forget because now everyone is like “Carl and Justin made up!” “There was no problem to begin with!”

The public is very forgetful. 


Justin brings in so much attention and publicity and MONEY to the church. So despite him going against their wishes, it doesn’t mean they’re going to make the church continue in the downfall. 

My source also tells me that Justin joined in the church and of course if they ever need to get their way, they can easily blackmail him. So what that tells you is they have things on him that they can use to control him. 

Once again, Dark Hollywood

I can’t wait to make post on Dark Hollywood and Elite Hollywood. 

Does Justin know that Carl is not happy with his engagement and that the church is not too pleased with it?


After all, those same people were the ones who tried to brainwash him into marrying Selena Gomez and what did he do? Go against them. 


Does Hillsong church like when their money machines go against them? Hell no. 

Let’s just hope this situation calms down and ends up with no one getting hurt……. and with no scandalous footage on Justin randomly on TMZ. 

Although, I can’t promise that. 

As much as I can’t stand how lost and easily manipulated Justin can be, I can’t help but feel bad for him. No matter what he’s always controlled. 

It’s insanity. 

But it’s also Elite Hollywood. They can’t even let you get engaged in peace. 


Tomorrow we will post about the reasoning behind Jailey’s recent crying pictures. 

Hope you enjoyed, till next time. 

Here are the messages between my source and I. 


Are you proud of me? I didn’t make you guys wait until another year for this information to be posted. 

As for the messages about Demi Lovato, I was just telling my source about the 27 club conspiracy. 






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