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Exposed: Why was Justin Bieber crying with Hailey Baldwin in NYC?

On August 7th, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were spotted getting emotional in New York City. 


Here is why. 

My only comment on those pictures was the following tweet. 


And I made a mini post on that here:

Stans on Twitter were running their mouths as per usual and saying that Hailey makes Justin depressed, he realized that this engagement was wrong, he is suicidal, etc.

That is far from the truth.

Watch the follow video down below. 



Hailey has been one of the few people in his life to truly love him. Even when they were not together, she was quite depressed over him. She literally loves him so much it’s scary because it is a fragile kind of love that I hope stays intact for her mental state. 

So on August 9th, TMZ releases a video where they ask Justin why he was so emotional with Hailey and if everything is okay. 

Watch the video on TMZ here: (X)

Justin then shows the book he’s reading called “The Meaning of Marriage”


He’s so pure, reading up on marriage and shit. Lmao. 

Justin then he goes on to say that there are ups and downs in marriage and if there were no downs, then it wouldn’t real. 

Basically, couples aren’t always perfect and they go through hardships together. 


Now yes, what he is saying is true. But there is more to the story. 

A couple of days ago, we exposed that Justin and Hailey’s church, Hillsong, is a CULT that was founded by a pedophile and that is made of corrupt pastors. 

Read all about that here:

We also discussed why Justin and Carl were seen together after he was seen shading the Jailey engagement. 

Read that here: 


So as Justin said, there are ups and downs to marriage. With that being said, my source got news that Carl is back in Justin’s life to basically remind Justin of the cult he joined in and how he won’t be let off freely. 

That’s what we discussed in yesterday’s post. 

Ironically, our source got those news and then right after that, Justin and Hailey are seen emotional in the middle of their day. 

Justin is aware of Carl’s comments about his engagment and how he is against it. 

He basically got overwhelmed with how people always butt into his life and always have an opinion. 

My source tells me that no matter what, Justin’s life is so controlled and he’s stuck in that lifestyle. 

He kind of had an anxiety attack because he’s scared of what is going to happen. What if it doesn’t work? What if people don’t leave them alone? What is the point? Is he ever going to find happiness? 

We are not saying he was directly crying because of Hillsong but he clearly had an emotional anxiety attack and we are telling you all the things that he’s currently struggling with. 

And when Justin comes out and says exactly what I’ve stated in this post, I won’t forget to tell you, told. you. so. 

But that’s why he just broke down and Hailey was comforting him. But as you can see later, she also gets affected by it. 


Why? People are against her for no reason. 

And as you can see from that photo, Justin is smiling and he’s okay. 

So it was like a random anxiety attack. Justin also deals with a lot of that as we’ve exposed before. 

Here’s some photos of that same day, but when they’re in a happier mood. 


Justin is not having second thoughts about Hailey. But like he said, there are ups and downs in a marriage. And when you’re part of Elite Hollywood and the cult that you’re involved in, wants you to marry your psycho ex, and are not happy for you, you have no reason but to break down in the middle of the street. 

With that being said, it is most likely not the only reason behind him being emotional. 

The engagement phase is a very emotional time because it’s a huge step and you’re no longer just dating. You want forever with this person. 

Speaking of which, a couple of weeks ago, Justin was seen emotional on a phone call outside of Hailey’s apartment. 


Everyone thought he was crying, but he wasn’t. He was just rubbing his face and just chilling on his phone. He literally looks like anyone on a phone call. 


Watch the video yourself: (X)

The point of the story is, let them breathe. He already feels like he’s under a microscope. They’re literally both doing nothing but just living life. Justin just released a song that has been in the making for a while, yet he is not doing any promo for it or anything. He’s just living. Same with Hailey. 

All I’m saying is, Justin already distanced himself from the industry. So if you are being disrespectful towards Justin and his personal life, he ain’t gon give a shit about you. As we’ve told you previously when he was with Selena, his personal life is not something he likes people giving their two cents on. And he wasn’t that fond of us when we were trashing Selena everyday. Not like we cared. 

My source also said that Justin may be forced to do something that he does not want to do, publicly. And it could involve Selena and it could not. When it comes to Elite Hollywood mixing with Dark Hollywood, it’s never a great time. 

Here are the messages between my source and I. 

The first two are from yesterday’s post. 







Notice something different with Selena’s music style/genre and IMAGE?