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Demi: “You can rise above it and you can come back” (support video 2018)

Demi: “You can rise above it and you can come back” (support video 2018)

A few memorable things that Demi has said throughout her amazing career are shown in this video. We hope that she is able to listen to the words that have inspired many... to finally help her. We love you, Demi.

We wanted to make a little something to remind Demi that we all support her and we are all here for her. We hope that Demi can take her own words in consideration. 

We also wanted to show locals that Demi wasn’t some drug addict who randomly OD’ed. Demi was someone who struggled with mental health issues all her life. Demi is someone who tried to bring awareness to the world about mental health and drug issues. And now it’s time we remind Demi of her work and of all she’s done to help everyone. It’s time to stand united for her the way she stood united for everyone. 

We love you, Demi. 

Hope you guys enjoy this video. 




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A change to our writing style

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