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The Jelena Post Has Been DELETED

The second post of our comeback marathon aka the 2017/2018 exposed on Jelena, has been deleted. 

My first instinct of course is: Selena Gomez’s rat team is behind this. 

We have dealt with this kind of problem with them in the past when they wanted to take down the blog before it got anywhere, but sadly for them, the blog blew up and became quite popular. 

However, Selena’s team is in the clear. Sorry Selly bear! 

The real reason behind why the Jelena post was deleted was because of a copyright strike. 

What is confusing though is, out of the 2 pictures that were copyrighted in the post, one of those pictures were a SCREENSHOT of a dm between my source and I. I will be emailing Tumblr and following up with that mess. 

With that being said, fear not, the post will be reuploaded! 

Love you guys. 




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