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Demi Lovato Gets Dragged for Supporting Israel and Then Yells at Her Fans (the whole story)

Demi Lovato Gets Dragged for Supporting Israel and Then Yells at Her Fans (the whole story)

This past week has been flooded with celebrity drama. We have the Bieber wedding, Travis & Kylie’s breakup (we will post about soon), Demi Lovato’s support for Israel, and more! It’s just not ending.. I LOVE IT.

Let’s fill in everyone on Demi’s drama! I will explain what happened, the truth behind it, if Demi hates her fans, the problem with supporting Israel, and more. I’ll also be touching a little bit about Demi as a person.


What happened?

Demi posted three photos on Instagram citing that “There is something absolutely magical about Israel.” The photo that is the most problematic, is the first one because of the caption.


Then she posted two more photos, each praising a different place in Pale- Israel.

Did I unfollow her? Yes. I don’t got time to see clownery on my timeline.

Demi then got attacked because showing support to Israel in general, regardless if your clown ass is out here calling it magical or not, it’s PROBLEMATIC. I know we have some Israeli readers just like Demi has Israeli fans, so let me explain.

The Problem with Supporting Israel

Israel is an illegal state that has been ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people off their COUNTRY, Palestine. So to dumb it out even further, “Israel” is actually Palestine, but the government has been killing off the Palestinian people, displacing them, stealing their land, and calling it Israel.

Take a look at the map throughout the years:


This problem has nothing to do with Islam vs. Judaism. This is not a religion issue and not supporting Israel is not anti-semitic because Muslims, like Jewish people, fall under that category.

Also, I say “Jewish people” and not “Jews” because when I took a college course heavily based on this topic, my professor told me it’s an offensive term so if y’all gonna discuss, try avoid saying “Jews” and instead saying, “Jewish people.”

The Orthodox Jewish people, do not support Israel because it is against their religion. They literally say that the Torah is against “Israel.” The state of Israel wiped Palestinians off their land, stole it, and put them in camps. What brought them their in the first place? After World War II when Hitler killed off 6 million Jewish people, America’s clown ass placed them in Palestine and slowly helped the Israelis take over Palestine and they’ve been aiding in ethnically cleansing Palestinians since. You would think a genocide wouldn’t happen at the hands of a group that experienced a genocide, but to each their own.


Gaza, is a place in Palestine that the Israelis bomb like every other week. Celebrities with a brain all spoke out about this in 2014 when the bombing got out of control. To deal with the bombing and the displacement of their people, Palestinians fight back with rocks.. and are called violent for it.


So again, the issue is not religion. There are Palestinian people who are JEWISH.

To dumb it down even further, imagine if you let someone stay in your house until they find a place and then you wake up one day and they shot your family and took your house. That’s what’s going on.


Do you understand why Demi calling Israel magical, is problematic? There ain’t anything magical about Palestinians getting killed a couple blocks down. There ain’t anything magical about Palestinians living on the streets in tents because their homes have been taken away. There ain’t anything magical about Israeli soldiers stopping Palestinians from entering the Al-Aqsa mosque or making them ask for permission, and then denying them.


The Israeli people here are NOT at fault. Their government is just corrupt and shouldn't even exist.

Thank you for tuning in on History Lessons by ESMG. Who said my knowledge only expands to celebrities?

Demi’s Reaction

Everything I just explained is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict summarized and that summary is the reason the general public dragged Demi. Whether or not you agree, that is WHY they dragged her.

Now, Demi has always had a big mouth and a big opinion. As soon as I saw her post that, I knew she was going to get attacked and I knew she was gonna say something back. What I didn’t anticipate is her exposing Israel’s propaganda.

First, Demi apologized.


To be honest, it was a good apology and a nice explanation. However, she didn’t stop there.

She then proceeded to make some dramatic comments.

And then she continued… commenting on posts, being passive with fans because she was frustrated, and so on.

She exposed the SHIT out of Israel, but that was overshadowed by her big ass mouth.

Then she said she’s used to being attacked by fans.

But at the same time said she loves them, but she’s just hates social media.

And then rumors started spreading that Israel paid her $150,000 to come there and post the pictures she did.

That is not true. It was a free trip, but the overall cost was around that number. So she did not lie about that.

And that is basically everything that was made public so let’s talk.

Times like these is when the “Demi As A Person” post would be the most beneficial, but there’s just so many requested posts and only two writers.

The Truth About The Trip

The Israeli government is the devil. They offer free trips to a lot of people.

For locals, it’s called “Birth Right Trips” and it’s self-explanatory. A free trip to Israel in its own is problematic because Palestinians who live elsewhere for example, are not allowed to go to Israel aka Palestine. I know so many people who were BORN IN PALESTINE, but denied entrance every time they try to go back to their HOMELAND aka their “birth right.”

Exhibit A:


Compare with…

Exhibit B:


When offering celebrities free trip, that is a propaganda because they treat celebrities amazingly because they have a following and they want them to report good things on the country that is literally committing genocide. This in turn silents the Palestinians’ cry for help and solidifies Israel as a state of peace. That is why Israel offered Demi the free trip.

They said, “Come here and be in the holy land where we love Muslims, Jewish people, Christians, and you will have a spiritual experience. In turn, all we want is three posts about place A, place B, and place C, saying xyz….”


Often, celebrities don’t know they’re being brainwashed. So to Demi, she didn’t do anything with intention to silence the Palestinians. She knew there was a conflict, but she doesn’t understand that going to Israel, is her normalizing the state and therefore silencing the Palestinians. She doesn’t get that correlation (until now). On top of that, she was advised and approved to go by her manager, Scooter Braun, aka a Zionist. If you’re a Zionist, you support Israel and therefore support the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.


“Peace” and “Israel” should not be in the same sentence. I mean…


If y’all like shooting and bombing for fun, go join the IDF!

Scooter also advised her to keep her mouth shut during the hate which I applaud Demi for not listening because her silence is disrespectful. However, she should have said her apology and shut up. I swear, I need to start my own management company. I’d have the celebrities on a leash.

Did Demi deserve the hate she got? No, but it had to happen. Now she is more educated on the Israel and Palestine conflict, and she is going to be more aware when situations arise where she is given an opportunity to do something, in return for something else.


Does she hate her fans? I’ve said this several times, no. But she hates when people butt into her life and act like they know everything without giving her a chance for explanation.

To the general public, Demi seems annoying. Because I know her intentions and I know who she is as a person, I can look past that. However, Demi is not likable right now and she actually lost her likable factor. That’s a whole post on its own that I wanted to actually make. If you guys are interested in that and what contributes to a celebrity’s likability factor, let me know.


As a person, Demi takes things to heart especially when her intentions are pure. When this happens, she gets frustrated and acts out and if she is advised against it, she’s going to say “I don’t give a fuck.” But she does. She gives many fucks and I wish she didn’t care about proving herself right so many times. Also, Demi reads everything that is said about her. For all I know, sis could be reading this post. So when she’s getting hate, I’m sad to say this, but she sees all of it. She doesn’t know how turn off and think clearly.

The moral of the story is, be careful of sponsorship, Israel’s government is Satan, and Demi is a good hearted person, but it’s hard to see that when her fast reaction comes to her defense.

For any questions regarding this post, Demi, or any specific questions to be included in the “Demi As A Person” post, comment down below! You can comment anonymously so take advantage of that!

If you’re going to talk about Israel or Palestine and make excuses, no offense but I am not interested. What I wrote about that conflict is the bare summary and I already know the side of the defense so trust me, I’m not interested.


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