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Introduction to Elite Hollywood vs. Dark Hollywood

Introduction to Elite Hollywood vs. Dark Hollywood



There seems to be a great amount of people who think Hollywood doesn’t have its twists and turns when it comes to its foundation. People have generalized terms such as “dark” and “elite” when in reality, many people don’t know the difference or that there is a difference.

I’ve spoken about “Dark Hollywood” and “Elite Hollywood’ in many, many, many, of my ask posts. This topic has been extremely requested to make a post defining them and the difference between them, as well as the similarities. So without further ado, let’s start.


// trigger warning // : abuse, rape, death, etc.

Disclaimer: Everything in this post is solely according to a reliable source or is based on the definition that ExposingSMG has created based on inside information or experiences. Everything written here is done so with the sole reason being entertainment for readers of ExposingSMG. Nothing written here is with the intent of harming anything or anything. Please read at your own cost.

First up: Why Should We Split Up Hollywood in Terms of “Dark”/”Elite?”


Nothing in Hollywood is black or white. Hollywood has been around for more than 100 years and categorizing every single thing in Hollywood/every single person, is impossible. Which is why these are general terms, but still hold high value.

Hollywood is like one big playground. You have the most popular kids, the irrelevants, the ones smoking chalk, the cry babies, the bullies, etc. etc. etc.. All celebrities will fall into different groups.

Not everyone in Hollywood gets equal treatment, pay, headlines, opportunity etc., so we must break up Hollywood into groups.

What is “Elite Hollywood”


Elite: a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.

Now… this isn’t Nazi Germany where we actually group people based on “superiority.” However, the gist is that Elite celebrities are the ones who are considered celebrity royalty. They’re the celebrities that are A listers, who get the most popular movie roles and songs. Most elite celebrities are the ones who don’t believe the law applies to them

They’re also the celebrities that have seniority and long-lasting IMPACT. These qualities don’t only make them elite, but it makes them get away with things or get anything they want.

Some celebrities who are considered Elite are…

Leonardo DiCaprio

Getty Images

Getty Images

Brad Pitt



Angeline Jolie

Getty Images

Getty Images

Mariah Carey



Britney Spears

Getty Images

Getty Images

Michael Jackson

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 6.31.47 PM.png

David Bowie

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 6.25.56 PM.png


Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

So basically it’s people who have contributed to Hollywood and have seniority, A+ list status, and are household names.

Now don’t get me wrong, celebrities like Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and those like them, are all elite as well, but I’m focusing on seniority celebrities who have been impacting Hollywood since the 80s/90s. Just like there are different groups in Hollywood, there are different levels of elite.

Dark Hollywood *CAN* go hand in hand with Seniority Elite celebrities, but Elite Hollywood does not go hand in hand with Dark Hollywood.

A secondary form of Elite Hollywood has to do with celebrities who have tasted the Elite world, but don’t hold much power in terms of dark matters. Like I said, Seniority Elite will touch base with Dark Hollywood, however, Secondary Elite is more of the lavish life style with certain perks of course.

Examples of Secondary Elite Hollywood Celebrities are

Taylor Swift



Justin Bieber



Kim Kardashian

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And of course, then you have your sub-level Elite Celebrities, and then the irrelevant folk who paparazzi can’t even recognize.

Some celebrities in Elite Hollywood are victims/contributors to Dark Hollywood, BUT Dark Hollywood doesn’t always line up with Elite Hollywood. This brings me tooooo…..

What is “Dark Hollywood”


Dark Hollywood doesn’t have a google definition so I can’t just sit there and define it for y’all. This term is my definition and I’m explaining it best to my knowledge of the subject.

Think of all the most fucked up shit in the world, multiply it by 3, and that’s Dark Hollywood!

Dark Hollywood is one of the most nastiest, scariest, unimaginable foundations of Hollywood. This is where people with money and power ABUSE their abilities onto countless victims. Dark Hollywood and abuse will always go in the same sentence.


Every bad thing that you can think of, has been done in Dark Hollywood. And, no I am not talking about your faves snorting coke and doing meth, nor am I talking about your faves cheating on their partners and getting away with speeding tickers.

I’m talking murder, rape parties, cult killings, brainwashing, child trafficking, Industry control, Islands designed for pedophile hot spots.

Dark Hollywood is so beyond fucked up that I can’t put it into words. The things these people with power do, is beyond all of us.

Also, when I say “people with power”…. I don’t mean Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift. I mean people that are public figures, but are also hiding in between the shadows just enough so that they don’t get caught.

And like I said, this is all an introduction. There will be in depth posts of each category of Dark Hollywood.

How do Elite Celebrities Contribute to Dark Hollywood?


Now before you all come crying to me saying “omg pls don’t tell me so and so has rape parties!” let me explain what I mean by the statement above.

If I have an elite powerful celebrity and I want a certain control on something they can give me that equals elite Hollywood + dark Hollywood, that’s where the concept of rape parties come in.

Let’s put it this way, out of 10 elite celebrities, 7 of them (or 8) are VICTIMS of dark Hollywood while the other 3 (or 2) are helping dark Hollywood.

Also, victims of Dark Hollywood aren’t always elite, but celebrities helping contribute usually are elite. That’s where the two terms cross paths.

Most elite Hollywood celebrities are victims of knowing about dark Hollywood or being used as pawns for dark Hollywood.

Dark Hollywood will control Elite Hollywood and use them to cover up or distract the general public and when this happens, this means that the government and politics are involved. And that my friends, is a whole other realm.

Let’s play game!

I’m an elite Hollywood actress and I start sleeping around with a very powerful U.S President. I threaten to expose powerful people behind the scenes and bam! I overdosed on pills shortly after.


The conspiracy is as follows

Elite actress: Marilyn Monroe

U.S President: John F. Kennedy

The issue: Threatening to expose

Dark Hollywood; industry control: “overdosed” on pills.

Is what I just listed truthful? That depends. Who’s asking? A curious reader or the feds? If it’s the feds, tell them I’m a sick Selena Gomez fan who has had an unearthly obsession with her for years and that I know nothing. If it’s a reader, you know what I’m trying to say.



Even the ones you think died the normal way, SOMETIMES DIDN’T. Even if you think “well what connections do they have with dark Hollywood” they somehow DO.

I hope I put it in a way where the CIA doesn’t kill me. Also, do I think John F. Kennedy ordered to have Marilyn Monroe killed? Most likely not. It’s not like he had protection either. They killed him in the most gruesome way.

Let’s play another game, but this time no more names, just real life experiences!

  • I’m a young Hollywood star who has a show on Disney. I get invited to a party where I get raped by a powerful Hollywood director (or producer, it doesn’t matter).

  • I’m a struggling artist who ends up seeking a favor from powerful people in the industry. I join their cult in return for fame and success. I also have to do a series of tests that proves my loyalty to the cult. One thing I was forced of doing? Murdering my best friend.

I can keep going. It just gets more and more dark from there.

But luckily for y’all ESMG has the stomach to talk about some of the stuff concerning dark Hollywood, but this post isn’t that.

This is just a what is the difference between the two and remember, it’s an INTRODUCTORY post.

The Difference between Elite and Dark Hollywood


The difference is that Elite Hollywood is the branch of Hollywood where the rich have their issues but its nothing as horrid as Dark Hollywood.

Elite Hollywood:

  • Getting paid 8 million dollars for a movie role.

  • Buying an award that holds high achievements.

  • Headlining the Super Bowl.

  • Ordering around ‘really famous but not as famous as you’ type celebrities.

  • Being invited to the most prestige after parties.

  • Snorting all the lines of coke you want.

  • Having your PR manger make a video of you being physically nasty with someone else, disappear into thin air.

  • Having personal drug escorts.

  • Having the ability to threaten people into fear, but not necessarily going through with it (going through with it is Dark).

Dark Hollywood:

  • Being brainwashed

  • Industry control; such as having an attack at your concert to distract people from something going on.

  • Setting out certain places where child molestation can occur.

  • Getting rid of certain celebrities.

  • Being invited to a cult meetings. (there’s a lot of them, you’d be surprised)

  • Sacrifices.

  • Celebrities refusal to participate means harming their loved ones.

  • Honor Killings

  • Having the power to threaten people and going through with the threats.

I’m gonna stop here because I’m getting sick to my stomach and it’s currently 1:26 AM. If I had to think right off the bat of one celebrity that is a huge victim of dark Hollywood activities, I would say Britney Spears.


Britney sweetie…. I am so sorry a no good bitch such as Dark Hollywood would do this to you. All jokes aside they’ve practically ruined her life and try to take any sanity she gains.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post and I made it clear on how to differentiate between Elite and Dark Hollywood. Also remember, politics and politicians fall into DARK Hollywood. You may think they’re not “Hollywood,” but they’re “media” which in a way is Hollywood.

If anyone is confused, leave a comment! You are able to comment anonymously so take advantage of that. Also, we need the readers to ask specific questions! This topic is so diverse and so confusing that we are asking YOU to break it up for us. What branch of each category confuses you? What specific topic do you need us to elaborate on?

We will be having an introduction to Dark Hollywood post which will explain more in depth about Dark Hollywood series, so make sure to leave your questions. We will be focusing on each category (ex: industry control, rape parties), in their own post.

We are just getting started.

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