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Exposed: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's Relationship

Exposed: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's Relationship

This post was written in early October before their breakup. There will be an update at the end. 

Due to extreme high demand, we are here to expose their relationship. Pete and Ariana were part of our September Tell All and REVEAL, so we are going to continue on that information. 

Disclaimer: Everything is according to a source. 

The following is what we said in the September Tell All:

Also, Ariana:

A. Are Ariana and Pete a PR couple?

No. Ariana does not do PRs… anymore. Due to everything traumatic that has happened to Ariana, she likes to feel in control. The Manchester attack is when she fell completely out of control and therefore needed something to maintain that control. 

Hence why she stays out of the public attention often. You rarely see her being papped. Have we ever seen Ariana in a bikini picture? Have we ever seen a narrative of Ariana that she did not give us, as of recent? No. Ariana wants to remain in control and that’s why she will not have a PR relationship (anymore).

Hence why she still controls her social media accounts. 

B. Leading up to Pete and Ariana’s relationship 

Ever since the Manchester attack, Ariana’s anxiety increased. Her song Breathin’ is all about trying to remain in control under anxiety. So for a very long time, she felt her life falling apart. Mix that feeling with the whole relationship with Mac Miller were he was abusing drugs and where she did not know how to help him. 

That relationship quickly got really bad and it wasn’t all Mac’s fault, but it was also Ariana’s, my source says. However, Ariana ended it in a very harsh way. I don’t know the details, but I was told that it ended an a very very harsh way and Mac didn’t take it lightly…. obviously.

With Pete, she felt on a cloud.. away from the darkness that Mac brought her (the way she saw it), away from the crazy fame, and she was basically floating on a cloud with him. She saw him as this really funny guy and her relationship with Pete and how he is, is NOT like how any of her past relationships were. She was in control.

The main word here is DIFFERENT. He was different and a good different, to her.

So while struggling with Mac in the relationship, she found a different type of lightness with Pete. And yes, my source says she cheated on Mac with Pete. 

There’s an entire conspiracy about how she cheated on Mac and Pete cheated on his ex, Cassie. So there’s some sort of proof to back that accusation up, despite Ariana denying the cheating rumors as she obviously would. 

Read it here:

Also, my source calls her a serial cheater. 

C. Why did they get engaged so quickly? 

Was it that quick if you add in the time they were together before each were broken up? 


They both wanted to live in the moment. Ariana felt like Pete brought her out of a really dark place in her life and she never felt that way before and same goes for Pete. 

So they wanted to live in the moment and make that moment last forever, hence the engagement. However, Ariana tends to get over that moment really quickly which is why it results in her…. moving on. Cheating also helps her get over that moment. 


Pete even revealed that he proposed the day they met. 

Read more:


Just a tad. 

D. Ariana in the relationship 

So yeah Ariana likes Pete for who he is and all that bullshit, but she also likes to be wowed. Hence the very expensive engagement ring which would probably make Pete homeless if he wasn’t living with her. 

The ring was $93,000.

Also, because Pete brought her this very different comfort that no one else brought, she wants him to think she’s an angel because she’s scared of losing him and losing the comfort of floating on a cloud with him. So she’s not really being her true diva self around him. She’s always very nice, pleasant, and is not rude to him. She usually has these tendencies to be a diva to people around her, but with Pete, that’s not the case. 

As of now. 
When my queen shows her divaish-high-maintenance qualities… well things may not go very well. 

Ariana also takes it very personal when people attack Pete’s looks or anything about him because she knows him personally and knows his struggles and insecurities, so she tends to feel very bad for him.

I feel like she sees him as this puppy in distress. 

Too bad she doesn’t realize she’s a puppy in distress too. 

Also, I’ve been told that Ariana is on prescription medication. I’m assuming it’s for her anxiety and sleep problems. She has combined prescription medication with other drugs in the past and it didn’t work out well so I really hope she’s not doing that now. 

E. Pete in the relationship

I think the best word here is: unstable. 

Pete loves Ariana SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to the point where if she leaves him or anything of this sort, he will lose stability, and will not want to live. He’s also bipolar so that heightens the fear to a different level. 

He’s not about the luxury life and he is a pretty decent guy. 

Let’s talk about his comedy and jokes. 

Pete has a very dark humor that my source says is used to deal with a traumatic pass or any sort of traumatic memoryHe can’t really process pain so he tends to make fun of it. 


He made a joke out of the Manchester attack and he made a joke out of Ariana getting weirdly touched by the priest at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

In simple words: he can’t process pain.

It’s not because he’s a shitty guy. it’s because he can’t process his feelings and this is something that he should probably work on in therapy. That and combined with his already dark humor, makes him out to be an asshole more than he really is. 

His dad died in 9/11 and he jokes about that so as you can tell, he needs some therapy sessions. 

I’m not excusing anything he’s saying, I’m just giving you a background story and you can take this info and do what you’d like with it. 

F. Summary 

Basically that’s all I have for you and I think I answered all your questions. 

What do I think about them? 

I think they can go both ways.

I think they can get past their personal issues and traumatic memories and be this great couple who helps the other work on their problems. 

Or it can go the crash and burn way. 

Spooky huh. 


Hope you enjoyed! 

Update: I just reread this post today, November 11. They broke up. So they went the second way.. crashing and burning. 
Let’s hope Pete and Ariana both go to therapy. Thank U, next is a very cute song and I love it. Ariana is truly a pop star. But let’s hope she’s okay and not living off some sort of temporary high.

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