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Exposed: Chantel Jeffries and her relationship to Justin Bieber

Exposed: Chantel Jeffries and her relationship to Justin Bieber

I haven’t spoken about Chantel in sooooooo long and I have been promising a full post about her and her relationship with Justin, for the longest time.

It was hard to muster the energy to write about Chantel cause she’s so fucking irrelevant and her “fling” with Justin happened years ago, but the exposing fam asked so here I am to deliver :)

This post will discuss Chantel’s past as an alleged escort, her apparently assaulting another with a deadly weapon, her relationship to Justin, issues with friends, her friend exposing her, and more!


So let me give everyone some quick background research on who Chantel Jeffries is.

Also before Justin gave her a career, she described herself as a “student, eyebrow connoisseur, animal lover, and deep thinker."



So for those of you who never heard of the name Chantel Jeffries, she was basically some girl around Justin. That’s how she became famous - her association with Justin. If you google her name, the first question on her page is about what she’s known for and just read for yourself:

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 9.18.18 PM.png

Her association with Justin happened at a time where Instagram was not the crazy big platform it is today and there was not really a thing called “IG models” as there is today. It was quite a rare thing. Anyways, let’s start!

Chantel pre-Justin aka Taz’s Angels

Chantel Jeffries allegedly used to be apart of Taz Angels. For those of you who don’t know, Taz Angels is a escort business which also operates sex trafficking and prostitution.


sounds fun!

“Taz” is a real person and all the girls who work for him call each other “sister-wives” and they all basically…. share Taz.


The icon in the middle is Taz himself! Legend.

They live in his Miami mansion where he teaches the girls how to achieve fame and fortune.

Taz apparently helps his girls go out and chase famous celebrities.

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 11.50.00 PM.png

The girl linked above with Taz is Demi Rose Mawby and here she is with Tyga.


I mean is hooking up with Tyga really a big accomplishment? He’s practically brain dead and one of the easiest celebrities to get with.

Before Taz or Taz Angels, nobody heard of Demi Rose Mawby, but now she’s an escort turned model. And if it wasn’t clear already, she used to be part of Taz Angels.

Taz Angels are usually the go to industry girls for celebrities when they wanna come to Miami and have a eventful-shit-faced night.

A lot of the random hook-ups that celebrities have (such as athletes, rappers or musicians) are usually with girls like Taz’s Angels who are only there to serve one purpose: sell their soul for sex and climb the social ladder.

According to their website, Chantel was part of Taz’s Angels hence her being listed as one of their past members. However, after she was seen with Justin and had a lot of attention on her (for the time being), she started to deny that she ever had any association with that group meanwhile there is proof.

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 7.26.29 PM.png

Beliebers were bringing up Chantel’s past as if they were working for the FBI.

According to past news, Chantel also has been arrested in the past because she was allegedly accused of assault with a deadly weapon after having a fallout with a friend years ago. Witnesses and reports have also claimed that she has stabbed a friend five times after threatening to “beat shit” out of a girl in a group called “The Bitch Squad.”

She also knows a thing or two about mug shots

Ugh I can tell she’s just deeply thinking and animal lovin :)

Ugh I can tell she’s just deeply thinking and animal lovin :)

Well, Chantel’s truly not your average gal LMAOOOOO

I have information from my source which will end up explaining Chantel and her nice anger management problems. That’s going to come up soon in this post.

Let’s go back to Chantel and Taz Angels.

So after she was seen with Justin, Chantel suddenly didn’t claim her past at all.

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 11.56.31 PM.png

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO LIES????? Chantel and Catherine Paiz (the girl they are talking about) are probably Taz’s most successful clients.


How are you gonna lie about Taz Angels when here you are posing with them IN UNIFORM and the icon himself?????

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 7.26.43 PM.png

????? Here she is with them again.


They’re practically the face of the “company.” Chantel just found fame as Justin Bieber’s arm dog and Catherine found her break with Youtube and the fake ass “Ace Family,” so of course they’re ashamed of where they started off, but to flat out LIE about it?

Sister-wife to Chantel who is a girl named ‘Cat’ kicked her out of Taz Angels after she became associated with Justin.

Here is some stuff Cat has said about Chantel on Twitter.

LMAOOOOOOOOO what is going on?

LMAOOOOOOOOO what is going on?

It’s kinda hard to decode Cat and her sweet messages that sound like someone having a mental breakdown and rambling, but she’s clearly sending a message to Chantel and trying to expose her.

The truth is, Chantel did start to think she was onto bigger and better things and didn’t need her little squad of escorts. And she made that very clear to the rest of the girls especially when she started looking DOWN on them despite being PART of them and probably being the reason she even got into Justin’s circle.


Whoever the hell “Cat” is, seems bitter but also makes a few good points about how Chantel is in fact a groupie since she only chases after men with celebrity status.

Chantel’s biggest achievement? None other than the famous Justin Bieber. Before I give ya’ll a quick “Jantel” timeline, let me clear something up.

If my veteran readers remember, I made a post about Chantel a few years ago. in 2015. To make it easier for you guys, I’ll just summarize what I said.

I said that according to my source Chantel has no hidden agendas and truly just wants to be Justin’s friend. That was true…. TO AN EXTENT, but as time passed on, it was come to light that Chantel did have a hidden agenda. Now did my source lie? No! The source who gave that info in 2015, is the same source for this post except with MORE information. In the beginning of Chantel and Justin’s few meet ups, that’s the story she was going around telling EVERYONE. So at the time, my source reported what was being said at the time. No one cared to look into Chantel’s story and she didn’t have a infamous track record yet.


On top of that, as time went on, Chantel developed malicious intent with Justin and this is something that happens often when someone becomes friends with Justin. It starts off all nice, you like hanging out with him, you care for him, and then you start getting all this attention and then suddenly you wanna build OFF OF HIM and that’s basically what happens with Chantel.

Justin Bieber and Chantel Jeffries

So as the years have went on between these two, sources have come to questioning Chantel and her personality disorder. One minute she’s defending Justin and being there for him, the next minute he’s seen with another girl and she goes apeshit. More of this will be explained later in the post.

Let’s look at a Jantel timeline

January 2014

Credit: New York Daily News

Credit: New York Daily News

Chantel is with Justin in Miami (of course) when he got arrested for drunken-drag racing. It was later confirmed that Justin was arrested for driving with an expired license or some shit.

January 25th, 2014

Justin and Chantel at the beach after Justin’s arrest.

January 27th, 2014

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 2.41.08 AM.png

The beach again.

January 29th, 2014

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 2.42.21 AM.png

They’re both seen at the airport together.

February 5th, 2014

Credit: Daily Mail

Credit: Daily Mail

Justin and Chantel clubbing with Diddy.

and this mess…

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 2.30.52 AM.png

If Justin is king of anything, it’s king of making stupid decisions! Here he is hanging out with Chantel and his old time friends aka The Beatles aka KKK aka We<3Trump!

February 25th, 2015

Chantel gives E! News an exclusive interview about her relationship with Justin, whether or not they sleep in the same bed, and all this weird shit.

You see what I mean by Justin popularizing NOBODIES who get whole ass television interviews circling around HIM?

May 12th, 2014

June 30th, 2014

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 9.26.29 PM.png

Justin takes a selfie on Shots with Chantel and Catherine Paiz (from the Ace Family). Taz must be soooo proud, his prodigies have hit gold!


Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 9.33.22 PM.png

another Jantel hangout with friends.

September 22nd, 2014

Justin and Chantel at dinner with friends.

December 19th, 2014

Credit: Just Jared Jr.

Credit: Just Jared Jr.

Justin promotes his flop ass Shots app and Chantel comes to the promotional event. This is where more and more time passes between their hangouts.

April 8th, 2015

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 12.22.56 AM.png

Justin and Chantel’s cousin pose in a mirror selfie.

August 7th, 2015

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 12.23.40 AM.png

Justin with Chantel and Alfredo on the beach.

July 21st, 2016

They reunite like a year later.

Justin rents out a cinema at AMC theaters to watch a movie with friends. Chantel and Justin leave together and she is seen the next day in the same outfit. How convenient for her.

This is the night of the outfit:

And this is the next morning.. with the same outfit.

You all know what leaving the next morning wearing last night’s outfit means to most people. And conveniently for Chantel, that day sources told the media “Chantel would date Bieber exclusively if he was ready.”

Yeah we all know how much she’d like that lmaoooo

After these random ass sources were talking about how they’re close and practically dating, they were just never seen together again so it is suspicious where these “sources” came from, huh Chantel?

This once again proves that they never dated or else they would have been seen together again. Being seen ONCE A YEAR with a group of friends, doesn’t mean you’re dating. But of course she’d like to make you think that.

February 12th, 2017

Justin (who loves drama and trolling) posts a very up close picture of young Chantel’s lips.

Now Chantel obviously was twitching for every second that went by where people didn’t know it was her lips.

So she posted that same photo on Instagram.

And that’s pretty much the last we hear of “Jantel.”

How annoying was this timeline? Thank god Justin is married now and we don’t have to worry about him giving blood sucking leeches attention anymore.

Now to answer what everyone is thinking…

Did Chantel and Justin date?

NO. Not once can Chantel sit there and say she dated Justin.

He looked at her in more of a friend type of way more than a fling. I would see why they can be considered a fling but nothing really happened between them.

This shit smells.

This shit smells.

That’s why randomly in 2016 and 2017 they saw each other again. It wasn’t because they previously dated in 2014. It was because they’ve always been friends, minus the part where Justin didn’t know about Chantel’s obsession with him.

This is what my source had to say about Chantel.

“She [Chantel] does crave attention and gets revengeful when things go other than she expected.” Get’s revengeful when things go other than she expected? Anger issues huh? Here she is shading Justin like crazy in 2014 because he was seen with Yovanna.

LMAOOOOO WHAT KIND OF MENTAL BREAKDOWN IS THIS. Chantel was NOT dating Justin. He was hanging out with her and he was hanging with Yovanna, yet she up here pulling a Selena - having a full blown mental breakdown over nothing.

But another reason for her full blown mental breakdown has to do with the fact that Selena got a mutual friend of Justin and Selena’s to text Chantel telling her that Justin thinks she’s a side hoe and how he doesn’t give a shit about her. We had a whole ass post on that drama and that post will be linked at the end of this one.

My source said that Chantel has a personality disorder which makes her act up. So that’s why in the beginning of Jantel, she was supportive towards Justin (it was also an act) but then she’s also very quick to shading him and exposing him to others which brings us to the present day. Did she have a reason to shade him beforehand? Yeah she was hurt by the FALSE narrative that Selena’s bitch ass installed in her head, but moving.

But the fact that Justin still hung out with her later after she publicly bashed him and Yovanna???? IDIOT.

Anyways, let’s move on from the topic of Justin still hanging out with people who have shit on him, aka the norm for him.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to us that Chantel is very attention seeking. She does try to latch on to every famous person she can get. She is your typical Hollywood social climber.

Let’s take a look at all the guys she’s been with publicly, who aren’t Justin.

DeSean Jackson

That picture makes me laugh.

Rumored to be dating Jordan Clarkson

Justin Combs (Diddy’s son)

Travis Scott

BTW, he posted a snap saying “When U miss the GOAT” because she was already rumored to be hooking up with him so then posted the snap about, “ppl wanna miss u when u dnt f w them.” Making people think the message was about her when IT WAS NOT. When it was proven that he was talking about someone else, that’s when she took to Instagram and went all “haha no I have a boyfriend.”

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 5.12.33 PM.png

Bitch what boyfriend? She has not had a steady relationship. She just has flings with celebrities who cut her a check at the end of the night, but moving on.

Scott Disick

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 11.02.36 PM.png

Kyrie Irving


Wilmer Valderrama



Rapper ‘The Game’

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 10.23.05 PM.png


Logan Paul

She really went from hanging out with Justin Bieber to Logan Paul? Anything to climb the social ladder, aye Chantel?

The Weeknd

Machine Gun Kelly

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 10.25.45 PM.png

What is he, 15 feet tall??

I just…

So basically none of these guys were Chantel’s boyfriends. Like I said, she is a social climber. She sleeps around, gets linked to a couple of famous men, and then boom, onto the next.


Now that we have a nice visual of Chantel hopping from one guy to another let’s move on.

My source says that Chantel was in pure acrimony when news broke out of Jailey’s engagement.

Now when I heard this, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Chantel sweetie…. did you really think you had ANY chance? Not only does my source describe Chantel as obsessive towards Justin, she also calls her “batshit crazy.”

Did Chantel hope that her and Justin could have a relationship? Of course. But she wasn’t mad because she thought she had a chance of marrying him, she was in agony because that means she couldn’t randomly hang out with Justin again like they’ve done in the past.

Now that Justin (at the time) was engaged to Hailey, it meant no more random Jantel hangouts :( awww #prayforJantel

I don’t think she thought they’d get married I think she was upset that it ended. She literally became friends with every single.woman. that’s ever interacted with Justin to get their inside scoop and COMPARE CONVERSATIONS, so clearly she was obsessive. She had expectations that Justin didn’t live up to and was forever pissed.
— My Source



Chantel genuinely thought that after all these hangouts with Justin, she’d finally be able to have him as her boyfriend. But Justin, the Walking Wall, didn’t see her as more than a friend. She goes around telling people that her and Justin had a thing going on but she could really only wish.

Don’t believe that she’s literally OBSESSED with him and wanted to hang out with every girl that Justin thought about or breathed near in order to just COMPARE INTERACTIONS? Lets take a look at all the girls that have interacted with Justin that Chantel ended up befriending.

Kylie Jenner


Madison Beer

Barbara Palvin


Stassie Karanikolaou


Cindy Kimberly.

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 11.22.38 PM.png

Justin posted her picture (middle) and said “Omg who is this!!” Also this is another one who started off an entire career because Justin found her pretty. I’m not even just saying that - look it up.

Yovanna Ventura


Funny, Chantel spent a good amount of time shitting on her back in 2014. But here they are modeling together.

Ella Paige

Sofia Richie

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 11.22.28 PM.png

Hailey Baldwin (now, Bieber)

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 11.22.33 PM.png

This one must hurt, huh Chantel? She really met up with Hailey in 2016 aka after Hailey and Justin’s biggest fling before their marriage, and was asking away.

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 11.24.56 PM.png

Hailey, a naive idiot, probably didn’t see much wrong with it. But the fact that Chantel practically cried over the news of Hailey becoming an official Bieber, is so funny to me. Chantel can’t even call herself Justin’s ex. Like at least when Selena met up with the girls Justin hung out with - for the same reasons as Chantel, at least that crazy one could say she was with him. But Chantel definitely needs some psychiatric help for linking up with every girl Justin was seen with.

Justin???? A restraining order maybe???

I….. am tired. Chantel really did not let anyone breathe before shoving herself up their ass. This probably isn’t even all the girls she cozied up with that have had an interaction with Justin or had his attention. All these girls I showed above had no interaction with Chantel before “Jantel” even happened, which proves that they weren’t friends before. Chantel literally befriended them to TALK ABOUT JUSTIN AND COMPARE INTERACTIONS. It’s not a fucking coincidence that EVERY GIRL that Justin was photographed with, was suddenly seen hanging out with Chantel. The funny part is that all the girls don’t really come from one inside circle where you’re bound to run into each other. No, for the most part they were all from DIFFERENT circles. Chantel is just a fucking obsessed stalker.


Also who would be friends with Chantel before Justin? She was an irrelevant escort who was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. And till this day, she is still an irrelevant who calls paparazzi for her every outing meanwhile what does she even do? She barely models? She apparently DJs for 12 people, and she’s seen as an arm accessory for random celebrity men.

Aside from Chantel’s alleged personality disorder, her abusive ways (assault with a deadly weapon, anyone), and obsession with Justin, she’s just a shitty person with no personality. Her ex-best friend, Morgan Osman exposed that.

Morgan Osman Exposes Chantel


Just like with celebrity men, Chantel jumps from friend to friend based on status. She’ll abandon you if there’s a better opportunity. This is something confirmed from her own ex friends. One week she’s with Catherine Piaz, the other with Alissa Violet, and etc. Morgan exposed Chantel for the following…


…. yeah.

So lets see what we can conclude about Chantel so far.

  • She used to be an escort who was part of Taz Angels

  • She is a well known groupie within her peers and has chased many celebrities based on status.

  • She denied any involvement with Taz Angels after being seen with Justin which got her past “sister-wives” mad.

  • She has been in trouble with the law quite a few times.

  • She’s a wanna-be socialite.

  • She has associated with almost everyone you can think of, including Youtubers like RiceGum, Alissa Violet, Faze Banks, Logan Paul etc!

  • She has an obsession with Justin Bieber and has befriended almost every single girl he’s ever interacted with.

  • Her personality disorder is shown when she defends Justin then switches up on him again and again. My source also says that she has a bipolar disorder as you will see in the messages below.

  • According to my source, she is “batshit crazy” and has messed a lot with the Jenners (a post on that soon!)

  • I’m pretty sure everyone sees her as a tagging alone fame sucking leech. I mean how are you gonna have allllllllllllllllllll those friends and hook up with alllllllllllll those guys and not have them connect the dots?

  • Justin practically INVENTED her. If it wasn’t for “Jantel,” Chantel would’ve still been selling eye brow kits on Amazon.

Read our other Chantel post:

We state in that post that Chantel wasn’t obsessed with Justin and like we already explained, she went around saying that she just wants him to be happy and all of that shit, but as the years went on, we can see how her obsession with him really hit a peak when she had a different kind of motive.

Hope you enjoyed. Here are the messages between my source and I. Please don’t yell at me for having this info since July 2018 :/ I’m trying to do better!

Comment down below any remaining questions or any questions about upcoming posts. Give this post a like if you enjoyed!

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