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EXPOSED: Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Are Officially Married: THE BIEBERS. Why so fast? Where's the wedding? And more explained.

EXPOSED: Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Are Officially Married: THE BIEBERS. Why so fast? Where's the wedding? And more explained.

On November 16, 2018, Hailey Baldwin officially changed her Instagram name from Hailey Baldwin to Hailey Bieber. 


Along with that, Justin Bieber changed an Instagram caption of them to “wife is awesome”


Of course, stans everywhere started losing their minds.
Keep reading to find out the story. 

So this is us trying to keep this blog active by not withholding information and being extra with a fancy schedule. If you heard our most recent Twitter comeback rant, we said that we get overwhelmed with trying to have all posts written in advance and being fancily posted on time, which results into us taking a 4 month break. So we ain’t doing that anymore. So here’s us with an update on Jailey since we didn’t talk about them since like August. And yes we are going to get to everyone else, but I don’t think I have to continue explaining how Alana and I don’t have time.

Without further ado, let’s start.

We never spoke about Justin and Hailey being married.

They went to a marriage license courthouse on September 13, 2018, according TMZ which provided photos of them there. You can check those out here: [Link


So that is when they legally got married. Did we know they were planning on going that route? No because when we die on you guys, we die on our sources too. But we received that information in our email that we don’t check.

#ExposersoftheYear? Our minds!


Hailey threw everyone off when she tweeted (and then deleted) the following:


She did that the day after TMZ reported the marriage license spotting. 

My personal explanation to why she tweeted that was she wanted everyone to chill and not get involved (will be explained later in the post). And her deleting it…. well kind of revokes the statement. Anyways, it’s irrelevant hence the recent confirmation. 

That marriage license spotting kind of confirmed what everyone felt was happening because whenever people ran into them, they would say he introduced Hailey as his wife, and how they told they’re married and all of that fun stuff.



So anyone they met, said they confirmed to them they are married. 

Basically everyone had a feeling, but they did not want to believe it even though there was the evidence. However, last night both Justin and Hailey shattered the 0.00005362% hope that they were not married, by making it Instagram official.


So let’s talk.

Why did they get married so fast?

The answer for this is the same as it was for the engagement. They got engaged after getting back together officially because they did not want to waste any more time and honestly did not want any interference or something getting in the way. They saw everything as perfect right now and did not want to wait anymore.


Yall do remember that when they called things off back in 2016, it was because of tour? Well you better because we had a long ass post on that.

Basically, they see everything as perfect and they did not want to wait (felt the need to emphasize that). That should answer the why did it happen so fast question, even though they were some sort of thing since 2015.

Why did they get married without a very public and traditional wedding?

A lot of factors went into this decision.

Firstly, it goes back to the reasoning behind the engagement.


Second, Justin is in this phase of life where he’s so sick and tired of being used and having the whole world’s eyes on him. This is a reason to why he’s been so inactive in Hollywood lately. That phase and feeling is the main reason he was able to drop Selena so fast this year. He’s sick of her bitch ass the way we all are.

I would have a whole post on Justin and this break of his but the stans that are pissed about this break, do not have the sufficient amount of brain cells needed to understand simple information from an ESMG post. So instead, I will simply say that Justin has had it with the industry, he’s had it with touring, he’s had it with the dark side of it, and he simply wants a real break considering he’s been working nonstop since he was like 15. There’s nothing more to it besides he wants A BREAK.


Thirdly, the whole Selena mess and its effects on him, lasted years since she did not stop calling him up from 2012-2018. Let’s not forget how as soon as her PR with Abel (The Weeknd) ended, she ran to Justin a week later, in October 2017. So these effects finally disappeared when he realized that she will never change (something he been knew, but took him a while to truly do something about it). Justin is finally happy and in a relationship where he does not feel like he’s stepping on eggshells. Say what you want about Hailey, but Justin had to be a certain way around Selena and he had to follow rules which were inconsiderate and MENTAL. With Hailey, he can be himself and he does not have to worry about breaking a rule. So basically, the Selena effects have died along with his relationship with her.


Fourthly, since he’s currently sick of the fame and people butting into his life, he didn’t want a whole big shbang of a big, publicized wedding. Going back to the point I made in the engagement part; how he wants to live in the moment and all of that, it also applies here. So this automatically cancels out all the braindead losers who claim Jailey is PR.

The “Jailey is PR” belief is so beyond inaccurate, I’m dumbfounded how people believe it considering THEY’RE BOTH NOT DOING ANYTHING. Yall complaining about Justin being on break so how is he in a PR RELATIONSHIP if he’s on BREAK? PR RELATIONSHIPS ARE “WORK RELATED.” IF YOU’RE IN A PR RELATIONSHIP, YOU’RE NOT ON BREAK.


If they were engaged and married all for a contract, I guarantee you that a clause in that contract would state that Hailey would have gotten a slot at the 2018 Victoria Secret show. THAT’S HOW THESE THINGS WORK. You’re supposed to get something in return. But that’s not what’s happening here. She can get the slot next year, but if that happens, you can’t utter that it’s “Justin’s impact” or “thanks to the PR contract” because if that was active now, it would have happened NOW.

PR contract = both parties WORKING.

Jailey = both parties on BREAK, vacationing, with the occasional dabble in the industry with a mini project.

Get it right you imbeciles. You can’t come to US and try to define a PR relationship to us or try to educate us on it nor try to tell us what is PR and what is not. That’s our territory. The rest of stan twitter’s morons can take a seat with Selena in the rehab facility. Hopefully they can rest their nerves too.


You see what happens when you butt into business that’s not yours? You end up hospitalized in a rehab facility/hospital 3 times in four years.

Back to Jailey. The reason I touched upon the topic of them not being PR, even though it was explained in past posts, is because a main reason of them getting married without a big wedding, deals with not wanting what comes with the big wedding package (attention, drama, a big media plan, licenses and confidentiality contracts that would come with the wedding). With that being said, this is how they feel NOW. I’m not saying they won’t have the official ceremony. That should be happening in the near future, but they are bound to change their thoughts on everything.

Let me say that again.

I am not saying they won’t have a wedding ceremony. They both want one. And surely Hailey wants that feeling of being a bride and walking down the aisle in a big white dress. However, in the moment, they did not want to wait for the wedding for them to be officially married.


“So if they’re not PR, and they don’t want the attention of the wedding, like you’re saying, why are they posting each other on Instagram?” That’s the question going through some thick skulls of yours right?

Please understand that when I say “attention of the wedding,” I want you all to take it lightly. Everyone wants to have a beautiful wedding ceremony where they are the main focus, but considering all the drama that surrounds Jailey being married, they wanted to avoid that attention and once again, focus on getting married now.

If they held the ceremony now, everyone would wonder if Selena is going or how she feels about.

Moving onto the Instagram thing. It’s simple.



It’s what all couples do! Yall just ain’t used to a stable couple considering the Gomez and Bieber teams gave us Jelena for seven years. No one takes cute couple-y pics just for them to stare at it all day alone. They take it to show friends! Family! The world! There’s no secret agenda behind their photos.

Yall want to see a secret agenda? Read this post:

Literally every time Justin was forced to post a picture of Selena while they were not officially together, it was before/during/after a release. THERE’S DATE PROOF. And that post is not even updated. This shit dates all the way from 2012 till today, TWENTY-FUCKING-EIGHTEEN.


Lord. Honestly, I think ExposingSMG breaks are healthy. Dealing with imbecile stans truly requires breaks. The amount of dumb shit I’ve seen written on social media from stans who think they have inside PR sources, truly makes me speechless.

Hate Jailey all you want. Please, send them hate if you want. I don’t care. Everyone thinks I’m their saint defender because Hailey followed us for an hour in 2016. But unless Jailey gonna give ESMG some credit and info, they can choke.

I mean… love em both!

What I’m saying is, I tell you information how my sources tell it to me. It’s not like I benefit out of defending them. If you deserve to get dragged, you will. Ask my veteran readers on how we mopped the floor with Justin in ESMG posts back in 2013 and 2014.


Also, it would truly not make sense if I stand by my word of how toxic and manipulative Selena was to Justin, and now I start talking about how toxic and manipulative Hailey is to him. I mean I been knew that he’s an idiot, but he’s not a victim. If I trashed Hailey and exposed her for all these things you want her to be so bad, that makes me stupid because I’m victimizing him. Suddenly EVERYONE is horrible except Justin? I mean come on, it’s a no brainer.


I think I made my point.

Justin and Hailey are married. Our Jailey posts from 2016 literally got proved right by this whole marriage thing, and Selena is hospitalized for mental issues. The universe is aligned.



Hope you enjoyed and till the next post.

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