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Selena Gomez Update: Is Justin Bieber Contacting Selena Gomez Behind Hailey Biebers Back? How is Selena doing now?

Selena Gomez Update: Is Justin Bieber Contacting Selena Gomez Behind Hailey Biebers Back? How is Selena doing now?

It’s been 84 years


This is my first official Selena post in years. I’ve missed her so much and I’m sure you have too since you’ve been filling my ask box with Selena questions.

Selena has been on/off from the music scene for the past 4 years. She’s released songs like Wolves, Back To You, Taki Taki and I Just Can’t Get Enough. She’s taken months break in-between every song I just listed. So she has been more on the irrelevant side lately.

Anyway without further ado, here’s the long awaited Selena update where I discuss where she’s at now with her life.

Let’s have a very quick Jelena timeline. I’m gonna start this timeline from the last time Jelena met up and were publicly together.

February 2018



Justin and Selena vacationing together and attending Justin’s dad, Jeremy Bieber’s wedding ceremony.

March 1st, 2018



Selena posts a birthday post for Justin. (She recently deleted this post.)

Lmaooo this y’all girl?

March 2018

Jelena attends a Hillsong church service and are seen sitting separately and later rumors spread about them breaking up.

May 2018

Seth Browarnik/

Seth Browarnik/

Jailey reunites and starts to hang out together and going to church.

July 9th, 2018

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 4.19.41 PM.png

Justin makes his engagement to Hailey public.

July 10th, 2018



Selena peeing of laughter and joy in public.

So this is where I’m gonna cut the thread short. It’s just a small timeline of the entire Jelena -> Jailey -> Selena transition. So as you can see Selena seems fine after news of Jailey’s engagement breaks out. Her hairs down and long, she’s wearing comfy clothes and laughing at God knows what.

But here’s what actually happened behind closed doors.

Selena’s reaction to the Jailey Engagement/Marriage


According to my source, the engagement actually messed Selena up really bad.

“She’s [Selena] surrounded by people who are trying to rehabilitate her and get her back to a better space mentally. She had to stay off social media after Justin got married. Oh yeah it definitely messed her up.

-my source

I can’t wait for Selena’s fans to yell at me and say “Selena’s upset over that dirty ass stinky bitch’s marriage to his cousin?? yeah okay whore.”


But let’s think about that rationally. Of course she would be upset over his marriage to Hailey. Justin and Selena have been on and off for like eight years and they break up and a few months later he’s engaged??? I would stay off social media too.

Not only was Selena pissed off because that’s her ex of eight years (ehh on/off ex of eight years) but because she actually thought Jelena was going to get back together.

I know what you’re all thinking. “Didn’t she break things off with him in March though?”


To answer your question, yes she did. But like I’ve said many times in the past, Selena has a hold on Justin mentally where she can randomly pick him up and drop him whenever she feels like it. She’s done it soooooooooooo many times, it’s almost PAINFULLY obvious.

So Jelena wasn’t seeing things eye to eye in March and she decided to end it with the hopes of picking him up again in a few months.

“But Selena’s been pissed about Justin and Hailey’s marriage though… supposedly before Justin proposed to Hailey which we ALL knew he was going to do, Selena has thought they were going to get back together for good. SO that’s interesting.”

-my source

Back together for good?? Can y’all imagine something more unstable than a Jelena marriage? LMAOOO I had to laugh.


So let’s wrap this section of the post up.

  • Selena is actually extremely pissed off at Jailey’s marriage.

  • She needed to stay off social media because of it.

  • Her mental heath is unstable.

Speaking of mental health….

Selena’s current mental heath state


Ever since I started Exposingsmg, I don’t ever think there was a time where a source came back to me with something positive relating to Selena’s mental health.

Remember, I started ESMG in 2013 aka the start of Selena’s downfall.


According to my source, Selena has been seeing a lot of private doctors. Her mental heath isn’t at a good state and i’m sure many people get a sense of this.

She has been MIA for the past two years and she’s been especially quiet after the Jailey marriage. It’s almost obvious that something is wrong. Her peers have all been releasing music left and right.

Selena’s mental state and her drug use have always gone hand in hand. Her mental heath reflects off her drug use and vice versa.

If my veteran readers remember back in December 2016, I revealed in a post that Selena had been taking at home drug tests. Read the post linked below.

I state in the post that Selena’s team doesn’t want to keep canceling career related things due to her drug addiction getting worse so they made her start taking at home drug tests.

This was during the time she went to rehab for the second time in October 2016.



I got an update on another reason to why they started making her take at home drug tests.

“I heard from sources that the reason she had to take those at home drug tests is because she was doing heroin too. I was shocked.”

-my source

Now for all the kiddies out there who don’t know, cocaine isn’t the most dangerous drug out there. Most people hear “cocaine use” and pass out.

But the drugs that are practically deadly are heroin and meth. Not everyone in Hollywood is drugged up on heroin or meth the way they are drugged up on cocaine, since that’s another level of drug use.

Sean Zanni/Getty Images

Sean Zanni/Getty Images

My source believes that Selena loves being on the high from these drugs because she doesn’t want to face reality.

  • the reality of her actions towards others

  • the reality of all her failed relationships

  • the reality of her failed career

  • the reality of her failed mental heath

  • the reality that Justin isn’t ever going to be hers again… etc etc etc.

Her drug use being so high is also the reason why she’s starting to age badly.

SHUTTERSTOCK  she looks like an overcooked nanny LMAO


she looks like an overcooked nanny LMAO

“I never thought Selena did heroin and I didn’t wanna believe it, but some very reliable people have said she’s been high on it. Sad.”

-my source

Selena isn’t addicted to heroin though, but allegedly, she has been high off of it. This is not the direction you want to head in when you’re already battling so many problems with drugs and alcohol, but that’s where Selena was.

Petra Collins

Petra Collins

According to my source, everything with Selena is unpredictable including her drug intake. There will be weeks where she’s high every 20 minutes and then she’ll go a full week painfully semi-sober and then she’ll relapse again.

If my readers remember, I’ve always spoke about Selena’s long and hard battle with addiction, but after Justin got married, it was like everything multiplied and got worse.


She is surrounded with people that want her to get better though which is why she’s pulling through right now, but there is no positive outcome with the way she’s currently living. I’m just glad she actually has people trying to help her cause if she didn’t and she had to battle this alone, who knows where she would be now.

Speaking of people that want Selena to get better, let’s move on to make next topic.

Is Justin Bieber Contacting Selena Gomez?


For my new readers who haven’t been with us 6 years ago, you probably don’t know about the many posts I’ve made about Jelena practically dissecting them.

This blog has followed the HELL out of Jelena since its start to its end. You will NOT sit here and list any other sort of irrelevant source and say “but so and so said this!” FUCK THEM. Everything we told you about Jelena has been proven RIGHT and we are the ONLY website with their entire history and RECEIPTS that Selena’s team tried to wipe off the Internet. So what you’re gonna do, is read and enjoy. And if you dare attack, prepare to come with receipts and proof the way we BURY YALL IN IT.


Back to regular programming…

You can search Jelena up in the search bar and read up on what you’ve missed, but I made posts in the past talking about how Justin and Selena used to be each other’s emotional support buddies.

That’s why Justin is so hung up on Selena because in the past when he felt like he had no one, he had her. And yes Selena has always been a vile, cruel imbecile, but there were times where she was there for him when he needed to rant and vice versa.


My source says, “I could definitely see Justin reaching out though and it’s crazy because I never thought I’d say it.”

I know what you’re all thinking, “aww Jelenaerzzzz!” but we are forgetting someone.


Despite EVERYTHING Selena has done to Justin and Hailey, my source believes that Hailey shouldn’t get in the way of Justin reaching out and making sure Selena hasn’t croaked yet.



“Hailey shouldn’t make Justin feel any type of way for communicating with Selena. She’s been going through some harsh times and Justin and Selena both from young relied on each other for mental and emotional support.”

-my source.

And you bitches say we are haters.

However, Hailey sweetie.. I know you’re reading. You better get that delusional MORON in check. Because sure, Justin still lives in 2010 where he’s all happy and dandy and believes in finding the good in EVERYONE, but no matter how many lines Selena snorts and no matter how many times she will sell Justin out, he’s gonna be the same ole’ idiot that you somehow fell in love with. So yeah, Justin has good intentions. But Selena will NEVER reciprocate the same especially if YOU are involved. That bitch hates you.

Selena’s current life state seems so sad now. Imagine battling addiction since you were 21, 3 rehab trips, a failed career, a bunch of failed relationships and your arm dog isn’t yours anymore cause he’s married???

Selena right now.

Selena right now.

Y’all hear that? Its the sound of karma catching up to her.

Don’t get me wrong, of course I want her to improve cause no one should live in this misery, but I won’t ever forget all the shit she has pulled to everyone. And don’t think because she’s so high on drugs that she suddenly has morals, cause I’ll tell you right now, she don’t!


So Selly feel better, so you can restart your career and I can get joy out of writing about you cause this drug/almost overdose shit is just sad.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. My sources said they haven’t currently heard about Justin contacting Selena, BUT with her being on a verge of a mental breakdown and spiraling towards an alleged overdose, it is very likely.

My source said that Justin will always hold a special place in his heart for Selena and with everything she is going through he wants to be there for her. And he would do it. Behind Hailey’s back.

You see that shit, Hailey?

Sorry Justin. I know your wife reads and maybe if you proved yourself useful and slid into ESMG dms, I would’ve removed this part from the post.

Is Justin currently contacting Selena now? No. Not that we know of.

Would Justin contact Selena in the future? Very possible with her health getting worse by the minute.

“I could see him doing it behind Hailey’s back because Hailey is insecure when it comes to him and Selena. She has a lot of people in her ear and sometimes she feels second best.”

-my source

aww hails :( Join the ESMG team sweetie we always win and we’ll never make you feel second best.

Now let’s not get crazy here. A Jelena reunion is not a good idea for anyone. Selena is the type to use her addiction to trap Justin into making him feel obligated into constantly checking in on her. SHE USED IT ONCE BEFORE!!!! He wouldn’t be freed from her because even high on coke, Selena is still smarter than Justin.


Selena would spin the weekly “hey are you dead?” checkups from him, into something suspicious.

“Selena is tricky, she’ll make it seem as if Justin is trying to cheat on Hailey with her SOMEHOW. She knows Justin will always have a soft spot for her and I hope she isn’t using her addiction as a way to gaslight him.” -my source

YOU SEE THAT SHIT, HAILEY? You better get that hobo on a leash.

Let me just clarify something. Selena has used her personal problems to manipulate and emotionally abuse Justin before. He doesn’t want to be in contact with her, but she’ll make him think he owes it to her or that he’s the reason she has an addiction. This psycho has done this in the past and I will list those posts for you to read. And if you think Selena has morals or self respect, you’re wrong. She won’t make any consideration for the fact that he’s married nor will she want him to be happy. She will want to drag him down with her.

There you have it folks. A 2019 update on Selena + Jailey.

For my new readers, you’re probably very confused LMAOOO

You can always ask me questions in my Ask box, I’ve practically majored in the topic of all things Jelena or you can read up on some of my old Jelena posts.

Here are the messages between me and my source. Some things are cut off because they’re off topic/can’t be revealed and are meant for a future post.

Comment down below any remaining questions or any questions regarding upcoming posts! Give this post a life if you enjoyed!

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