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July 2019 Tell All - REVEALED

July 2019 Tell All - REVEALED

Update: I’m really sorry this post wasn’t up at 6PM. I accidentally scheduled it for 6AM the following day. My mistake, it won’t happen again. I was in a rush to leave and I didn’t realize. Sorry!

It’s time.

To reveal.

Last week, we posted our first Tell All of 2019 in which we included 15 celebrity secrets. Today, we will reveal some and for those who we know more information about, they will get their own separate exposed post.

EVERYTHING IS STRICTLY ACCORDING TO A SOURCE - we advise you to read at your own cost.

Read more about the rules of the Tell All here.


I’m going to post the same disclaimer I posted for the Tell All so if you already read it then, you can skim down to the first reveal.

Why do we only reveal some? Well in a world where the dark side of Hollywood mixes with the elite, it’s hard to expose without getting killed.

Before we begin, I need to clarify something. We are not the only people out there with sources nor are we the only people out there revealing the information. Everyone does it in their own and unique manner. So with that being said, if it so happens that something stated in this article is said somewhere else, it’s because surprise, there’s others out there with sources. Every time on ask, I get questioned to if I read information elsewhere and the answer has always been NO. The ExposingSMG Team only posts information here that is directly told from a reliable source. We do not take information plastered elsewhere and claim it as our own because we don’t trust anyone else. And more times than not, our information CANNOT be found anywhere else.




Nicki Minaj

Hint from Tell All #1

Hint from Tell All #1

Hints :

  1. the picture of the robot which is specifically a megatron hence her newest single “Megatron.”

  2. Another hint is the fact that she is always involved in drama since she’s constantly feuding with a different celebrity every other day.

So according to my sources, Nicki went to rehab secretly in early 2018. These news were speculated as you can see from the following headlines.

The thing about Nicki is that she feels superior to others, especially those in the same genre of music that she’s in. News that she was in rehab coming out would make her feel like her pride and ego is hurt. She believes that people will look at her like she’s weak and that she’s another rapper with an addiction. Therefore she thinks that she needs to maintain a look. Also, she is always talking about how rappers are “hungry” to jump on her “throne” or whatever, so she thinks that them knowing that she’s in rehab, would give others more of a chance to conquer the rap game. It’s such a weird mentality and she can’t stand the fact that there are other rappers in the same game she is in.



Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

Hint from the Tell All #2

Hint from the Tell All #2


  1. “knowing no better” - Camila has a song named “Know No Better”

  2. The picture is a traditional “Senorita” outfit which is the name of Shawmila’s new collab.

    • P.S. idk if this was racist or ignorant to use? I read up about the meaning and origin of the word and it basically means “single, young woman.” But in popular culture, it does have a traditional look. No one complained about the usage of this picture so I’m assuming I’m in the clear. Just let me know! We can always be more educated.

Shocking, I know. I don’t know if the world has gotten better at calling out PRs or if Camila and Shawn suck THAT BAD at acting.

But yes, they are 100% PR contract and anyone that tells you otherwise is either uneducated on the business, in denial, or simply doesn’t have sources. Yeah this goes to the wannabe exposers trying to start a blog like moi (yet attempt to attack me), but will fail.

We are going to have a whole EXPOSED post on them that will expose everything in depth. Shawmila’s team, sweeties, if you want to get in contact with us, it’s


We know everything.

With that being said, for our amazing readers and exposing fam, let us know specific questions you want answered about Shawmila, down below in the comments! We are not going to go into more depth with this because like I just said, they have their own post.

ASK YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I don’t want no one confused after the post goes up because we didn’t answer your specific question.



Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Hint from Tell All #4

Hint from Tell All #4


  1. the girl on the car with the big lips is basically how Kylie poses and looks most of the time

  2. “A+ list reality TV show star with an empire of her own” is in reference to Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Kylie’s beauty empire, Kylie Cosmetics.

According to my sources, Travis Scott has been cheating on Kylie since they got together. He has absolutely no respect for her and he does it so publicly that it’s shocking how it’s not exposed on a massive scale.

Kylie has always been a very insecure person and she always feels like she’s not good enough. This leads her to strive for the image of perfection, hence her procedures.

To read more about Kylie Jenner as a person, her relationship with Jaden Smith, growing up with jealousy, and more, click here. This post will explain more about her and maybe give you some insight on why she acts the way she does now and why she puts up with Travis’ disgusting shenanigans.


If my sources know more about this relationship, you will get an in depth post.





Zayn Malik and One Direction

I skipped the next few so I can include these two together.


  1. “former A+ band member now B list singer” he was huge in One Direction and now he’s irrelevant in the music scene completely.

  2. The picture shows icacrus wings and Zayn’s last album was called Icacrus Falls.

  3. The picture in #12 showing a map of the UK hence the British boy band, One Direction.

As I was writing the information that goes along with this post, I realized that I actually know a lot about Zayn Malik, his relationship with One Direction, and his personal issues. Therefore, you will get a separate post about this and it will be coming sometime this week.

Ask your questions in the comments down below!



Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson

Hint from Tell All #7

Hint from Tell All #7


  1. “model turned bad actress” how many models you know star in movies? This hint references Cara’s movie Paper Towns.

  2. The picture shows two girls whispering which was your hint for Pretty Little Liars which is the show that Ashley used to be on.

There’s not much to say about this besides the fact that Cara is known in Hollywood for her cheating on all her partners. And just like your typical model, she does her modely drugs. Besides that, she’s quite boring. She barely got a personality.

Heard they just got engaged too. Let’s see how this will go.



Ariana Grande

Hint for Tell All #9

Hint for Tell All #9


  1. “pop diva with a signature look” Ariana is known for the high up ponytail.

  2. “been through a lot” Manchester bombing and Mac’s death.

  3. The photo of the girl breathing, hence Ariana’s hit “breathin”

As we revealed, Ariana has been having a very hard time coping with what she has been through. Ariana has always been known to just throw herself into work to distract herself. I doubt she fully processed what happened in Manchester.

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 1.09.56 AM.png

What she needs is THERAPY and rest. She thinks touring and being with those who adore her, will help her. TOURING HURTS. TOURING IS A DISTRACTION. I truly worry for her mental health and well being.

As for her management “forcing her to tour,” there’s really not much tea there. I know everyone hates Scooter, but proper protocol for artists who release an album, is to tour afterwards. Management will push for that because touring brings in millions of dollars. However, Ariana is not saying anything. She thinks this is good for her. She released two albums back to back, yall think she’s okay?


When Justin Bieber was not okay, he cancelled his tour and focused on his mental health despite being under the same management and under even stricter dates.

On top of that, one of my sources tells me that Ariana has been prescribed medication to deal with the anxiety and depression, but they fear that she becomes dependent and develops a pill addiction.

Whatever the answer is, it sure as hell isn’t throwing yourself in your work. Your problems will not go away.



Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers



  1. “former child star known for her voice and advocating” two things always known about Demi is the fact that she is a powerhouse vocalist and that she advocates about her personal struggles often.

  2. “adult group that just snatched a #1” Sucker went #1

  3. The picture of the camp signifies Camp Rock, a popular Disney franchise in which Demi and the Jonas Brothers were the stars.

Demi is not speaking to the Jonas Brothers, more specifically Joe and Nick. It has nothing to do with her being mad that she wasn’t at either’s weddings. You think Demi gives a shit? She’s upset that no one really asked about her nor cared for her when she overdosed. And now that the Jo Bros have snatched a #1 both for their single and album, they think they’re all successful and shit that they forget the one star who helped them latch onto her fame.

Check out what Demi liked on Instagram last month.

I actually saw that she liked those posts AFTER I was told this information by my source. I was also told this info back in like April I think. She just confirmed it for me. Just wait until Demi exposes the truth in her new album. Yall know my homegirl outspoken as fuck and will come for necks.

Also Wilmer is the definition of literal trash. Check out our exposed on them here. We posted that exposed post and then two years later, Demi confirms our info with the release of Sober.

Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

You think Demi needed Nick’s help when she launched the Future Now tour, a joint tour between them? You think Demi had to promote Joe’s band, DNCE and appear in promos with them? No. But at the time they both shared a manger, Phil, and he thought it would be best to boost Nick and Joe’s popularity by exposing him to Demi’s audience.

Demi with Joe’s band, DNCE. Photo: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images North America

Demi with Joe’s band, DNCE. Photo: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images North America

So it’s one thing to disappear on Demi, but to not even be there for her during her personal struggles even though she was always there for you?

I’m not even being hateful. I love the Jonas Brothers and I am living for their new album. But they’re wrong to practically abandoned her like that. She had no business supporting you guys and always being there for you and help keep you relevant in the media. Now you got a #1 and you don’t even ask about her?

Shit is shady.



Chantel Jeffries

Hint from Tell All #13

Hint from Tell All #13


  1. “wannabe socialite known in the art of escorting” Chantel basically does nothing, but hang out with rich people and try to climb up the social ladder. Plus, she was part of Taz’s Angels, aka an escort thing.

  2. “someone she used to hang out with got married” Chantel is known as that girl who was there at the time of Justin Bieber’s arrest and he recently got married to Hailey Baldwin.

Chantel was in the last Tell All which included more about this situation. You can read that Tell All here. She was number 9.

Anyways, I included her again to refresh your memory on her because we are about to expose the living shit on her. Questions you want answered about her? Ask down below in the comments! This is where we are going to refer to your questions.


Note that numbers 14 and 15 both go together.

As this is a Dark Hollywood topic introduction, please be mindful that this topic does as its name says - gets very dark and we only advise you to read at your own cost. This is your trigger warning. If you are to use this information, credit ExposingSMG directly since this is top exclusive information that is not posted by any other sources who have access to the same matter.







Hint for Tell All #14

Hint for Tell All #14

Hint for Tell All #15

Hint for Tell All #15


  1. “young and scandalous former child star with a double identity” Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana on Disney Channel

  2. The picture showing Supergirl is in reference to Miley’s song “Supergirl” on Hannah Montana.

  3. “huge pop legend who has timeless pop hits” Mariah Carey who has the iconic Christmas tunes

  4. “former child star actress who played a twin even though she is not a twin” Lindsay Lohan referencing the Parent Trap.

  5. The picture is showing a form of a trap.

This is a very complex topic and it marks us delving into the topic of Dark Hollywood. This topic is very intense so I suggest you prepare yourself.

We are going to explain what we just revealed in an in depth exposed post so therefore we will not go into more detail now.

I do want to address the people who guessed Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes. You weren’t completely wrong because they were victims too.

Ask your questions down below about Dark Hollywood so we can include them in the post.

I think Alana and I are going to get up the post that introduces both Dark Hollywood and Elite Hollywood before posting this one. The reason for that is because this is a completely different topic and we have thousands of new readers who probably have no idea what the hell we are talking about. Also, Dark and Elite Hollywood are terms that Alana and I basically invented. No one really refers to them as two branches within the industry, I just wanted to clarify that. Of course we did not invent the terms, but I don’t want you going to Wikipedia thinking there will be a page about Dark and Elite Hollywood.

And yes, the celebrity who was killed was the famous DJ, Avicii. The majority of you got that right. May he rest in peace.

I hope you enjoyed this Tell All revealed!

Let’s start exposing more in depth.

Leave a comment down below asking your questions or giving us your thoughts on the reveal. Give this post a like if you would like to see more!



Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart break up - we told you first.

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart break up - we told you first.