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Justin and Hailey Bieber update: Did Justin and Selena Gomez meet up recently?

Justin and Hailey Bieber update: Did Justin and Selena Gomez meet up recently?

With the Bieber’s wedding finally approaching, we have a little treat for you. A Jailey update! And what is Jailey without some news about the nuisance that is Jelena?

Justin and Hailey Bieber’s wedding invitations // TMZ

Justin and Hailey Bieber’s wedding invitations // TMZ

In the duration that Justin and Hailey have been legally married, Justin has not been shy about showing off two things: Hailey and his mental health struggles.

Since everyone is bitter that Hailey secured THE JUSTIN BIEBER, people tend to blame Hailey for Justin’s mental health, citing that she is making him depressed. Little does everyone know that Hailey is cleaning up years of a toxic Jelena that has taken a toll on Justin immensely and all the shit that Justin has endured while being in the industry.

So no. Hailey isn’t making Justin depressed. Justin is depressed because of all the shit he endured throughout the years and Hailey is cleaning up the mess.



The last post we had about the Jailey and Selena, we said that because Selena’s health and condition is so bad and continuing to deteriorate, Justin may reach out for that sole purpose - to make sure that Selena ain’t dead.

And guess what?

He has.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in 2015 // Splash Photos

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in 2015 // Splash Photos

My source told me that Justin has been in contact with Selena and is speaking to her about her health. He’s trying to give her advice and is overall trying to be helpful. At the same time, he wants nothing to do with getting back with her.

Does Hailey know of this?


This is also why Justin has been crazy giving Hailey attention, whether that’s publicly on social media or it’s behind closed doors. He wants to reassure that everything is alright and she is still his #1 priority.


“Selena’s so manipulative so don’t be surprise if she start interacting with things relating to Hailey trying to act like the mature ex.”

- my source



Has Jelena met up during this time?

Yes, but only once.

My source says that Selena’s health condition is still bad. Let’s be honest, have I ever reported that she’s alright? No. And what happens? She’s constantly hospitalized or in rehab.

The reason that Justin also reached out is because he found out that Selena has allegedly been doing extremely hard drugs and not just cocaine. This is something that we exposed to you in the Selena update. Seems to me like Justin found out through us once again, but whatever!

How does Hailey feel about all of this?

It puts her in an awkward situation because her husband is reaching out to his toxic ex who made him the way he is, in which Hailey is cleaning up the mess that Selena made, and all this is happening because Selena is deteriorating in every way and Justin does not want her to end up dead.


So Hailey doesn’t want to be like “stop reaching out to her” because she feels bad and doesn’t want to be the reason that if anything happens to Selena and Justin didn’t reach out, it’s because she didn’t make him and then Jailey will both end up feeling guilty. And on top of that, she doesn’t want to say anything that is triggering to him because of all his issues.

It’s a fucking mess.

“Hailey is such an appeaser to Justin, sometimes she’ll suppress how something is really making her feel all for the purpose of not triggering Justin.”

- my source

This is a situation I call complicated. I know that most of you will read this and be like “toxic!” But it’s more complicated than it is toxic because it’s a matter of life or death - or that’s how Justin is looking at it.

This is similar to the Mac Miller and Ariana Grande situation. Mac Miller’s drug issues and mental health problems took on toll on his relationship with Ariana so it came to a point where she couldn’t do it anymore and left for own sanity (is she a serial cheater, yes but besides the point). And when he died, she felt this sort of immense guilt like she should have done more.

This is how Justin feels about Selena and I assure you, he does reflect back on the Ariana/Mac situation.

To combat the insanity that is Selena, Justin and Hailey are king and queen of COMMUNICATION.

Communication is key in a relationship ladies and gents. They sit there talking about how things make them feel and what they can do to better the relationship and themselves. So when I see stans talking about how toxic they are, I can’t help but laugh.


“Justin and Hailey have had an extensive conversation about Selena, and Selena tries to make it seem like she has a hold on Justin and at the end of the day he’ll do whatever she wants. She’s manipulative so she’ll play with the soft spot he’ll always have for her.”

-my source

Like I said, I never feel bad for my good sis. Selena knows that everything that has happened to her, I warned her WILL HAPPEN. And if you’ve been an avid reader for so many years, you know what I mean. Whether it’s about her health, her career, her mental state, her drug usage, Justin, friends, everything I warned Selena of the outcome, and it did happen.

Go back, read all the posts dating back from 2013. I have nothing to hide. I have a master post always accessible because the truth is never contradicting.

“Hailey knows about the talks they’ve had but she’ll probably never directly (unless it gets to the point) publicly address or directly address her, she may imply or try to get the message out to Selena through their mutual friend groups.” - my source

Justin doesn’t really keep much from Hailey. He barely keeps anything from anyone to be honest. He’s an open book and always wants to do BETTER.


At the end of the day, Hailey won. Selena did everything in her power to keep them apart for her own selfish agenda, but she won. And that’s what makes Selena fume. She has no power. She thinks she does, but she doesn’t.

My source says it best, so I am just going to quote her.

“Stans don’t know what goes on behind closed doors with Selena and how calculated she is, but I’ve seen Hailey troll her on Internet so many times and everyone says “she’s obsessed” when in reality, Selena has been using her “faith in God” & health to have a “cordial” relationship with Justin. That’s where Justin comes in and tries to give Hailey reassurance so toughly because it’s like a guilty conscious, I feel his intuition is telling him to cut all ties but he hasn’t yet.” - my source


Selena could have had her happily ever after if she didn’t have the intentions of SATAN.

So on that note, enjoy some photos of Hailey at her bachelorette party!

Can’t wait to see the wedding photos from the Biebers! The ExposingSMG team should have been invited personally, but as always we will get the inside scoop and we will report back to you guys.

Also, do you guys remember all those years when you guys said that “what if Justin’s future wife is an ESMG reader?” And she is! Our minds. Our power. The winning team. Always.

We have come a long way here on ExposingSMG. We wrote about Justin’s mental health, his suicidal thoughts, his struggles, the shit Selena put him through, all the scamming that Hailey was put through, and now look. They’re getting married tomorrow. It’s insane. Do I credit myself for being the reason they understood certain things that went on in their life because I exposed it and made it clear to them? Of course! But at the end of the day, I am happy for the both of them.

Congratulations Jailey. Y’all made it!

We are still watching and we know everything. 
source (1).gif

And to our exposing fam, we love you guys. Thank you for the endless support. To more exposing!

Comment down below your thoughts and take advantage of this because you can comment anonymously! You happy for them? You hate them? You’re pro-Jelena? Tell us!

Here are the messages between my source and I.

Justin and Hailey Bieber's WEDDING PICTURES

Justin and Hailey Bieber's WEDDING PICTURES

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