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Justin Bieber is an Easy Target for Those Looking to Jump on the Bandwagon Hate.

Justin Bieber is an Easy Target for Those Looking to Jump on the Bandwagon Hate.

Emma Portner, a dancer who starred in one of his videos, recently threw him under the bus to grab 2 seconds of fame since no one knew her name then, and currently it’s popular to send death threats to a man who has been open about his mental health struggles - and who was once suicidal.


Congratulations, Taylor Swift. You achieved your goal. 

I get branded as Justin Bieber’s defender often, meanwhile he doesn’t pay me (he should though, his PR team sucks!). So I thought to myself, since everyone always says I defend him despite me cutting his ass most of the time, might as well defend him when he should be. 

So amidst all this Taylor Swift drama, Justin was thrown into the loop, because why not? We covered the entire Taylor Swift drama here and exposed her here. Read on, I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

For those of you who don’t know who Emma Portner is, I assume the majority, she was the dancer for PURPOSE: The Movement; more specifically, Life Is Worth Living. 

Here’s what she said on Instagram:


Ironic right? You get the chance to be put in a music video to be watched by millions and the song is about the struggles that the artist went through during thoughts about suicide, and yet you go on ahead and attack him for no reason? 

What did you think was going to happen? Taylor Swift will call you up, give you a job and a sandwich to hurt Justin’s reputation some more? 

Anyways, it’s funny how Ms. Portner, really had the complete opposite to say when the video first came out. 



Also, she came at Justin for going to church which in her mind translates to degrading women and hating the LGBTQ+ community. 

First of all, Hillsong Church is a fucking cult and we already exposed them. But what her aim is to do here, is to attack Justin for no reason. 

Most churches don’t support the LGBTQ+ community!! This argument is way bigger than making a correlation between going to church = hating the LGBTQ+ community. 

THERE IS NO CORRELATION. It’s about YOUR beliefs. And Justin is a supporter, and here is one of his most recent support to a queer fan. 


Her wife, Ellen Page did the same with calling out Chris Pratt for going to Hillsong Church and I understand where the frustrations come from regarding this, but calling someone homophobic because they attend church, is not the correct route here. 


This is a larger discussion and it’s more than celebrities attending church. 

Like I said, Hillsong Church, specifically, is a cult. I exposed them all here. However, it’s more than a church. It manipulates and brainwashes celebrities and takes so much money from them, it’s ridiculous. 

Back to Emma’s dumb ass. 

Justin didn’t hire you sweetie!

You were hired by Parris Goebel and through THAT company.

Justin had NO control over how much you were getting paid, nor does he know how much you get paid, or how much anyone gets paid for that matter. 


Credit to @granhoney for the above screenshot. 

You guys really think the artists are responsible over the hourly wages or the salaries? What are they, accountants? If you were unhappy with your situation, talk to your agent who negotiated the deal! Not the artist who has no control over anything money related. 


The truth is, she just wanted to paint him in a negative light. 

Watch out, Emma Portner. No one is going to want to work with you if you’re going to take advantage of being given a great opportunity, and then turning it into a situation that is NOT, because you were unhappy with the deal you signed on. 

What is it with people and hating on something they agreed into??? If you don’t fucking like it, either negotiate it or don’t take it! The answer is not to take it and then complain 6 years later. 

Ariana vs. Miley vs. Demi vs. Selena

Ariana vs. Miley vs. Demi vs. Selena

Taylor Swift is a liar who has blatantly manipulated the public and victimized herself. (proof included!)

Taylor Swift is a liar who has blatantly manipulated the public and victimized herself. (proof included!)