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Rest In Peace, Cameron Boyce

Rest In Peace, Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce passed away in his sleep on July 6, as his roommate found him unresponsive. He was only 20 years old. 


Let’s take a moment to remember the angel that the world lost.

I wasn’t going to post about this since I already expressed my sadness and condolences on Twitter, Instagram, and Ask. However, I just feel the need to just honor him on my blog as well. 

TMZ reported that Cameron suffered from epilepsy and his family confirmed that he passed away in his sleep due to a fatal seizure. He recently moved in his with Jessie co-star Karan Brar and actress Sophie Reynolds. TMZ reports that one of his roommates found him unresponsive and that’s when the paramedics were called on the scene. 

As I already stated, this death hit me and so many others, in ways we couldn’t process. We all grew up with Cameron and we watched him brighten up our TV screens on Jessie, Descendants, and Grown Ups. I remember watching him grow and glow up and see the Twitter cougars come out. Or when that dancing video of him went viral and everyone discovered he has rhythm because he was half black lmaooo


It just hurts to see someone you GREW UP WITH on TV, go in a flash. And writing about this is making me feel better - expressing and venting ya know. My heart aches so much and I try to stop going through Instagram and see what all the people who knew him are writing but I can’t. You guys see what Peyton List wrote for him? That gets me crying on cue.

On top of that, the friend that Alana and I told you about who passed away and was the reason we took an entire mental health and social media break, was also around the same age and also passed away in his sleep. The way they passed away is just so similar, it’s bringing us back. And my heart aches so much for his friends and family because I can’t even begin to explain the pain it is to experience a sudden death like this. And in his sleep? You know the kind of anxiety that comes with that?

And yall know us, Alana and I are hardcore and practically emotionless when it comes to celebrities. But with this death, we’ve literally cried over it so many times and I’ve never cried over a celebrity death before. 

I think it’s important to remember that in times like these, we need to take advantage of the time we have with those we love and appreciate them. Life is way WAY too short. 

We also need to remember Cameron for the amazing person he was. He has done many forms of humanitarian work such as working with the Thirst Project and spreading awareness for homelessness. We need to learn from this and live by his quote. 


“… We don’t get to take what we have right now, with us. That struck me. We all go … I hope that all of you think about what it is that you want to leave. We all have material things, we all have things that we own and we like, treat ourselves and all that stuff but what you leave behind should be bigger than you. And I really believe that.”

It’s important that we remember this. 

Rest in paradise, Cameron.

Stay strong to everyone grieving. Our ask is open to anyone wanting to vent. We are with you.



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