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Selena Gomez Fans Seem Like They Can't Let Go of the Past - Just Like Their Idol

Selena Gomez Fans Seem Like They Can't Let Go of the Past - Just Like Their Idol

You know, it’s like an unwritten rule. Fans will always hate on their celebrity fave’s significant other. It’s a given. It doesn’t always have to with the fact that they’re jealous, but most of the time they’re just looking out for them.

What differs in this case, is Selena Gomez’s brain dead fans who can’t seem to let the past go. I mean figures, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. What we’re going to discuss in this post, is the long lasting impact Justin Bieber had on the sad fandom which go by the name, Selenators.

I can’t believe this is my first Selena post since my return and since the new website launch. Wow, have I missed my queen. To Selena and her close besties reading and getting their daily ESMG brew, relax. We’re not here to come for Selena… yet.

A small rant before we get into the actual post….

I just needed to rant a little bit. I think a lot of our veteran readers forgot that there’s this concept I have on my blog, where I can just freely rant and end people. I recently went on a rant on Ask about how livid I was with the amount of DEMANDS I’ve been receiving from readers. And with demands, I don’t mean like requesting posts. I mean like full on attacking us for not delivering 400 posts on 400 different topics with 400 different subtopics. Take a lookie:

It takes a lot for me to actually write a full on essay on ASK since I mainly answer ask in like 2 lines max, at 2am before I go to sleep. And as for Chantel… I have other plans for that amazing little topic. Patience.

But yeah, OG ExposingSMG posts have always consisted of me ranting/ending people about drama or me exposing. Two different meanings - if it’s an exposed post, it means it includes information from inside sources. If it’s a regular post about drama, it’s under the PCN category aka “pop culture news.”

So don’t fill my ask box with “we didn’t ask for this post, we asked for bella/abel/jailey/chantshit/etc/etc/etc.” I KNOW WHAT YALL ASKED FOR. IF I WANT TO POST IT NOW, I WILL. IF I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE, I WILL.


On top of that, we have thousands upon thousands of readers. There’s a lot of requests to get to and sometimes I’m not in the mood to write about what you want to read about.

That’s it for this little rant. I haven’t yelled at you guys in a minute so I think yall needed this wakeup call. Regardless, I still love ya.

Let’s Start


One thing I really wanted to talk about, was the fact that if you’re a Selena stan, you’re on the bottom of the food chain. Yall lucky you’re even ON the food chain. Natural selection is really gonna run its course soon. The shit I’ve seen Hailey Bieber (YES, BIEBER - FUME), get is unbelievable. IF YOU STAN SELENA (which is where all this hate is coming from), YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS ATTACKING HAILEY.

Hailey did not pull 1/10th of all the stunts that Selena pulled.

Oh Hailey seemingly liked a shady tweet about Justin? Selena spent a good 5 years of her career shading Justin. That was practically her form of EMPLOYMENT.

Hailey moved her lips in a seemingly mouthing the N word type of way? Selena dead said the N word TWICE, on HD video. Either way, I don’t care for either excuses for both of them saying it or not.

My point is, Selena stans only hate Hailey because she’s with Justin and Selena just recently checked out of mental health facility. Hailey didn’t do nothing to yall, except bother you with the following:


Yeah she followed me back in 2016 for 3 hours. And? Can you blame her? This blog is fucking amazing! It got fancy lawyers reaching out and shit.

Oh she doesn’t like Selena? HAVE YOU READ WHAT I WROTE ABOUT HER? Selena is a fucking psychopath. Sure you all might empathize with her now since she’s sad and spiraling out of control, but I didn’t forget the shit she pulled and said throughout the years. Shit she hasn’t even APOLOGIZED for. And Hailey is well aware of that.

Hailey firsthand knows all of the shit that Selena put Justin and other people through so omg, shocking, that she doesn’t like her!

For example, I see a lot of people sending hate to Hailey because she liked a mutual friend of both her and Selena’s, IG picture in which Selena was in it.


And what’s the problem with that? Hailey likes like every other photo. If she didn’t like this one, you all would cry about how she’s jealous and bitter, but because she liked the photo, she’s obsessed?

Selena literally likes photos of Hailey in it and you all scream “mature queen!” Two words that should never be in the same sentence as Selena.


So what the fuck is up with that? NO DIFFERENCE.

Just say you are BITTER that Hailey got her happy ending and Selena is NOT as happy as you think she is.

“Jelena is Endgame”

Yeah.. if DYING was the end of the game.

Jelena was the most toxic shit ever and there is way too much history between the two to EVER, EVER, have a stable relationship ever again.

On top of that, yall crying because Justin got married to Hailey who is bothering literally NO ONE, but you were all cheering on when Selena ripped up a poster that said “Marry Justin.”

This is the sign that she got and ripped up.

This is the sign that she got and ripped up.


Y’all mad that Hailey liked her FRIEND’S photo that happened to include Selena in it, but when Selena took a SMALL ASS COMPUTER PAPER SIGN that said “marry Justin please” and crumbled it up, you all CHEERED.

You’re upset that Justin married Hailey, but you were cheering when Selena ripped up a poster saying “Marry Justin Please.”

You see how dumb y’all look?

Also, who else loves how Selena took it from the fan? Miss drama-free TOOK IT on stage. And then ripped it up. What was it doing there anyways? Why would a Selena stan go FRONT ROW with that sign? You going to a Selena concert yet you thinking about JUSTIN? Makes sense since he’s the only relevant part of her career.


Y’all mad that the world has Jailey content every other day while you still ship a DEAD relationship and survive on manips.

Just admit it, you love when “mature” coke snorting Selly acts bitter as fuck towards Justin, but Hailey just breathing in the same state as Selena boils your blood?????

The reason why Selena stans will always care about Justin and Selena’s general public image will always revolve around him; whether that’s with anger or love, it is because JUSTIN IS THE ONLY RELEVANT ASPECT OF SELENA’S CAREER.


Now don’t sit here with your Selena/Taylor white-feminsim about how a man doesn’t define your career when it’s time to wake up and realize PR relationships exist in Hollywood. And Selena AND Taylor both wouldn’t survive without their weekly dose of PRs.

Whether it’s dumb-ass girl group squads that combust after a year or PRs with bad boy singers like The Weeknd, both Taylor and Selena thrive off of bitterness and PRs.

They’re both pushing 30.

And for Justin and Hailey, would it kill you to slide into ESMG dms or email, and be useful for once in your damn lives?? I’m the only big platform on social media defending your dumb asses.

Justin sweetie nobody is caring enough to defend you or Hailey so you better start appreciating the ones who are.

Damn it really ain’t a Selena post unless both of Jelena get dragged by ESMG.

Anyways, I felt like I needed to do a little yelling. It was well needed.

I am curious to know WHY people hate Hailey so much? Genuinely, what did she do besides marry Justin? I’d love to hate her, but she has given me no reason. Do you know how much easier it is for an exposing blog to have information TO EXPOSE? If Hailey was the wench you all think she is, I’d be the first one coming for her throat. Love you Hailey sweetie, email exposingsmg for leverage. So yeah, comment down below.

As for the upcoming posts, we have a bunch including an in depth Selena and Jailey update, plus a bunch of more posts.

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