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Selena Gomez Manipulated Charlie Puth and He EXPOSED Her

Selena Gomez Manipulated Charlie Puth and He EXPOSED Her

When researching for this post, I found that THERE IS SO MUCH evidence against Selena, it’s insane that we never talked about it. For years, readers have begged me to and I was just like uhh okay. So here’s the tea. And it’s a lot, so brew yourself a nice cup.

“We Don’t Talk Anymore”

Back in 2016, Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez collaborated on a song called “We Don’t Talk Anymore”


She recorded the song in his closet and it just went from there.

They became super close and they had a little fling.

Charlie fell so HARD for Selena. She charmed the living shit out of him. And she wouldn’t be Selena if she didn’t play the shit out of him.


Selena did what she does best.

No, not mind her own business or work on her own mental health.

She charmed him. She talked shit about her ex, Justin Bieber. And she caused destruction, signed a PR contract with The Weeknd, and dipped!

When Selena and Charlie were promoting “We Don’t Talk Anymore", the music video was not filmed yet. Instead, they performed the song and promoted it.


During this time, Selena was charming and playing Charlie, like a siren. She would complain about Justin Bieber 24/7, because she’s literally obsessed with him since she does this with literally EVERYONE. She would hook up with Charlie and make him feel like he’s the one who’s going to take her pain away. She made him feel special and that they really had something. He started seeing a relationship with her and as soon everything was going well, Selena got bored.

She got her hit, she got her pleasure, and dipped.

Charlie was then left feeling confused and messed up.


When it came time to film the music video for “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” Selena was not in it because they literally didn’t talk anymore.


So I already had a post about that little era in which Charlie screams “fuck Justin Bieber” because he thought Justin was the bad guy that Selena preached about, only to be put through similar shit that Selena put Justin through.

Then Charlie saw that Selena is literally a manipulative psycho, so then he started shading her after she butts into Justin’s love life on IG, and then he unfollows her and apologizes for the comments he made on Justin. Everything I just said and more explained in the post below.

So that moves us to the new information!



Charlie comes out with a song called “Attention” that literally SCREAMS Selena.

Leading up to this, he practically admits that he had a thing with her and she played him.

So that’s what Charlie had to say about Selena. Now let’s take a look at his lyrics.

Charlie says that his lyrics, directly reference what happened in real life.

This song is the epitome of Selena. If someone told me to summarize Selena in a song, it’d be this song. It just hits it right on point.

So Charlie sat down with Genius to basically explain what the song means and after taking a look at his Billboard interview and this interview, it’s almost EXTREMELY OBVIOUS that it’s Selena.

We’re going to break down what he says in that interview because it’s worth talking about.

Remember earlier on in this post when Charlie said that he worked on “We Don’t Talk Anymore” in the Philippines and he called up Selena to discuss the song? And now here he is telling us that that same day, this girl (Selena), was crying to him about how she was “mistreated” by her ex, aka Justin.

In his Entertainment Tonight interview where he says that, he doesn’t elaborate on how he spoke to Selena when recording “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” because he says that he then sent her the song a week later. However, if he was in contact with her to send the song, he clearly spoke to her before that which brings us to this Genius interview in which he reveals that she was crying about her ex to him, when he was in the Philippines.


Also what does Selena do best, besides whine about Justin to everyone who breathes?

As I listen to more lyrics from Attention and as Charlie explains the meaning, I start to grasp that this song describes how Selena is as a person, in a very interesting way. I’m not just talking about how she is attention seeking. I’m talking on a deeper level of how she thinks and what she does to people to kind of lure them onto her.

First, he discusses how she talks shit which is Selena’s specialty.


Remember when I told you in our previous post that Selena talked all this shit about Justin to Charlie which made him say “fuck Justin Bieber” and then because he got involved because of her, she told him to “butt out of it” .. yeah fun times.

You guys don’t even want to know everything else she said about Charlie. Mind you, he didn’t do anything to her! Charlie genuinely loved her.

Then, Charlie opens up about she made him feel like they were going to be in a relationship and he was going to be the one to fix her.

And now onto my favorite part in which he talks about the meaning behind “perfume regret.”

If you’re still in denial about the song being about Selena up until this part, I have another treat. Notice how Charlie says he went to see the girl he’s singing about at the Edition hotel. Below is Selena leaving the edition hotel at the end of December 2015.

edition hotel.PNG

At the end of 2015 is when Selena and Charlie started to talk, but it was very low key. They were publicly photographed at the Golden Globes after party in January 2016.

So now that we established even MORE PROOF that “Attention” is about Selena, let’s talk about what he meant by the lyric “perfume regret.” I like this part of the song a lot because it shows a lot about how Selena is as a person and the unique little tactics that she uses to get someone hooked.

She wore the perfume when they met the first night and that perfume had a very distinct smell. He thinks that she did that on purpose and the truth is.. she did. it’s little unique things like this that Selena does to manipulate the person. To the average person or to even her fans, they will look at this occurrence as nothing.

“Maybe she always wears that perfume” is what some will say.

But knowing Selena and how she functions, nothing is done coincidentally with her. Charlie saying that it had a very distinct smell also adds on to the fact that it’s not something worn everyday. And he literally said that she did that “on purpose to fuck [him] up.”

That’s just how Selena thinks. She does little things that are twisted because I know for a fact that Selena never took Charlie seriously. People like Selena feed on manipulating and using people.

What she did to Charlie is nothing compared to what she did to Justin Bieber. Look at how Charlie explains his short lived time with her.

“It fucked me up.”

“It messed me up.”

Selena was in Justin’s life much longer so as you can tell, that took a toll on him and Charlie just experienced 1/100th of that.

The manipulation continues.

Here Charlie is talking about running into her after their fling was kind of over. The way he sees Selena, is often how she appears to people. She always seems like she’s this memorizing beautiful soul, but in reality, she’s insane. And once the guy is out of her siren-like fog, they can see that.

And Charlie did, hence “She just wants attention.”

This next part is even more insane than the “perfume regret.” What Charlie explains is the EPITOME of Selena. THE FUCKING EPITOME. This is what I’ve preached about Selena all these years. This is what I’ve said she did to Justin to the point where it emotionally fucked him up forever, he’s still recovering.


To the average person, these lyrics are just “oh this girl just wants attention,” but if I had to breakdown Selena’s relationship manipulation to its core, it’s this verse and it’s what Charlie says next.

I am just… SHOOK that he exposed this and no one FLINCHED.

“I knew that she was trying to make me so embedded to her that I would never leave her.”

I have no words.

I’m not shocked by any means. Any veteran reader of mine knows that if there’s one thing that I’ve repetitively preached about regarding Jelena, it’s that Selena would try to make Justin so obsessed with her so he can never leave her or ever move on. Go on, read ANY Jelena post of mine. Nine out of ten posts, I’ve explained that toxic and disgusting mentality that Selena has.


She believes that no one can move on from her and that they should live in misery obsessed with her even though she doesn’t want to be with them. This is why Justin and Hailey’s relationship kills her. She doesn’t give a shit about Justin. She just wants him obsessed with her and miserable even though SHE broke things off with him in March 2018.

And here we see that she tried to do the same thing with Charlie.

The only difference is Charlie is not the pathetic idiot that Justin was. Selena manipulated him like five times and he was like “oh she’s messing with me” and moved on. Selena manipulated Justin six thousand times and his bum ass says “she’s going through a lot, she’s a good person.”

Charlie ends it on a heartbreaking note saying that he was so into her that when something as a simple kiss happened between them, he literally cried because that’s how touched he was.

It’s honestly heartbreaking.

Yeah I may joke about how Selena is the “queen of manipulation,” but these are real people with real feelings that she’s fucking with.


What’s even worse is that the general public and brain dead stans think that it’s people like Charlie or Justin that abused Selena. In reality, SHE made them miserable whenever she was in their life and yet she’s the one praised as a victim. Regardless of what the general public thinks, I know for a fact that Selena got her karma. And I know she’s reading.

What ended up happening to you, Selena, is what I always told you would happen.

Selena sweetie,

Speaking of another fellow victim of Selena’s, Justin showed support for “Attention” by posting it on his Instagram.


No he didn’t post it on his story. He posted it on his Instagram because it was that important to show that this song is spilling the truth.

Victims gotta stick together ya know.

Moving on to the next song that Charlie exposed Selena in.

“How Long”

This one often confuses people because it’s almost as if Charlie hints that he cheated on Selena. However, that didn’t happen and if did, Selena would have made sure he was suicidal or something of the sort since she’s insane.

Charlie also says that in some parts of this long, he just puts together syllabuses and words that go together. I feel like this song is important to mention because he has said it’s about Selena when asked about “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and there’s a literal drawing of her in the video.

This song doesn’t reveal much about their relationship and if you look up the lyrics, it’s just repetitive.

It just focuses more on the manipulation that she put him through and it showcases that because she messed with him so much, he started to feel like something was wrong with him. This is a typical tactic that Selena uses.

You can just see him singing to the picture of her.

Typical Selena.

She uses someone, makes them fall for her so they can feed her insecurities, and then she gets bored and leaves.

Until this day, it can be seen that Charlie continues to blame himself for this mess, in which he hints at it in his newest song “I Warned Myself.”

“I Warned Myself”


Take a look at the lyrics.


Charlie already exposed her for the manipulative psycho she is in “Attention,” but this song just adds to it all. This shows us more about Selena’s obsession with Justin.

Selena told Charlie that her and Justin were done and that he’s on tour.

Selena and Charlie’s fling started at the end of December 2015 and it continued until mid 2016 which is when it was at its “strongest” I guess you could say.

When did Justin start touring?


I think I’ve made my point.

Charlie continues, saying the following:


So she made them keep their fling, which he thought would turn into a relationship, a secret. And then she threatened him if he did tell. Why? Selena has everything to hide because the Selena you think you know, is the Selena her publicists have created.

And now that both Justin and Charlie have seen right through Selena’s lies, Charlie continuously supports Justin because he knew that everything Selena said was a despicable lie.


So after this post and if you’ve been an avid reader, and you dare support the abusive, toxic, and manipulative person that Selena is, you are literally disgusting.

And even worst, if you hate on people like Justin and Charlie, victims of Selena’s manipulation, you’re a literal imbecile.

I know white-feminism stans like to make everything a gender debate, but this is not the case. Selena Gomez is not some poor hard-working woman who deserves sympathy. Selena Gomez is a manufactured product by Hollywood’s best publicists and will never get any sympathy from me on anything. If you want to put your feminism to good use, go advocate for the women who are treated like property in third world countries. Don’t advocate for someone who drove another to suicide and then just victimizes herself.

And like I said, I know she’s reading.

Hi Sel! We are always watching and we know everything and more.

Comment down below what are your thoughts, why do you think no one paid more attention to Charlie exposing the living shit out of Selena, and any other questions you have. You can comment anonymously so take advantage of that.

Thank you for tuning into our exposing marathon. Let us know if you enjoyed having a schedule up for this week and if so, what posts to do you want on the schedule next time?

Hope you enjoyed this post ;)

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