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Selena Gomez out smiling after the Bieber Wedding and is with Niall Horan. More on that plus an introduction to Industry Control

Selena Gomez out smiling after the Bieber Wedding and is with Niall Horan. More on that plus an introduction to Industry Control

Selena Gomez’s PR team can only get her to do so much. Since Selena’s health is down the drain, currently there isn’t much her PR team can do during the news of Jailey’s wedding. But at least they tried.

Selena plays 2 narratives when dealing with Justin and the public. The first narrative is the….

“He hurt me so bad I’m completely broken :(“

and the second one is

“HA! Bye bitch, thank God i’m free!”


The truth? Selena is not okay over the Jailey wedding or Jailey news in general and everything that you see in public, is the product of her publicists and how they told her to act.

Here is a video I made of all the times Selena has lied about the narrative that she is so “heartbroken” and “always getting played by Bieber” when in reality, she’s the psychopath.

It’s a really good watch and wraps up Selena’s “feel bad for me” mentality in under 12 minutes, so enjoy!

But Selena loves playing both sides and having the best of both worlds, so here she is playing the “Look at me! I’m so happy” role.

Selena a day after Jailey announces their engagement


How convenient for Selena that she goes into on/off hiding since March but the day after Jailey announces their engagement she’s seen bursting with JOY as if he wasn’t her ex a few months ago. Like she was literally not spotted out and until the news dropped that Justin and Hailey were engaged, she was out smiling and we got a big ole’ “Happy Sel!”

The truth? I’ve already said she isn’t okay, but you know what? Don’t believe me. Let me play out a scenario.

Justin and Hailey get legally married:


Almost an exact month later…

Selena is hospitalized for mental health problems.


In between the legal marriage and the mental health hospitalization, Selena was out “thriving” and living her “best single life.” Or at least that’s what it seemed like to locals with no sources or non-ESMG readers.

But is what we see always the truth?


And once again Selena’s PR team plays this role for Jailey’s wedding.

Here she is a day after the Jailey wedding:


How convenient is it for Selena to be seen with her weave in, pretty outfit, makeup on and smiling, a day after her on/off again ex of like 8 years has a wedding.


And conviently for her, she was out chilling with Niall Horan. And media outlets made sure to report that she don’t give any fucks about Justin.

Selena is hanging out with a WHOLE ASS EX-1D MEMBER, and yet everyone still cares about who? Ah yes, the main reason she has been relevant these past years: Bieber.

I’m not being hateful. It’s just the truth.

Here she is promoting Niall’s song on her IG story..


She posts that 1 minute after Justin posts + promotes his new love song about Hailey.


I don’t care that she posted Niall’s song. I’m just saying if Selena was releasing and Justin started promoting someone else the same minute, he would be attacked.

However, at the end of the day.. Bieber wins.


Are you starting to realize that everything you have been seeing about “Selena giving no fucks” are all lies? How her publicists are doing everything in their power to distract everyone from her true downfall behind the scenes?

I mean sis hasn’t been spotted with Niall in years, yet here he suddenly is!

And when they were actually hooking up, pics of them were rare!

Before I continue, this post is not me being mad at Selena nor am I hating on her being out and pretty during Jailey news.

This post is meant to serve as an educational purpose about INDUSTRY IMAGE CONTROL. Industry image control is a huge topic that is part of our Elite/Dark Hollywood series, but image control is something we have spoken about a lot regarding Selena. So this is a continuation to it.

Industry Image Control

You would think it’s self-explanatory and that “everything is not what it seems” or “just because someone is out smiling, doesn’t mean they’re happy.” I would think people would have learned especially with those who followed Selena’s path in the industry.

My sweet girl always looks happy, but at the end of the day, she is not.

  • She is not living her best life.

  • She is not living the best of her single life.

  • She’s not okay.

I feel like post is already all over the place.

The point I’m trying to make is Selena’s publicists and PR team have sat her down and told her how she should look and how she should act when news about Justin comes out. They love milking narrative #2 of “Ha bitch I’m doing amazing” during a time like the Jailey wedding.

So what publicists do is, they script out their every move.

“You’re going to wear your hair down to symbolize freedom and confidence.”

Now you’re going to think I’m reaching, but to “let your hair down” is an idiom. Read a little bit more below:


For example, if a celebrity goes to court and they’re in the wrong, their publicists will tell them “keep your hair up or pinned back to showcase innocence and guilt.”

Exhibit A: Paris Hilton arriving to court

REUTERS/Gus Ruelas // licensed under editorial use

REUTERS/Gus Ruelas // licensed under editorial use

You trying to tell me her appearance isn’t making you already feel bad for her?

Exhibit B: Nicole Richie at court


In other cases, publicists will advise their clients to have hair pin-straight with a glum look.

Exhibit C: Amber Heard

Splash News

Splash News

Looking at her and it’s like you can’t even tell that she cut off her ex-husband’s finger because of her glum after-court look.

Now from case to case, these images all differ and there is so much that goes into what the publicist will choose for their client. In some cases, you have a supermodel doing community service in a designer gown.

So like I said, it is a case-by-case basis, but it falls under industry control. Industry control will be explained in its own post because it means a lot of different things.

For the purpose of this post, controlling one’s image and how they are perceived by the public is industry control. Controlled by what? Publicists and PR teams.

When it comes to Selena in the midst of Jailey news, everything is calculated to the detail.

Even with the documentary that she’s working about “Living Undocumented” (which we knew about and the texts with date proof are in the previous post), the release of that is all calculated.



I applaud Selena for her role in spreading awareness about this clown country’s immigration policies, so don’t think I am hating on her, but I am educating you guys on the specifics in the industry.

When it came to that documentary, its release is very calculated. Releases in general are calculated to the specific detail of course, so this is no different. Releases in Hollywood don’t happen when the project is finished. They happen when it is the best TIME to put it out.

Selena’s team wanted something that will put Selena in the headlines without focusing on how her ex-fling doesn’t care for her like that anymore because he’s married. Does she care about the cause? Of course. Was it the most beneficial timing to release it NOW after the Jailey wedding? Yep.

Anything made public, is often very calculated, especially when it comes to Selena. Her mental state is not the best right now and she’s not “unbothered” by Jailey. However, she is in the midst of rebranding hence why the documentary works in her favor. Bieber was a huge part of her career and she used him and his name since 2010 because it worked in her favor.

Using a married man’s name now will not work in her favor so she has to rebrand and find something else to revive her career.

To reiterate the point of this post:

  • Selena is not okay.

  • Selena is not unbothered by Jailey - she’s actually very bitter about them.

  • Industry control is a big topic of Elite/Dark Hollywood.

  • Whenever Selena is papped in the midst of Jailey/Bieber news, it is very calculated. She is told how to pose, what to wear, and how to act.

  • With Justin being happily married and focusing on his new life with Hailey, Selena and her career are in the middle of a rebranding.

  • Selena is doing a great thing with her role in the documentary “Living Undocumented” but like every Hollywood release, everything is calculated and it was released around this time to distract Selena’s name away from the Bieber wedding.

Hopefully this post made you guys understand a little bit more about industry control and Selena’s image when it comes to the Biebers.

Be sure to comment down below any questions you have or any new posts you want. You can comment anonymously so take advantage of that.

In the meantime, enjoy Justin’s new song with duo, Dan + Shay, about his love for her Hailey, featuring my favorite reader, HAILEY!

Have more questions about the Selena/Jailey topic? Comment down below!

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