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September 2018 Tell All

September 2018 Tell All

This has been a highly HIGHLY requested post. And as usual, you ask and we deliver. This tell all post is going to include some of the most talked about topics and celebrities. As usual none of these tell alls relate to Justin or Selena.


Let’s begin!

1. This A list pop star is going around making a nobody she is currently dating quite relevant. Not only is our singer and her team enjoying the rumors that she’s expecting, considering they helped those reappear, this relationship of hers is once again contract based. Lets just say that her and her lover aren’t exactly each other’s types.


2. If you’re a child star trying to make it big on a children’s network you should definitely run away from a certain director/choreographer who has a fetish for clients who look much younger than the legal age. He is so obnoxious and perverted. A whole entire cast from an old franchise is scarred from working with him. Lets put this guy in with the category with the rest of the pedophiles running rampant in the industry.


3. This cute little Disney star seemed to have a little too much coke and destroyed an entire furnished rented jet. Adorable.

4. This newly engaged couple is hiding something from the world. They aren’t actually together. As everyone cries how cute they are, they are missing one key detail and that is them planning this whole thing. Their teams believe this will give them lots of relevancy and the male involved seems to have a thing for girls that his team is convinced will not suit his image.


5. I consider this person to be barely a model, but this “model” is more into girls than she is into guys. But guys are willing to pay to give her things if she fools around with them. Parents can’t pay for her snorting activities? Oh well, this guy will do.

Special hint: she isn’t the only one from her family who’s famous.


6. This former A lister has a whole music discovery where she hasn’t sang one song at all! A less prettier and less skinner female has been the vocals behind many of this A listers albums. Producers believed they had similar sounds but once’s voice was much sexier than the other ones. Because she wouldn’t have been taken seriously in the industry (based on what they all told her) she agreed to be the shadow of this A listers whole discovery. This is something that has happened many times in the industry with a bunch of A listers. Choose your pick.


7. This rapper and his wannabe indie girlfriend broke up. Cheer up folks! Turns out the rapper treated her like shit and is also the reason why she’s sinking deeper into her downfall. Them being back together is nothing but more emotional abuse.


8. Another newly engaged couple has surfaced the public’s eye. We aren’t sure how long they’ll last but we do know that they aren’t PR. The female in the relationship doesn’t do PR’s…. anymore. She sees them as too much of a rule and she doesn’t like following rules. She’s trying to impress the male in this relationship by defending him a lot and being very welcoming with him. He doesn’t need to impress her that much because she’s already quite impressed, but he still wanted to show her he isn’t a loser by spending money he doesn’t have on a ring. This cute but diva A lister is more impressed with you if you give her an expensive gift.


9. The only reason you guys know who this model/socialite is because of who she hung out with. She hung out with this huge A list pop star and ever since that her relevancy came out of nowhere. She likes to play the “chill, I play video games” type of girl but she is actually the opposite. First of all she’s obsessed with that A list pop star I just mentioned. So obsessed that she feels the need to speak to everyone in his life. She likes to compare their experiences with him vs. her experience with him. She hates the fact that he is currently taken. She has a personality disorder and bipolar disorder. My source describes her as “batshit crazy.” She has definitely climbed the social ladder by doing things/name dropping celebrities she’s hung out with.


10. This foreign born B+ singer is currently hiding in the closet. He is slowly coming out. He has been in the closet for a very long time. In his free time he likes to dress much more feminine and occasionally wears makeup such as lip gloss. His most recent era symbolizes this.


11. This other foreign born A- list singer is also in the closet. He doesn’t seem like coming out anytime soon. He has done many PR’s with women but that’s all they were.

12. This rising B/B+ pop singer is slowly starting to experience in drugs. Uh oh….doesn’t she know that’s how all celebrities fall into depression? She has canceled shows before due to “dehydration” but unless dehydration in Hollywood means hangover, that’s definitely not the reason why she canceled. Her team is getting mad because she’s starting to slack.

13. This relevant pop star singer is a serial cheater. This is how her relationships always go. Dates someone–>during the end of the relationship cheats on them–>dates the person she just cheated with anddddddd repeat.


14. This former child star hates how her fans can be. She hates how invasive they are and how controlling they are. She tries not to pay attention to the insane judgement and yelling she receives from people who are supposed to support her, but sometimes she can’t. If they don’t find a way to back off and relax they can completely damage their relationship with her.

15. This model who is making enemies quick acts like she is a goodie two shoes when in reality she’s the exact opposite. Stumbling into cars and having to be carried into her hotel room only later to be found doing more coke around 4 AM. Classy.


16. A rapper that I mentioned earlier has another activity besides rapping. He was with our fave Disney star around the time she overdosed and actually was one of the people who provided drugs for her, according to an onlooking source. I thought they would both know better than to do drugs at a club where it’s not elite exclusive as it usually is.

17. This band that has been around for a while are not interested in any PRs or doing anything to boost their names. They are all for the music and dream of being real rock stars. Their team has completely given up trying to get them to do any PR’s. The lead singer in the band has a girlfriend and her team is trying to use them for relevancy but no one in the band seems to even care about helping her contract wise, considering they do not like doing PR’s/stunts for more fame. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that the girlfriend is using the star. It just means that her team want the best of both worlds and the band doesn’t seem to care.


18. This cute foreign bor pop star’s latest female hangout was with this B list model but they weren’t contract based. They were both mutually using each other for different things. The model needed to be with someone at the time for her personal sake and his team wanted him to spark some relevancy. They are nothing but friends.


19. This newly formed singer who doesn’t really bring much to the table has hooked up with this rapper who is currently married and has a family. The newly formed singer doesn’t look like she would have what it takes to do something like that in the beginning of her career considering the rapper’s impact but she clearly can.


20. This B list couple likes to leak stories about how they’re trying to buy a crazy multi-million dollar house but they later lose that to people with more money. The funny thing is our B-list couple doesn’t have money near billions. They have cash, but not as much as they would like you to believe.


That’s all for now!

Leave your guesses in the comments. The reveal will be coming soon.


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Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

Rest In Peace, Mac Miller

A change to our writing style

A change to our writing style