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Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are Two of Hollywood's Most Victimizing Trolls.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are Two of Hollywood's Most Victimizing Trolls.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez’s fans share many things in common.

Their idols are best friends (or so they think), they’re brain dead white feminists (for the most part), they all hate Justin and Hailey Bieber, they’re brain dead, their idols are two very bitter girls, they’re brain dead, their idols have made careers out of bashing people constantly, and if I haven’t said it before, they’re brain dead.

It is physically exhausting having a target audience of imbeciles such as Swifties and Selenators because those two are probably the dumbest, most biased, hypocritical fan bases. At least they match their idols’ energy by being hypocritical roaches.

For this post I shall focus on one specific vile being, Taylor Swift. When it comes down to power and loyalty, Taylor will always triumph Selena in a heartbeat.


Taylor Swift’s pathetic fanbase that consists of white feminist 45 year old women with no lives, are all very upset over a few things.

  • Justin Bieber breathing

  • Justin Bieber talking

  • Justin Bieber RIGHTFULLY shading

Taylor went on Jimmy Fallon on October 4th and he shared a funny video of Taylor after her eye surgery being very upset over bananas.



A few days later Justin made fun of it on his Instagram live which caused the 45 year old Swifties rioting with the 8 year old Selenators.

You can check out what Justin said and what Taylor said, down below.

Now I know what you’re all thinking, “you’re a biased whore who is obsessed with Justin Bieber” “go kill yourself” blah blah blah

Let me tell y’all how I feel about this situation; JUSTIN BIEBER RIGHTFULLY MADE FUN OF TAYLOR SWIFT. Now let me show you WHY.

All the times Taylor Swift publicly bullied Justin Bieber

  • 2013 Billboard awards backstage

  • 2013 Billboard awards interview

  • 2016 iHeartRadio award show after his performance

  • She’s drinking water and looking around as everyone claps for Justin.

And don’t tell me with your whole-biased-chest, that it wasn’t shade, cause here’s what everyone else thinks

And if it was Justin not clapping for her, we wouldn’t have heard the end of it.

  • And practically the entire 2019 summer.

I mean first off we have her Tumblr post which she purposely posted a photo of Justin on FaceTime with Scooter Braun and Kanye West. She only did that to DRAG Justin into it because she knew if she only posted a photo of Scooter alone or at least Scooter and Kanye alone, that it wouldn’t have gotten as much hate.

I am telling you that as a FACT. As in confirmed by sources - SHE DRAGGED JUSTIN INTO THIS SO THE FEUD COULD BE A BIGGER DEAL.

I mean here is a photo with Scooter and Kanye. She could’ve posted that but nope she wanted to make sure Justin is gonna be involved whether he likes it or not.


So she SHOVED Justin into the problem by posting that and then promoted her album LMAOOOO who’s using who for sales??? You tell me.



Secondly, Justin responds all respectfully and lovey dovey the way he usually does which only means one thing; he’s gonna eat shit. Which Taylor made sure he did.

I highlighted the important parts for anyone who doesn’t wanna read the whole thing.

That response pissed Taylor off soooooooo much she dragged his ass on Tumblr by reblogging things her ugly fandom filled with dumb 45 year olds posted.

She literally loved the fact that he got death threats and ENDLESS hate but yet he can’t poke fun at her even once?

“The comments on Justin’s posts are giving me life” yup there you have it. Taylor swift reblogging and praising the hate in Justin’s comment section.

So this is how the pattern goes with Taylor.

Taylor shades the shit out of Justin —> Justin does nothing —> Taylor’s fans laugh it up —> Taylor insults and drags Justin into her issues —> Justin responds respectfully telling her they can talk things out —> Taylor drags his ass on Tumblr by reblogging posts that he’s a cheater —> Justin does nothing once again.

THAT WAS HOW TAYLOR’S SUMMER WENT. She shit on Justin, just like she shit on Scooter, just like she shit on Selena behind her back, just like she shit on Kim, just like she shit on Kanye, just like she shit on Calvin, just like she shit on Katy, etc etc etc!

Taylor Swift YOU ARE A CLOWN. You have made a career out of being a self victimizing troll. Just like Selena has, but at least Taylor can sell records, stadiums and sing. Selena’s only talent is snorting 40 lines of coke, going to rehab because Justin got married, signing PR contracts, and bringing Justin’s name up again and again.

So Justin for once in his life shaded or made fun of or mocked Taylor Swift. And I say that lightly because he genuinely laughed at it with no malicious intent. After she has shit on him for 6+ years, he finally spoke and god forbid Taylor’s white feminist, trump supporting, confederate flag ass loving fanbase give him a break.

Oh btw!

Here are all the times Justin (and Scooter) supported Taylor

When Justin is asked “Taylor Swift or Katy Perry” he says “stop don’t make me do this I like them both” which is a fucking lie obviously she’s been shitting on him since 2013 but Justin isn’t a bitter old fuck and he could’ve dragged Taylor to defend his actual friend Katy, BUT DIDN’T.

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 12.49.05 PM.png

Here is Justin listening to Taylor Songs

Here is Scooter supporting Taylor’s ‘Lover’ album after she spent the entire summer dragging him for literally something that doesn’t concern him as much as it concerns her.

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 12.52.25 PM.png

So in conclusion, Justin has about 15 more times where he can drag Taylor in order to make up for lost time and level the ‘Taylor Swift bullying everyone’ playing field.

Y’all want equality and fair treatment right???

Did she deserve him mocking her? Yes.

Will he apologize later? Probably because he loves giving me headaches.

Will Taylor hate on him in the future? 100%, that video pumped Taylor up for at least another 3 years of hating on Justin. She’s probably shaking with bitterness and anger as I’m typing this. Pray for her, her body probably can’t handle the bitterness that fulfills her.


Also the video Jimmy Fallon posted was to make everyone laugh INCLUDING TAYLOR. Which she did laugh about on live T.V. So Justin should get hate for simply laughing at something Taylor herself was laughing at?

Even if the Instagram Live wasn’t made for a shady reason and just made for his own entertainment I still don’t feel sorry about it. She has helped the public bash Justin when he has been a victim of endless hate for 10 years straight. You would think she would back off since she would understand how it feels to have everyone hating on you.

Shade or not, Taylor and her fans have no right being upset over it. Y’all lucky Justin is nice and not a vile being or else he would’ve made a 50 minute Youtube video dragging Taylor.

Click here to read more about all the other people Taylor bullied.

Also, Justin does not have a problem with Taylor. I know y’all too lost in your hatred for him that you couldn’t see that from his Instagram post. He would love to make amends with Taylor even though he did nothing to her, but she doesn’t want to. Taylor does things when it’s the most beneficial for her and since everyone hates Justin right now, she ain’t gonna be one to defend him!

The truth will come to light one day. Just you wait.

Comment down below what you think. You can comment anonymously so take advantage of that!

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