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The Real Deal Behind the Drama with Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Scooter Braun

The Real Deal Behind the Drama with Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Scooter Braun

We’re back!


For once, shut the fuck up. 


To be filled in on all the Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun & Justin Bieber drama, keep reading because you’re in the right place. 

It feels good to be back. This intro won’t explain our disappearance or our comeback reasoning because that will be in its own post that should be uploaded right after this one. So let’s get into all this. 

Summary of What Happened: 

Today news dropped that Scooter Braun, famously known for being Justin Bieber’s manager, bought Big Machine Records which is the record label that Taylor was signed to since her debut. With this big 300 million dollar purchase, came Taylor’s discography from her six albums and whatever else was signed into the deal of Big Machine Records. When Taylor first signed with that record label when she was 15, the contract stated that she does not own the rights to her work which will include her first six albums. When she gotten older or whatever, she realized that that whole situation sucked but she’s just gonna go with the contact until it’s over; and she got over it… EXCEPT when she found out that Scooter Braun was the buyer. 


So Taylor loves taking her personal issues with people to social media because that’s how she works her charm: victimizing herself. So this is the order it happened in. 

1. News break out that Scooter Braun has bought Big Machine Records for $300 million


2. Taylor posts a screenshot of Justin’s IG post from 2016, on a FT call with Kanye West (her long-time arch nemesis or whatever) on her IG story


Justin’s post is from August 2nd, 2016… three years ago. 


3. She follows it with a link to her Tumblr with a novel about how Scooter Braun has been bullying her for years 


4. Justin claps back with an apology for his post and coming to the defense of his longtime manager Scooter Braun, questioning why Taylor Swift took this drama publicly 


He ain’t lying. 

5. Taylor’s cowardly response to Justin is liking the following post on her Tumblr


6. A source from Billboard states that Taylor knew about this deal FIVE days ago 


7. Taylor continues liking shady shit about Justin 


8. Yael, Scooter’s wife breaks all hell and drags Taylor saying that Scooter has always supported her, it’s not his fault she signed a shitty deal, and that she is in no position to talk about bullying. 


And now a bunch of celebrities are showing support for Taylor saying #WeStandWithTaylor and saying she has the right to own her music and yadda yadda. 

Let’s get some things discussed. 

Is Taylor in the wrong? 

No. Taylor has the right to OWN her music however if the deal she signed 10+ years ago stated that her record label will own the rights to her work.. then who’s fault is it? YOURS BITCH. Read the damn contract or drink up. 

Who’s fucking fault is it that YOU signed a deal agreeing to this? 

Also, for those not knowledgeable on the industry at all, record labels have always been this dirty. You think they’ll fund your era for millions and give you all this money and get you all these deals for what? FOR THE GOOD OF THEIR DAMN HEART? No bitch! 

That’s the deal. That’s the industry. DON’T SIGN INTO IT IF YOU DO NOT AGREE. 

“She was 15.” 


So who’s fault is it? Her shitty managers at the time. Her. 

It’s not Scooter’s fault that TEN YEARS LATER, he decides to buy the label which COMES with her discography. Anyone could have bought it and her discography would have came with it because that WAS THE DAMN DEAL. 

Taylor’s reaction and her victimizing is what makes her wrong. 

She had NO business dragging Justin into this but then again, history repeats itself. She has always been dragging Justin’s name through shit and he has always kept his mouth shut about her. 

In 2016, that was a damn joke and that “Taylor what’s up” is SURELY nothing to a whole cinematic approach to her feud with Katy Perry that was surely a shit ton more than a simple “Taylor what’s up” which btw, she has never apologized to destroying and ripping apart Katy Perry in the public eye for YEARS. 


But when she wants to use her in her new video to start up controversy and stir headlines about how they’re besties again, Katy comes running. 

Katy and Taylor aren’t even friends btw. This whole industry scams everyone and everything. Taylor just knows how to work it. 


This wretched hag literally got a bunch of people to star in a hate video stating that now there’s bad blood with Katy Perry and all those celebrities clearly took Taylor’s side but when Justin screenshots a facetime call of him and Kanye West to poke fun at the whole situation, he’s the devil?

And then she posts that picture and says that Scooter Braun is “bullying” her when Scooter is literally just in the picture doing nothing. But no, she wanted to use that photo from THREE YEARS AGO to make it seem like 

1. Scooter is bullying her


 2. get Justin involved. 


She could have used ^ that picture but that wouldn’t make sense would it? Why you hanging out with someone who bullied you? 

Has anyone seen Taylor get bullied by the way? 


She has always been a sad, bitter, gremlin who will only advocate for something when it benefits her. 

It has always been Taylor coming for the throat of someone else and she does it PUBLICLY because she loves to victimize herself. If she did not want the drama, she could have done it behind closed doors. But no, she loves the drama which is why she claims Scooter bullied her and she brought Justin into it.

Justin who has remained out of mainstream media and drama for years. 


And according to Yael, Taylor was given the opportunity to buy back her work but she PASSED on that. On top of that, she LIED and said that she found out about it today when the truth is she found out days ago.


She is acting like Scooter signed the shitty contract himself when really that is deal she took on and dealt with it with Scott Borchetta (CEO of Big Machine Records). 

She only has a problem with it because someone else bought the label (WHICH SHE KNEW WOULD EVENTUALLY HAPPEN) and that someone else manages someone she hates. Justin could have easily exploded on Taylor years ago when she aided in the shade parade that his sad-practically-retired ex created. But he didn’t. And his management did not reatilite. So no one fucking bullied you. 


No one, who literally organizes a BAD BLOOD music video and a whole era based on LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO, is someone who is a victim of bullying. Taylor Swift is a master manipulator and she knows how to brainwash and use the public. This is NOT about a poor woman needing the rights for her own work so don’t fucking make it about that. Taylor was not oblivious to the fact that she did not own her work for years.

Wake up idiots, barely any of your faves own their work. It’s a ruthless industry. Just because Scooter bought the label, does not put him at fault for a shitty deal that you cut. For fucks sakes, One Direction practically owned a part of 5SOS’ cut when they first took them on because they aided in getting them more attention. Managements always have a cut from the stars. THAT’S THE INDUSTRY. 

UPDATE: *new details added*

CEO of Big Machine Records, Scott Borchetta, exposed Taylor some more in his response which you can read here: (X)

Some notable details are:

  • Taylor lied because when the deal was being negotiated and finalized, she was aware that Scooter would be buying a huge share in the company so she did not find out today like everyone else did.

  • Taylor never cried to Scott about how much Scooter bullied or any of that bullshit. Scott actually says that never happened.

  • Scooter even wanted Taylor to participate in the One Love Manchester concert but she declined (probably still holding onto a dead feud with Justin).

  • She did have the opportunity to own her masters but she DECLINED.

  • She was aware of everything but she is a master manipulator who is turning this into a feud with her and Justin.


So my main issue stands with the fact that Taylor is turning this whole situation that SHE SIGNED on, on Justin and Scooter when they had no deal in it at all. 

Taylor sweetie, 


And with that being said… 

WE’RE BACK. More on that in the post that is coming in the next few minutes. 

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