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Exposed: EVERYTHING There is to Know About One Direction (Drugs, Relationships [Perrie, Gigi, Cheryl, etc], and MORE!)

Exposed: EVERYTHING There is to Know About One Direction (Drugs, Relationships [Perrie, Gigi, Cheryl, etc], and MORE!)

In honor of 9 Years of One Direction, here’s a very highly requested post exposing everything we know about One Direction including Zayn Malik (a huge focus), his struggles, his relationship to the rest of the boys, how things went down, and the truth behind his relationships to Perrie Edwards and Gigi Hadid.
Also discussed in this post is Larry, Louis Tomlinson’s baby & baby mama, Liam Payne & Cheryl, Niall Horan, the relationship between the boys, and more.

I originally was not going to make this post so detailed, especially about One Direction, but lets just get all the information out there. It’s going to be very detailed when it comes to Zayn, but that’s who we know the most about it. Let’s get started.

So in the July Tell All REVEALED, we said the following about Zayn Malik and his relationship to One Direction.

**** everything is according to my sources, if anyone asks, he ALLEGEDLY is going through this lmao

I’ve spoken about Zayn’s drug addiction several times before and it really upsets me to continue talking about it. Zayn is extremely talented and he has good songs. His departure from One Direction was extremely high profiled and he had a chance to do so much with that exposure. He grabbed his #1 single, Pillow Talk, and then basically dipped.

Zayn’s Solo Debut and Departure from 1D

He started his solo career in 2016 after his 2015 departure from One Direction.


Zayn first left 1D on March 25, 2015. At the time, the band was on their fourth headlining concert tour, On the Road Again tour. He cited “stress” and wanting to be a “normal 22-year-old” as the reasoning. One Direction then continued as a four piece and released the following as the new promotional poster for the tour.


Some people believe that Zayn’s departure was a publicity stunt and that he would come back with a change of heart which will lead to increased album sales as a “reunion” stunt. But no, there was no contract behind it. Marketing afterwards is a different story, but Zayn leaving abruptly was because he WANTED TO. Simple as that.

Leaving in the MIDDLE of the tour is not a good look. What have I taught you all these years? You don’t replace bad publicity with no publicity - you replace it with good publicity. However, this wasn’t a stunt so there was nothing to market.

Zayn tried to look wholesome afterwards and he was seen spending his life as a “normal 22-year-old” by hanging out with his then-finance, Perrie Edwards (which we will get to later).

So he was chilling for the remainder of 2015, allowing everyone to calm the hell down and while that was happening, he was working on his debut album.

He then dropped his debut solo album, Mind of Mine, and it debuted #1 on the charts. He was doing really well. He dropped Like I Would, which peaked at #55 on Billboard and at #30 on the official UK charts. He had like 3 televised performances and he performed at Wango Tango in 2016.

At Wango Tango, he didn’t speak to audience at all and he just ran through the entire setlist without a “how are you guys doing!” break. In June 2016, he pulled out of Capital FM's Summertime Ball at the last minute due to “crippling anxiety.” hmm

Wrong, which was his final single from his debut era, was released in June 2016 and it failed to chart on Billboard.

Zayn has stopped performing and barely made any appearances. This continued for the next three years, following his debut. When he would come out to a fashion show or randomly attend the Grammys, it was described as a rare appearance from him.

Zayn at the 2018 Grammys \\ Getty / Jamie McCarthy

Zayn at the 2018 Grammys \\ Getty / Jamie McCarthy

And this is where the downfall of Zayn’s career starts - when he stops doing anything to revive his career.

Zayn does go through a time where he is appearing often at fashion shows, but that’s a whole other story that involves Gigi Hadid, which we will get to later in the post.

Zayn about One Direction

In his magazine interviews (since he wasn’t going on live television), he would say that his life in One Direction really affected him negatively and basically had anything, BUT nice things to say about his time in 1D.


In his British Vogue interview, he said that he wasn’t friends with his One Direction band mates at anytime during the band and he still doesn’t speak to them, citing that “that’s just the way it is.”

All of these years that I’ve ran my blog, I never really wrote or exposed One Direction. The main reason is that the 1D boys were under such strict management, but like next level strict, and everyone around them had to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). What that means is that it wasn’t easy to get information on One Direction. Now that they’ve all gone their separate ways, it’s easier to get information, but no one is really sitting here talking in depth about what happened years ago, you know?


Throughout his career, Zayn has believed that his issues stemmed from One Direction’s popularity, constant life on the road, and strict management. The truth is… his issues stem from HIM. He thought that once he left One Direction, he would be all better. That’s why when he first released his debut solo studio album, he performed on live TV and actually did press. But then he quickly realized that the same mental health issues he had during his time in One Direction, were still present. He was always the problem.. not the band. This is also why he is not in touch with the rest of One Direction and they are not in touch with him.

Also, I should note that the bullying he received from trolls in the start of the career, did impact him a lot. The terrorist jokes really did a number on him in the earlier days.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.59.56 AM.png

The truth is, the band was happy in the beginning and they were good friends. I didn’t have to be a fan of theirs, to see that.

He blames his problems on One Direction. This is why they’re not close. He associates his problems with his time in One Direction and that is why he looks back at his time there, with such hate and misery. His remainder of the time in the band was annoying for everyone. He was such a mess. So this brings me to the next portion of this post.

Zayn’s Struggles

“He hasn’t stayed off the drugs long enough for anyone to know who he is without them,” is a line I’ve heard all my sources say about him. They have caused every single damn problem in his life and his career has been immensely hurt by this.

His Weight Loss

That ^ look healthy to anyone? When he first started losing the weight in 2013, that was the most scary. That drastic drop at first? Good god.

Here he is in 2018:

Photos: Splash News

There’s a difference between a guy being naturally skinny and someone who is just bones with a little bit of meat covering the bare surface.

If you want to deny the drug addiction, it’s all you. But like I said, there’s a reason why he completely drifted from the rest of the band

I can’t speak for Zayn and say he’s wrong if he’s saying his time in One Direction was horrible, but the truth is, HE WAS THE HORRIBLE ONE.

However, I’m saying this with love (if I have any in my heart for these celebrities). I personally don’t think that Zayn is that bad of a person nor do I look at him in a negative light for hating his ex-band mates. I KNOW that he is not thinking clearly nor is conscious of his own emotions. To be that deep under in addiction for that many years, is now entering a whole other state of life where nothing is clear because you’re constantly under the damn influence of something.

Photo: GSI

Photo: GSI

All Zayn ever wanted to do was get high and then sleep away his problems with random girls. He does have severe anxiety, which he cites as the reason for not touring or doing any press, but what worsens anxiety? Drugs!

His team has been releasing news since his solo debut that he will tour, yet he hasn’t.

The album will be out before the end of the year. I’m hoping to go on tour too.
— Zayn Malik

In an interview on Key 103 he confirmed he will tour by the end of 2018. It’s 2019…

And if he does end up touring, he will die.

I don’t know why no one is trying to help him.

Perrie Edwards

Melissa, this one is for you.


For years I was asked about his relationship to Perrie Edwards. Was it PR, was it not? The truth is, my sources were not able to find out if the relationship started off as PR. What they did find out, was that it was REAL.

To be fair, I looked up to see if any blogs documented Zerrie’s beginning to provide proof that they started off as PR, and to be honest, all I got was a headache. “They’re riding a Scooter, Perrie looks so awkward it’s so obvious they’re PR!!” Like huh? "Perrie has her hand on her stomach, it’s proof they’re PR!” I just… no.

First of all, no contract in the world will tell you to get a FACE of your significant other, tattooed on you.


And to those denying that it was Perrie’s face and instead a cartoon, why did he get it covered up later on?

Second of all, Zayn and Perrie were like what? Papped a total of 12 times? Their papparazzi pictures don’t even follow a regular routine of matching up with release dates of Little Mix.

For example, their first ever paprazzi photos were taken May 2012. Everyone often says they look awkward and forced, and they point their fingers at one photo.



And at first I was like, yeah it’s weird why is giving her a random peck in the middle of a group outting? Then I looked into it and he was getting ready to leave for a flight and she was saying goodbye to him. So when you look at the photo collage, it looks less awkward. See for yourself.

Like it literally looks like they were just saying bye to each other. On top of that, those candids were May 2012.

Little Mix’s first single, Cannonball, X-Factor winning song, was released in December 2011.

Their first official debut single, Wings, was released August 24, 2012. If you’re going to host a PR couple, Zayn and Perrie would be seen BEFORE the release and ideally after it by a week - the most.

August 2013 - they get engaged.


The closest Little Mix single to that date is How Ya Doin’ released in April 2013 and Move, released in November 2013. Again, no correlation with their dates.

Zayn continues cheating on Perrie. This is confirmed by a bunch of the people he slept with, either saying it or revealing photos.

January 2013:

Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 11.49.04 PM.png

Sis brought photos so it was hard to argue on this one.


March 2015:

Also around this time:


His response to the cheating allegations?

Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 11.44.56 PM.png

So all these people coming out to say that he cheated on Perrie and providing proof, shows me that they did not sign an NDA (obviously if we’re talking about them), which shows me that Zayn was being reckless and management were not able to tame the situation.

In a PR, the situation is controlled by management to lengths. And they would do everything to SHUT DOWN those rumors.

Anyways, I’m bored with this timeline. Sorry, the PR thing does not make a compelling argument. You’ll see what a PR looks and acts like in a little bit. And like I said, they were papped like 10 times in their 4 year relationship.


So now to what my source told me.

When Zayn first met the girls of Little Mix, he was automatically into Perrie Edwards. And it was a cute little thing going on and this is how it was described to me. Whether or not their teams wanted to hook them both together or not, they were already interested in each other. One of my sources says that it wasn’t PR, but that their teams used the fact that they were already together as a bonus.

What does this mean?

It means that if Little Mix dropped a new single and Zayn tweets something supporting it, it doesn’t mean it was contract based. It just means that their team was benefiting off of the fact that there was already a relationship in place that they didn’t orchestrate.

Many reasons that my sources say they were not PR at any point was because there was real life problems happening between Perrie and Zayn all the time - problems that were not made public.


For example, Zayn’s drug addiction was a huge problem in the relationship and it caused many fights to break out with him and Perrie because like I said earlier with his relationship to the 1D boys, HE WAS UNBEARABLE to be around. However, his drug addiction was not as bad as it is now so he was actually happy at one point. And you could see that.

On top of that, Perrie and Zayn were barely spotted. Little Mix were more successful after the breakup and they had their lowest selling eras during the relationship. In PR 101 rules, that would be a PR that is NOT working and therefore it would be shut down right away. But it continued for several years.


Little Mix actually thrived after the breakup, achieving several #1s, their best selling albums, and highest grossing tours. It couldn’t have been a PR when it broke all PR rules and failed in the media world. To add on to that, the rest of the 1D boys got along with the Little Mix girls.


As for the engagement, as far as anyone was concerned, that was real. People think that it was fake because they debuted the engagement ring at One Direction’s movie premiere, but that doesn’t really mean anything. Most people want to debut their engagement in an extravagant way. Plus, the movie was already a success. Perrie being engaged to him wasn’t going boost the movie stats just like Zayn’s presence in her life didn’t help Little Mix sales. As I’ve been saying, if the relationship was a PR, it failed all PR rules and results.

Back to the breakup, my source said that Perrie actually took the breakup very hard and it was a really bad time for her causing her to stop eating and battle a lot of anxiety. She also says that the relationship with Zayn took a toll on Perrie’s mental health since he was not the best (to anyone honestly) and it affected her friendship with the rest of the band, Jesy, Jade, and Leigh-Anne, who all hated Zayn by the way.

She then started dating a bunch of unknowns and is currently in a serious relationship with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.



So she’s currently chilling lol

As for the cheating allegations, my source says that those were true. As for the breaking up over text allegations, Perrie says that Zayn did break up with her over text, but Zayn says he didn’t. And my source doesn’t really know about that detail.

My source denies that Perrie or Little Mix were fame hungry stating that “Perrie wasn’t on social media because of the hate that she was getting and her band mates dated irrelevants and hate doing press things and would rather just vacation all the time. Of course there was times that Perrie wanted to show off the ring, but it wasn’t really with malicious intention.”

Was there some shady shit that happened between Zerrie? Maybe, who knows. Like I said, at the time of their relationship, Zayn was still under One Direction’s strict management and NDAs were all over the place. So anyone that witnessed anything happen between them in public, they weren’t allowed to tell. And my source tells me that a lot did go on, but no one talks about it because of the NDAs.

Either way, that’s what I was told. I wasn’t following up with Zerrie because I was too busy shitting on Jelena.

Gigi Hadid

Since Zayn fans love screaming PR so much, you’re in luck. This one relationship of his was 100% PR.



I have something funny to say. I completely forgot that I covered Zayn and Gigi in a whole post. Like I’m talking about I completely dissected him and the relationship and shit on both of them, yet I can’t seem to remember that I did all that.

Read more: Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Exposed

LMAO I gotta tell you, these year long breaks have me forgetting all the things I’ve said. Which brings me to this funny ask that I answered today.

oooof drag me sis.

oooof drag me sis.

If you want a full timeline of Zayn and Gigi where we stopped which was 2017, you can read it on Cosmo right here. It’s basically my post, but until 2018.

They wrapped up their relationship in January 2019 which is when news were released that they were done for.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll explain it again.


Gigi Hadid and Zayn’s relationship was a contract based PR. Their teams told them what to do, how to do it, where to go, how to pose, and how to act. Zayn even coached her for most of it. Like I said in the full length exposed I did on them, Gigi was still a new face in the modeling world and she was using all of these musicians to branch out into the bigger industry: the music industry. I explained model vs. music fame in that post too.

That’s why with all her high profile relationships, she was able to get hosting gigs for big music-related award shows. After the guy did his time, she was onto to the next. At the time, Zayn was the most high profile singer she got with compared to Cody Simpson and Joe Jonas-pre-Jonas-Brothers-reunion.

The PR on those REEK.

Also if you’re gonna sit there and rant about women empowerment and how women don’t need men (I agree), but your beliefs don’t apply to Hollywood rules and tactics. So if I’m saying Gigi was using a bunch of these guys, it means she was using them, period. There’s no appealing to the court of fake-Taylor-Swift-feminism.

Gigi did expose Zayn to the fashion world and got his name out there. They attended like a thousand of those events together. He exposed her to the music world by having her star in his debut solo music video and she went onto host a bunch of award shows.

Anyways, so that’s the run down of Gigi and Zayn. Did they develop some sort of feelings for each other throughout their PR dating? Eh, it was nothing too crazy. They did hook up and all, but it wasn’t really real. They were spending a lot of time together so of course they got used to each other. But for the most part, they liked hooking up and doing drugs together.


Yolanda Hadid, Gigi’s mom, is next level crazy. This wannabe-Kris-Jenner wanted Zayn to “propose” but that never went through. Also, she thinks Gigi is a bigger star than Zayn. I mean sure, Zayn is pratically a hologram when it comes to his career, but Gigi isn’t a bigger star. I explained model vs. music fame in their personalized exposed post, so refer back to that.

Either way, boring relationship. They were barely sober for most of it.

Louis Tomlinson

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.17.29 AM.png

As a person, Louis is very rude and sarcastic. I wouldn’t say he’s a bad person, but he’s not well with communication I guess you could say.

He had a son with Briana Jungwirth in 2016. She gave birth to Freddie Reign Tomlinson.

The baby was not fake and the relationship was not a publicity stunt.

Every time a stan screams PUBLICITY STUNT and the relationship makes absolutely no sense, my eye twitches.

Some sources say that she may have trapped him with it because there was a lot of custody and legal issues. And at one point the mother, Briana Jungwirth, started getting greedy and threatening him to leak things so he ended up paying her a good amount. And along with that, he does pay for the child’s needs and things. She’s not really the best of people and is actually ecstatic that she was able to trap an ex-1D-rich member.

Like I said, she likes the drama.
That’s all I know about that situation. Louis is in his late twenties. If this situation was happening in his early twenties and he was a member of a relevant band again - or anything relevant, I’d assure you that everyone would have more information. But the truth is, there’s not much to the story. He knocked a girl up and now he got a son. The end.

Larry (Harry + Louis)


Hello to my favorite cult, my amazing Larries.

Simply put, I don’t know much about whatever relationship they had. I’m doing this new thing where I don’t out people despite running an exposing blog, but I’m going to tell you right now that I know of hookups and one night stands that Louis has had. So is he into women? Yah.

Harry? Sweet man.

This is something I included in the very first Tell All, the 2016 APRIL TELL ALL REVEALED! Read here.


The whole Larry thing made both Louis and Harry BEYOND uncomfortable. I don’t know if the reasoning behind that was it was real and they didn’t want to tell anyone, or that it was fake, but they had to distance themselves to prove nothing was going on.

But the whole conspiracy behind Larry took a toll on their relationship completely that they would not associate with each other which makes me assume that it was something innocent OR that it was sexualized and forced onto them by the public.

Till this day, it aggravates the both of them.

I mean drugs.. yeah. It’s Hollywood. Everyone does drugs and cheats. I feel like it’s an unwritten rule.

But yeah, stop forcing this onto them because if anything happened back then, I assure you that NOTHING is happening right now.

Liam Payne



First of all, I didn’t know this bitch had a son? I thought it was only Louis.

Anyways… his relationship with Cheryl Cole was real and not a publicity stunt.



They look good together.

I barely heard about this relationship and yall think it was a publicity stunt? This is literally the only information I know. I don’t know anything else about him. I heard that she cheated a couple of times by going back to her ex, but I don’t know the details.

Harry Styles and Niall Horan


Just like Liam, but minus the baby, I don’t really know much about these two. For the most part, they are nice guys. Niall is like next level low key.

Some sources told me that Harry Styles had a pill addiction at one point, but he’s alright now. But besides that information, I don’t know anything except for the fact that Harry and Taylor Swift were in a PR contract together. Maybe for another post.

Time for your questions!

So I asked you guys to leave your questions in the comment section of the July Tell All, so lets get to that.


I don’t know too much about their problematic beliefs or views because as stated earlier, One Direction was under tight mangement and NDAs, so it wasn’t easy for things to slip up.

However, Harry Styles is a Zionist. For those of you who don’t know what that is or why it’s problematic, look it up. There is a lot of evidence of Harry being one, but I’m not going to post it here and get off topic in a post that is already way too long.

As for the social media accounts:

At one point, management controlled their accounts and would tweet promotional things. But as far as I know, the tweets between Zayn and Louis were not staged nor for publicity. They actually had problems and you can refer back to the post as to why.


Yeah they all slept with fans aka groupies. How they got away with it? They’re were famous young boys. It’s not an out of the norm thing for those on the road. I don’t know if they were ALL of age, but I’m sure there was a slip up here and there. I can’t really put a timing on when they slept with them or why, because it was things that happened on the road.. so often. And most of the girls had to sign NDAs.

Dark Hollywood will be in a different post.

Dark Hollywood will be in a different post.

During the band:

The 1D boys were actually good friends and they got along for the most part. Everything was new and fun for them and they were genuinely happy. Then as the fame increased, that wasn’t the case. At some points, fame did get to their heads and they started drifting apart from each other. I don’t know the specifics because as I stated before, NDAs were a big thing in their lives so once anything dramatic happened, their team was like NDA!


So no, Zayn was not telling the truth in his British Vogue interview, when he said they were never friends to begin with. They were, but the fame quickly caught up to them and nobody really dealt with it in a healthy way. Also, Zayn was always the odd one out because he was the one with the crazy addiction.

The thing about celebrities is that the life style that they have all dreamed of, gets toxic very fast. Depression starts hitting, drugs start becoming your norm, anxiety is your new friend, and it’s downfall from there. And if you don’t stop it and work on yourself from the start, it’s very hard to recover. That was the case for Zayn.


As for Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry, I don’t know the specifics of their struggles mainly because they didn’t depart from the band the way Zayn did. What that means is that when Zayn left, he got into the inner circle of people we have originally exposed such as Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid. The rest have just kept to themselves, either dating irrelevants or people not from the usual circle.

Did they all do heavy drugs at one point? Yeah.

Here we have Zayn throwing 1D shade and saying he didn’t buy the album.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.48.04 AM.png

On the other hand, we have Louis hurt that Zayn wasn’t there for him after his mom passed away.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.49.12 AM.png

So yeah.. Zayn isn’t exactly the best of humans.

As for how management treated them, everything was very tightly held to the best of their ability. They were over worked, but they managed it. Now they’re old and hitting 30 so they’re just chilling. They’re not doing anything relevant or anything high profile. And the only high Zayn knows of, is what' I’ve been preaching about for the majority of this post.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.55.48 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.58.54 AM.png

So the rudest ones in the band would definitely be Zayn and Louis. Zayn being more of an asshole than Louis. Louis is more of someone who likes to talk his shit. As for Liam, Niall, and Harry, they’re all generally nice guys… once you ignore Harry’s Zionism, but yeah. I don’t know too much about them to comply an as a person post.

I’m not too sure about their deal with 5SOS, but they don’t have any influence on what they do. 5SOS have a lot of creative freedom. I think they just still have a share in their profit, but this is something I am not too clear on.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.57.22 AM.png

They’re in touch here and then, but it’s nothing crazy. As for Zayn, they don’t speak to him.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 1.01.05 AM.png

To be honest, I don’t know. I was told that his sister was doing heavy drugs like him, but I don’t know the specifics. And I don’t know the specifics about his relationship with Eleanor.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 1.02.34 AM.png

Zayn’s mental health barely exists. It’s honestly very unfortunate.

All celebrities look at drugs as a gateway. They have a tough day or week and they sell out to that world. Little by little, they get addicted. Most of the time they don’t even do it on purpose. But in the industry, it’s encouraged. And then their mental health worsens. Their management doesn’t give a fuck as long as they’re able to perform for 2 hours and then go back to snorting whatever coke special is on the table for the night.

It’s absolutely the depth of the industry. Drugs run it. It’s disgusting and it’s terrible.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 1.06.55 AM.png

So this situation wasn’t like Fifth Harmony in which one of the snakes had an entire solo team planned to strike from the beginning. All the boys were marketed together. They each had a persona that they were told to follow. Zayn’s being the “bad boy.” When they first debuted, management sat them down and was like “you’re gonna be the cute innocent duckling” “you’re gonna be the charming heartbreaker.” They were taught how to act, what to say, and what kind of impression to give off. Harry was heavily marketed in the beginning and it did make the rest of he boys feel left out, notably Niall, but I wasn’t told any big scandalous fight happened. Also, I don’t recall any issues between who gets the most solos or anything 5H-esque.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 2.06.45 AM.png

So Larry was already discussed - see above.

All their mental healths worsened after the band and during it. They were overworked, drained, and drugged up a lot. Their involvement in Dark Hollywood? Very minimal. One Direction was one of those bands that were highly popular, but they never got involved with people with traces to Dark Hollywood and therefore I don’t think they were exposed to that realm.

As for the favoritism thing, I just explained that in the previous question. To add on, it didn’t really cause crazy problems in comparison to 5H for example.

Management and their label over worked the shit out of them and put them in a tiny microscope surrounded by NDAs every time they blinked.

They stayed in the band after he left because they had to finish the tour and an album was highly anticipated. Besides, they wanted it as a big FUCK YOU to Zayn. Because he left them hanging and it was in a bad way.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 2.12.24 AM.png

When you’re drunk and high, you’re not asking for the fans’ age lol

If you’re asking if they raped anyone, the answer is no. There’s a lot of celebrities that you hear about having these one-night-stands from hell, concealed. As for 1D, I wasn’t told anything about it.

Them being discriminative or racist in any way is something I doubt because it was never reported. No source ever complained about it. It could be because they were close to Zayn at one point which is a British-Pakistani Muslim (at the time, sir is now practically an atheist) and they knew how the hate racist hate made him feel, but yeah.

One Direction was never interested in PRs honestly. Taylor’s PR with Harry made his life hell and he hated it. And Louis and Liam were dating irrelevants. And Niall was just chilling for most of the time. He’s always had secret flings that he didn’t want publicized.

They were told to make the music that would sell. They did not get that much creative control and they were very lazy. This is why their solo music sounds very different - specifically Zayn and Harry.

The end!


Hope I answered everything. I tried my best to satisfy your curiosity! I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. This post was anticipated for like 3 years. I thought I was going to just talk about Zayn (who I know the most about), but it ended up being a whole novel and a half. At one point I was going to divide the posts, especially the Perrie section, but I was like fuck it - let’s give it to them all at once. Sorry if I didn’t have all the details that everyone craved, but I’d rather give you what I know rather than make something up to sound interesting (also, I’m not that creative).

Next up, Shawn & Camila exposed.

Comment down below any remaining questions or any questions about Shawmila/upcoming posts. Give this post a like if you enjoyed!