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Are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds really as perfect as they seem? I've always been kind of suspicious.


LMAO no. 100% no. They do love each other but Ryan is a little overprotective and odd. Let me give you some stories.
-So back when they first got married Ryan didn’t want Blake doing anything work related. I have no idea why he just wanted her to stay in the house all day.
-Blake was lowkey depressed because she felt like she gave up her career for him. He’s always checking on her and wants to know everything she does ( I guess that’s where his overprotective controlling side comes out)
-Last I heard of them they were okay. I think they’re a real couple that fight but at then end are okay and happy. Now that Blake has been doing more things in her career I guess she told him to back off lol

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Y'all would drag Selena to the pits of hell and back if she did half the shit Justin has done and that's the tea on that.

Why does charlie puth still seem bitter about the whole selena thing? What happened betweand then? He's creepy