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You and your source knew Selena was getting something medically done but didn't know exactly what because it was kept a secret, now my question is: How could Selena and her team keep that in secret but can't keep the other things you expose in secret?


Very good question.
Let’s take a look at the topics we expose on esmg.
-Jelena (you didn’t need to be in a very closed private squad to know Jelena was a mess. All you had to do was hang out with them a few times. Also Selena and Justin shared friends. That’s at least 20 people knowing their business which is why info spread like wild fire)
-The 2015 Jelena contract (of course friends were going to ask Justin and Selena why they were still cool years after their breakup and years after being toxic and constantly fighting. Word again spread around. Too many ppl asking questions is never good for them)
-Selena’s drug/alcohol abuse (a lot of people on the inside know Selena does drugs. Especially celebs because they do them with her! And celebs talkkkkkkk a lot. Also Selena has a huge friend group that have other huge friend groups)
And I can’t remember our other topics right now lmaoooo but Selena and her team made sure to keep this very quiet. Which meant only a few ppl would know. Also it’s not something Selena was proud of, she was terrified.


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