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Octavia From “The 100″ Gets Arrested on Alleged Domestic Abuse Violence

Marie Avgeropoulos aka Octavia from The 100, got arrested on August 5th, 2018. News hit the Internet on August 14 with celebrity vultures, TMZ, published the story. 


Fun fact: Out of the 24,000+ questions I have in my ask box, no one asked my opinion on this so I am purely writing this post because I want to. Also, to my readers, you can calm down. The exposing posts will come, but with time. And for those who don’t know, I am a huge fan of The 100. 

So let me fill you in. 

So according to TMZ, Marie’s boyfriend called the cops after a fight escalated between the both of them and she started hitting him. He had marks on his body. He called the cops thinking that they would calm the situation down, but instead they took her to jail, despite him begging them not to. TMZ makes the assumption saying that since they’re both Canadian, they’re not familiar with how cops handle things here in AmeriKa. 


Her boyfriend bailed her out and she was released on a $50,000 bond. He doesn’t want to press charges. 

So automatically I was like… yikes, do we have to cancel Marie Avger….. now?

But according to TMZ, she was prescribed new medication which she combined with wine during dinner and it caused this bad reaction. 


Phew. She’s safe for the time being. 

Now I am not dismissing her actions, but taking into consideration that she was on new medication, I want to give her the benefit of the doubt. It’s not like she was abusing alcohol or just being “drunk,” but her being on new medication, is a valid alabi. On top of that, her boyfriend wanted to calm the situation down and he even begged the cops not to take her, but since he had marks on his body, they did. If she posed as a threat to him, he would not have done that nor would he have been the one to bail her out. Also, my own two cents on this situation is that he wanted to calm down the reaction before it got even more physical between them and honestly, good call. 


Anyways, let’s see how this plays out.  

What do YOU think? 


Btw, I’m posting about Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande in 3 hours.



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