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Selena Gomez once again steals credit for writing songs that she did not write. (She lied about writing Feel Me!)

I’m going to keep this short in simple. Back in 2013, Selena claimed to have written the songs “Love Will Remember” and “Forget Forever.”



Here are the writing credits for Love Will Remember 


Her name is not listed under writers. 

Here are the writing credits for Forget Forever


Once again, she didn’t write it. 

Fast forward to 2016 where Selena performs “Feel Me,” a song that is speculated to be about Justin Bieber. 

Guess what? She once again lied about writing that song. 


Watch the first ten seconds. She says “One night, I was really irritated and I wrote this next song.“ *Feel Me starts playing*

Who are listed under writers for Feel Me? 


Not Selena! 

Her fans also claim she wrote “Perfect” and they actually use that song as “proof” that Justin cheated on her. Well guess what? Yeah she didn’t write that either. 


It is truly sad and disgusting that Selena is claiming to write these songs when she did not. That’s not even fair to the writers. She is something else. 





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